Source: continues to publish the confession-testimony of the former Moscow policeman Ruslan Yurtov, who was the killers in the "authority" group Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). For the time being, all the reprisals of the organized criminal group were carried out by the brigade of Sergei Beglaryan (Armenians) and the employees of the Moscow Regional Department of Internal Affairs Maxim Nikolaev. Then they decided to break away from the Family (as Gagiev called the OCG). Jaco did not forgive this. First they interrogated for a long time, and then brutally killed Nikolaev. And then the hunt for Beglaryan began. They called him a couple of days after the murder of Nikolayev, they said that the latter was allegedly detained and asked to come to the OPG base on Lodochnaya Street. At the gates, the group's killers opened heavy fire. Beglaryan was saved by a miracle. He managed to bend over in the car and press the gas pedal. And the killers had their submachine guns jammed. The next day Beglaryan contacted Gagiev and he said that Nikolaev had mental disorders from drugs, he decided to kill all the "Brothers" and Beglaryan became his victim. The latter got angry, pretended to believe, but it seems that in reality it was not so. He "went to the bottom", all members of the organized criminal group were thrown in search of him. As a result, Beglaryan's hideout was identified. This time, the criminals acted for sure. More than 100 shots were fired at the car with Beglaryan from Kalashnikov assault rifles. And here is how it looks in Yurtov's testimony:

“Immediately after the murder of MK Nikolaev, around the middle of December 2010, Gagiev A.M. in his presence gave instructions to R.A. Bagaev. and Zasseev I.I. about the murder of S.L. Beglaryan He told them to prepare weapons and spare no ammunition to kill S.L. Beglaryan. for sure. One day, about 3-4 days after the murder of Nikolayev M.K., but before his birthday on December 22, 2010, they decided to commit the murder of S.L. Beglaryan. The planning of the murder was carried out by all together: Gagiev A.M., Dzhioev A.B., Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I.I., Yashkin E.I. and he. At first, they wanted to make an ambush inside the Base on Lodochnaya Street, while driving there in a Mazda 3 car that he used, but he said that he was known at the Base. Then they decided to make an attack before entering the Base near the tram tracks, where it was necessary to slow down. The final decision was made by A.M. Gagiev. From the house where M.K. Nikolaev was killed, from the village of Buzlanov, Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region, at about 20-21 o'clock in the Mazda-3 car, which he usually drove, A.M. Gagiev, he and Dzhioev AB, under the control of the latter. The second group departed by car "Nissan Almera" consisting of II Zasseev, RA Bagaeva. and Yashkina E.I., run by the latter. I. I. Zasseev was armed with a black Scorpion submachine gun with a magazine for 20 rounds. Bagaev R.A. was armed with an Agram-2000 submachine gun of silver color with traces of rust with a magazine with a capacity of at least 20 rounds. Submachine guns were equipped with silencers, that is, devices for silent firing. He did not have a weapon with him; he did not know whether other persons except those indicated had weapons. Arriving at the intersection of Lodochnaya Street and Svoboda Street, they stopped. Yashkin E.I. on Svoboda Street in Moscow, I dropped off R.A. Bagaev. and I. I. Zasseeva, who walked to the exit to the Base. After a while they drove along Lodochnaya Street, looked where Bagaev R.A. and Zasseev I.AND. took up positions. They just stood at the entrance to the Base. Dzhioev A.B. on the radio said that they were clearly visible from the road, so that they could hide, as they could be noticed by S.L. Beglaryan. Then they returned to the intersection of Svobody Street and Lodochnaya Street, and stood about 30 m from Lodochnaya Street. He (Yurtov R.V.) at the direction of A.M. Gagiev in the car on the speakerphone from his secret phone, he called S.L. Beglaryan's secret phone. and told that Nikolaeva M.K. detained by police officers and they need to meet at the F1 cafe on Lodochnaya. Beglaryan S.L. said he would come now. In about 15-20 minutes, S.L. Beglaryan's car appeared. "Toyota Land Cruiser 100", black color, state registration plates 122. Dzhioev AB I told I.I. Zasseev on the radio. and Bagaev R.A. that Beglaryan S.L. moves in their direction. After that, they drove onto Svoboda Street and began to move towards the center. Approximately 5 minutes later, S.L. Beglaryan called his secret phone from his secret phone. When Gagiev A.M. saw that Beglaryan S.L. was calling, he told him not to talk to him and told him that someone was chasing him. He turned on the speakerphone and said that someone was chasing him and he could not speak. At the end of Svoboda Street in Moscow on the way towards the center, their car was caught up by Yashkin E.I., Zasseev I.I. and Bagaev R.A., they said that during the assassination attempt their weapons had jammed. Dzhioev A.B. said that S.L. Beglaryan called him on the phone, Zasseev I.I. and Bagaev R.A. they were surprised that they did not hit him, since they both managed to fire at least 10 shots. Beglaryan S.L. apparently noticed them, bent down and pressed the gas pedal, thereby being able to enter the Base, where no one was pursuing him, and avoid death. Gagiev A.M. ordered Yashkina E.I. transfer to his car "Mazda-3", go with him to the garage of S.L. Beglaryan, located in the Leningradskoye highway area on Flotskaya street, where the weapon of "Family" was stored, pick it up and transport it to the house where M.K. Nikolaev was killed ... Gagiev A.M. and Dzhioev A.B. we got into a Nissan Almera and drove away. They are with E.I. Yashkin. we went to the garage, from where they loaded into the Mazda 3 car the weapon, which was withdrawn from the house during the arrest. There were Kalashnikov assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, a very large number of cartridges of various calibers and types, hand grenades and grenade launchers. The specified weapons were in bags, backpacks and packages. They brought him to the house where MK Nikolaev was killed and unloaded the weapon in the room in which MK Nikolaev was killed. Then, among the specified weapons, he saw a submachine gun "Agram 2000", from which Bagaev R.A. attempted on S.L. Beglaryan He was ordered by A.M. Gagiev. stayed to live in the mentioned house together with Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I.I., Kudziev T.M. (Temo), Slonov G.G.

“After the attempted assassination of S.L. Beglaryan, about the next day, they drove in a blue Volkswagen minibus to some place, where he was connected with S.L. Beglaryan by speakerphone. Gagiev A.M., Dzhioev A.B., Omarov A.S. were present during the conversation. nicknamed "Rahim". Before the conversation Gagiev A.M. instructed him in detail. He needed to convince Beglaryan S.L. that Nikolayev M.K., at that time, killed on the orders of A.M. Gagiev, was a drug addict, he had a mental disorder, he decided to kill all the "Brothers". Therefore, he said that Nikolaev M.K. attempted on S.L. Beglaryan The latter was very surprised, indignant, as he could, since S.L. Beglaryan. him together with A.M. Gagiev brought up from the age of 14. He didn't want to believe it. He also told him that Nikolaev M.K. took all of the Family's weapons. At the direction of A.M. Gagiev he said that Nikolaev M.K. does it all for some money. He does not know what kind of money he was talking about, but S.L. Beglaryan himself. knew what it was about. As he learned, A.M. Gagiev also had a personal conversation with S.L. Beglaryan. by phone. After this conversation, Gagiev A.M. at one of the meetings, where the majority of the "Brothers" were present, announced that S.L. Beglaryan. for a while it is not dangerous, since it was possible to divert suspicion from them. Supposedly they made peace among themselves. Nevertheless, S.L. Beglaryan hid from them, and Gagiev A.M. the task was to track down and destroy him. Dzhioev A.B. he found out in detail all the possible places of stay of S.L. Beglaryan, and he told him about them. In late September - early October 2012 Dzhioev A.B. reported that he had tracked down S.L. Beglaryan. He visited a house located next to the Leningradskoe highway. He (Yurtov R.V.) once in this microdistrict met with Beglaryan S.L., about which he told A.B. Dzhioev. In addition, at that time the brands and state registration plates of the cars with which S.L. Beglaryan were already known. enjoyed. The addresses of the residence of the parents and common-law wife were also known. In short, almost everything was known about him. Who exactly provided the information is not known. In the morning, on the eve of the murder, Dzhioev A.B. told him the model of the car - Land Cruiser 200, its color - black, state registration plates, on which S.L. Beglaryan drives. He and A. Dzhioev left for the place from which he was to see if S.L. Beglaryan would pass through it. As he pointed out, this place is in the area of ​​the Leningradskoe Highway on Kronstadt Boulevard. He drove A.B. Dzhioev, he himself returned to the place of surveillance at about 09 o'clock in the morning. At about 13-14 o'clock, S.L. Beglaryan drove past it. by car, which Dzhioev A.B. told him about. He immediately called A.B. Dzhioev, said that he had passed, he told him to stay put and watch when S.L. Beglaryan. will return. At about 01:00 am S.L. Beglaryan. drove past him in the same car, he immediately informed A.B. Dzhioev. on the radio that he drove. As he later learned, Dzhioev A.B. with Gutiev UH. stood on motorcycles not far from the site of the attack, and Zasseev I.I. and Bagaev R.A. were in ambush near the parking lot, where S.L. Beglaryan. left the car. There they are S.L. Beglaryan. shot from Kalashnikov assault rifles of 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm caliber, making more than 100 shots. He (R.V. Yurtov) did not know that there would be an attack on that very day. He himself did not see the moment of execution, he was not at the scene of the attack, he knows this from the words of I.I. Zasseev. and Bagaeva R.A. They carried the machines in backpacks on their backs. After the attack of Bagaev R.A. and Zasseeva I.I. Dzhioev A.B. was taken from the crime scene. and Gutiev U.Kh., and were taken to one of the dachas. The fate of the weapon from which S.L. Beglaryan was killed is not known to him. He does not know what clothes Dzhioev A.B., Gutiev U.Kh., Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A. were wearing, since he did not see them before the attack. He went home to his apartment immediately after S.L. Beglaryan drove past him. For the murder of S.L. Beglaryan no one paid him any money. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov