In the near future, in Karachay-Cherkessia, another wave of mopping-up of representatives of the law enforcement bloc related to the Rauf and Raul Arashukovs clans can pass. In spring, summer and autumn, either lost their posts or went to jail the leading employees of the Republican Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office, who had once sworn allegiance to the senator and his father. Now, the turn has come to representatives of these departments with a lower rank, such as the head of the KCHR prosecutor’s department, Zurab Afaunov. He is not only the “younger” friend of Rauf Arashukov, but also a close relative of Guzer Khashukaev, the accused in the case of the creation of an organized criminal community by the senator.

As the TFR and the FSB of the Russian Federation add evidence and evidence in the “Arashukov case”, representatives of these departments visit the KCR and conduct detentions of local law enforcement officers. The deputy head of the Investigation Committee for Karachay-Cherkessia Kazbek Bulatov and the head of the center for countering extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Karachay-Cherkessia Timur Betuganov are already in custody. They covered Rauf Arashukov in investigations into the murders of local politicians, and sent his opponents to prison. Some of their colleagues were more fortunate, they simply lost their posts, such as the KCHR prosecutor Alexander Tereshchenko and the head of the republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Trifonov. It is clear that the investigators primarily worked on the “top”, but now they have reached lower levels of the KCR law enforcement agencies, but also closely associated with the Arashukovs. According to sources at, now investigative measures are being taken against the head of the KCHR prosecutor’s department, Zurab Afaunov, following which decisions will be made on his fate.

Interest in Afaunov did not arise from scratch. Afaunov owes two successful people to his successful career and huge financial wealth. The first is his close relative (sister's husband) Guzer Khashukaev. For a long time he faithfully served Rauf Arashukov, being his assistant on special assignments. Initially, these instructions were associated with pure crime. For example, pick up an executor for some kind of power action, necessary for the senator. Because of this, both Khashukaev himself and his relative Afaunov came into the view of law enforcement agencies. And then other security officials came to their aid, only already under the control of Arashukov.

Over time, Rauf Arashukov raised Khashukaev in his clan and began to appoint him to various posts in gas enterprises. However, in these positions, the role of Guzer was certainly one. He went around the heads of enterprises illegally connected to gas networks and received a tribute from them for the Arashukovs, so that they would turn a blind eye to the tie-ins.

Khashukaev once introduced Rauf and his relative Zurab Afaunov. To begin with, he became a participant in parties at the Adiyuh Palace Arashukov’s residence, at which the senator at the same time collected and compromising on his proteges in the law enforcement bloc. Afaunov proved himself right and Rauf began to promote him through the ranks. In particular, very quickly Afaunov “grew up” to the post of acting prosecutor of Cherkessk. In this post, he did about what a relative of Khashukaev did in the gas industry. Afaunov began one by one to identify violations at large construction sites and simply freeze all the work on them. And then Khashukaev came to the owners of construction companies and explained that problems arose because they did not pay the rent to Rauf Arashukov. If the builders share square meters with the senator free of charge, then all claims from the prosecutor’s office will immediately disappear.

Well, and, of course, Afaunov informed Arashukov about all the investigations concerning the senator’s clan that went through the supervisory authority. Afaunov did very well with his functions in the clan, and he went on an increase - to the prosecutor’s office of the KCR. There he continued to implement schemes with construction projects, and also became a member of a kind of "troika" that solved the problems of the Arashukovs. It included Bulatov, Betuganov and Afaunov. They could often be met with the Adiyuh Palace, and then various events necessary for the senator took place. So, after one of these meetings, Mukhtar Pheskhkhov, the head of the rear of the Ministry of the Interior (MIA) of Karachay-Cherkessia, whom Arashukov considered a personal enemy, fell under house arrest. And after another meeting, Khashukaev was taken under state protection, whom they wanted to interrogate in cases of murders committed on the go-ahead of Arashukov. But, of course, the main topic of these meetings was how to remove the investigation into the murders of Aslan Zhukov and Fral Shebzukhov from Rauf Arashukov, who “ordered” these politicians.

Guzer Khashukaev is in custody, he is actively cooperating with the investigation. Two members of the "troika" - Bulatov and Betuganov - also stay in jail. And only before Afaunov did the FSB and TFR still not get their hands on.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy