This week, investigators were unable to find a lawyer, Konstantin Skripnik, whose son had previously been kidnapped with great scandal. Skrypnik himself is the defendant in the case of theft of assets of businessman Yuri Glotser. According to the telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU, it was within the framework of this case, which should soon be sent to the court, and they wanted to hand the summons to Skrypnik. But he evaporated. The source does not exclude that Skrypnik could have disappeared because he was unable to obtain state protection. And he asked for state protection in connection with the alleged threats he received as a witness in the case of the leader of the killer group Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). Then Skrypnik announced the abduction of his son, however, the latter was quickly found. However, this gave Skrypnik a reason to again ask for state protection. On suspicion of organizing the abduction of Skrypnik’s son, lawyer Eduard Gladilin was arrested, who helped Skrypnik in obtaining state protection. But evidence of his guilt could not be found and he was released. At the same time Skrypnik himself disappeared.

However, sources at say that the lawyer is hiding in his "Art Hotel", which at one time served as the headquarters for Jaco.

Our interlocutors said that Skrypinka and his VIP clients, the ex-co-owner of BFG-Credit Bank Tamara Khoroshilova and her ex-husband, ex-head of the MOEK Alexander Remezov, had another big problem. The company SMT LLC, associated with Glotser, filed two lawsuits against Skrypnik, Khoroshilova, Remezova and Akhmylov outside the Russian Federation. The first, to the court of the British Virgin Islands for $ 580 million. The second, to the court of the Caribbean to $ 270 million.

The source says that Khoroshilova and Remezov were afraid of these lawsuits, therefore, through Skrypnik and his testimony, they wanted to connect the plaintiff Glotser with the gang of Gagiev, who nearly 60 murders were committed. But they could not particularly succeed in this.

In addition to the testimony of Skrypnik, the investigators have many other interesting things that people have given for many years close to Jaco. In particular, one of the important evidence in the case is the testimony of the “right hand” of Dzhako Arthur Dzhioev (Son), who made a deal with the investigation and received 17 years of strict regime. continues to publish Dzhioev’s testimony. In this part, he talks about one of the most high-profile crimes of the gang - the shooting of the Deputy General Director of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC) Andrey Burlakov and the banker Anna Etkina.

“At the beginning of 2010, around the end of February, he does not remember the date; he flew from Turkey to Moscow. In the same period, he heard from Gagiev A.M. nicknamed "Dzhako" that his companion Burlakov A.A. “Threw” it for money. He heard from Gagiev A.M. that this is an amount of 470 million euros. Gagiev A.M. He said that this money was transferred A. Burlakov to bank accounts in "floating" offshore, thanks to some kind of Jewish ties A. Etkina - cohabitants A. Burlakov Gagiev A.M. I was very angry because of this at A. Burlakov With Burlakov A.A. at that time Gagiev A.M. been familiar for at least 10 years. He also knew Burlakov A.A. well During 2010 and the first half of 2011 Gagiev A.M. periodically talked with Burlakov A.A. and demanded a refund, but he constantly found some excuses. Knowing about the interest of Gagiev A.M. to AA Burlakov, he told him if he had met him on the street. In particular, he and Dzugutov G.Z. saw the car "Bentley" Burlakova A.A. in the early summer of 2011.

At the end of July 2011 Gagiev A.M. instructed him to commit the murder of A. Burlakov and start preparing for it. At the same time, Gagiev A.M. said that together with Burlakov A.A. his cohabitant Etkin A.N., who helped him in the withdrawal of funds to offshore, must also be liquidated. He received this instruction from Gagiev A.M. via internet connection over the phone, it seems via skype. They used mainly Internet connection to avoid listening. Gagiev A.M. was during this period somewhere abroad. Having received this instruction, he talked with Yurtov R.V. nicknamed "Yura" and warned him that they needed to be ready any day to eliminate A. Burlakov and Etkin A.N., that is, to begin preparations for the murder. He also warned Yashkina E.I. that with the aim of killing A. Burlakov and Etkina A.N. he needs to be ready to take R.V. Yurtov with weapons to any place you need and when necessary. Gagiev A.M. informed Dzugutov G.Z. about the need to prepare for the murder of A. A. Burlakov and his participation in it.

Also, he, together with Dzugutov G.Z. They sat several times in the Uryuk cafe, in the CSKA district, in the building of the old Moscow airport terminal, opposite the Khutorok restaurant. This cafe subsequently burned down. Through the windows of the cafe, they at the same time watched the Khutorok restaurant, where almost every two to three days, that is, steadily, A. Burlakov appeared. together with Etkina A.N., mainly in the afternoon.

In the same period, the date does not remember, he, Dzugutov G.Z. and Gagiev AM, who came from abroad, met at the dacha in the SNT "Ramenka-1" in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. Gagiev A.M. asked him how his instruction on the preparation for the murder of A. Burlakov was being carried out. He reported to Gagiev A.M. that Burlakov A.A. regularly visits the restaurant "Farm". He also reported that he gave the command to Yurt R.V. and Yashkina E.I. prepare for the murder, that is, pick up weapons, a car and communications equipment. In the course of the conversation, they discussed where it is better to commit the murder and decided that the above-mentioned Khutorok restaurant was the most convenient place, since there A. Burlakov happens regularly. Gagiev A.M. said that it is necessary to show Burlakov A.A. Yurt R.V. so that he knows who to shoot at. At the same time, Gagiev A.M. said that to do it better DZugutov GZ, as Burlakov A.A. unlike him, he does not know his face well, and when he saw G.Z. Dzugutov and Yurtova R.V. will not suspect anything. That was the end of their conversation.

In the same period, he, together with Yurtov R.V. and Dzugutov G.Z. We arrived at the cafe "Uryuk", in the CSKA district, in the building of the old Moscow airport. It was located opposite the Khutorok restaurant. They sat in this cafe and discussed the impending murder of A. Burlakov. At the same time, he showed Yurtov R.V. through the window, the Bentley Continental car, state registration plates “398” or “389”, does not remember the letter, region 97 or 197. He explained to Yurtov R.V. that A. Burlakov was moving on this car. Judging by the parked car, A. Burlakov was inside the restaurant "Farm". They began to discuss a plan of murder. Yurtov R.V. He suggested firing shots inside the restaurant, and not on the street, so that noise would not make and he was not prevented from hiding. He did not mind. On the same day, when Burlakov A.A. and Etkina A.N. left the Khutorok restaurant he pointed to Yurtov R.V. on them through a cafe window and reported that Gagiev A.M. instructed to kill both of these people He does not remember whether it was the first time to R.V. Yurtov showed Burlakov A.A., or until that day, Burlakov A.A. showed Dzugutov G.Z.

After 3-4 days, when he, together with Yurtov R.V. and Dzugutov G.Z. again came to the cafe "Uryuk", Yurt R.V. I went to the Khutorok restaurant to look around inside. He stayed there a couple of minutes and then left. Having returned, Yurtov R.V. said it’s better to “work out,” that is, to commit a murder inside the restaurant. Usually, when it was necessary to commit some kind of murder, then he, Gagiev A.M. and the rest of the members of their criminal community used the words "work out", "spank", etc., that is, they did not pronounce the word "kill". Weapons Yurts R.V. I decided to pick it up myself from the weapons that were stored at the cottage in "Ramenka-1" in the suburbs. Another 5-6 times, he, Dzugutov G.Z. and Yurt R.V. came to the cafe "Uryuk", where they had dinner.

About a month before the murder of Burlakov A.A., Yurtov R.V. told him that he and Yashkina E.I. everything is ready for the departure and murder of AA Burlakov, that is, a place has been chosen, there is a car, weapons and ammunition, means of safe communication. He reported to Gagiev A.M. through the Internet connection that everything is ready for them to commit the murder of A. A. Burlakov and Etkina A.N. Gagiev A.M. said he would give the team when to leave for the murder.

Two to three weeks later, about a week before the murder of A.A. Burlakov and injured Etkina A.N., does not remember the exact date, A. Gagiev called him via internet connection. He instructed him to fly as an escort with his mother Kulumbegova Zareta to one of the countries of Europe, where she went on vacation. Wherein Gagiev A.M. he was told that Yurtov R.V. and Yashkin E.I. with the murder of A. Burlakov Cope without it. Who should have coordinated them with Gagiev A.M. instead of him, Gagiev A.M. he didn’t tell him then. Now he knows that Gagiev A.M. instructed this Dzugutovu G.Z.

After about a week, from the news on television, he learned about the murder of A.A. Burlakov and injured Etkina A.N. They also showed on television a video from the surveillance camera of the Khutorok restaurant, on which he recognized R.V. Yurtov. About ten days after the murder of A. Burlakov he returned from Europe. He was present at a casual conversation Dzugutova G.Z. and Gutiev U.Kh., who mentioned that they complied with the order of A. Gagiev to commit the murder of A. Burlakov He also understood that the connection with Gagiev A.M. was carried out through Dzugutov G.Z., which handed Yurt R.V. Gagiev A.M. "for the departure and execution of AA Burlakov, that is, for the direct implementation of previously planned joint actions."

To be continued

Arseny Dronov