The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov will pay a working visit to the United Arab Emirates on December 19-20

On December 19, the head of the Russian oversight agency in Dubai will hold meetings with the Emir of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as well as with the UAE Prosecutor General Hamad Seif Al-Shamsi, during which issues of cooperation and mutual understanding in the field of law enforcement.

During the negotiations, the issue of the extradition of fugitives from Russia to the UAE, of which there are quite a few in the Emirates, will also be raised.

In particular, according to, the leader of the fixer group Akhmed Khamidov is hiding there, who is wanted by Russia for a series of high-profile murders.

Khamidov and his wife Milena Gordeeva live in huge apartments in Dubai, and their 10-year-old son has even become a star among local child models. Khamidov had a whole set of documents - with his accomplice Mikhail Koryak, he bought it on the black market in Sudan.

The members of the group headed by Khamidov were closely associated with individual employees of state departments and traded positions, government contracts, etc. Moreover, the "fixers" were taken to sell the seats of governors, deputy heads of the largest state corporations, and so on. They took money from everyone, the sums were in the millions and tens of millions of dollars. If the service did not work, the money was not returned. Clients and intermediaries involved in the transfer of money were eliminated. Moreover, the killings were carried out exclusively outside of Russia. A very interesting character, Valid Lurakhmaev, better known in certain circles as Validol, was responsible for the liquidation around the world. His assets include not only commercial "orders". Lurakhmaev has a good command of not only weapons and explosives, but also poisons. During a search in one of his apartments, files were found (for liquidation) on the informant of the European investigators and William Browder in the Magnitsky case, Alexander Perepelichny, and on the large businessman Nikolai Tingaev, the owner of the Technokomplekt enterprise. Both then died under the same suspicious circumstances, there were versions of poisoning. Perepelichny, before his death, told Russian operatives that his father-in-law, the authoritative ex-Senator Amir Gallyamov, might be hunting him. The latter has always been closely associated with the criminal world, special services, and government officials. In turn, after the death of Tingaev, his assets began to be actively "sawed" by a team from the family of the former head of the St. Petersburg City Department of Internal Affairs Yuri Loskutov and thief in law Andrei Miroedov (Mirych).

Амир Галлямов

Koryak served in the army before the tax service and had extensive contacts among the generals. In particular, his close friend was the former head of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Vladimir Zaritsky. Moreover, it was not just a friend. Thus, General Zaritsky played the role of an intermediary between the fixers and businessman Nikolai Tingaev, who bought the position of vice president of Transneft for 2 million euros. As a result of the transaction, the money was stolen, one of the intermediaries - Maxim Ozirny - was killed in Turkey, and his body was dissolved in acid. Tingaev himself died under strange circumstances, exactly under the same circumstances that led to the death of Perepelichny. Zaritsky was interrogated as part of the "fixer case", but he remained only as a witness.

The TFR knows that the criminals took possession of 200 million rubles, paid by businessman Mikhail Lanin, who wanted to take a major government post; 20 million euros put into the bank by businesswoman Tatyana Balsamova, who was promised a lucrative state contract for the transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe; 2 million euros and 38.5 million rubles, which the representative of the deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma placed in the depository for the sake of obtaining a high post; 4 million euros of a businessman from Bashkiria, paid for the position of vice president of Transneft. Lanin was killed by killers in France, and an attempt was made on Balsamova in Ukraine. Also, according to law enforcement agencies, in Turkey, on the "order" of the "fixers", they dealt with businessman Maxim Ozirny,

Valid Lurakhmaev was on the wanted list for several years, until in the spring of 2016 he was detained in Istanbul with documents in the name of Alexander Smirnov. The Turkish authorities suspected him of involvement in the shooting in Turkey of Abdulvakhid Edelgiriyev, a relative of one of the ideologues of the Wahhabis in Chechnya, Movladi Udugov. However, then Validol was released under very strange circumstances.

Валид Лурахмаев

Khamidov was detained in the UAE at Russia's request in the winter of 2020, but a few months later he was also released under strange circumstances.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin