The searches carried out by the security forces in the offices of the heads of the Krasnodar administration were not a very glorious tradition for the "effective team" of the previous mayor of the Kuban capital, Yevgeny Pervyshov, who recently became a State Duma deputy. The new city administration of Andrei Alekseenko, who replaced him, broke the "record" of its predecessors: the first search in the office of Deputy Mayor Kirill Mavridi, who was called up to serve a little more than a month ago, on October 27, took place on Friday, December 3. After the search, people in balaclavas took the vice-mayor out of the administration building in handcuffs. Mavridi was taken for an "interview" to the Investigative Committee. Mavridi is accused of taking bribes. Details in the investigation by

Андрей Алексеенко

Kirill Pavlovich Mavridi has been a member of Alekseenko's team for several years. Their service-friendly relations began during the work of both in the administration of the Tuapse region. When Alekseenko was the deputy head of the district, Mavridi oversaw economic and financial issues, the implementation of national projects and investment development of the municipality. In 2015, Andrey Alekseenko moved to work in the regional administration. Having become the first vice-governor of the region, he contributed to the fact that in 2016 Kirill Mavridi was appointed the first deputy of the Tuapse district head.

All six years of being in the vice-governor's post, Alekseenko remained the unofficial curator of his native Tuapse region. Having picked up "for themselves", including the new head of the district - his brother-soldier V.V. Mazninov. In which the area has become an almost constant "hero" not only of the local blogosphere, but also of the reports of the central television. The topics of journalistic investigations on the activities of Mazninov turned out to be very specific: cutting up forest lands and flooding zones, trade in land administered by trade unions, illegal logging and export of forests, disrupting the preparation of schools for the new academic year, failure to take measures to minimize the consequences of emergencies that led to human victims during the floods of this summer, etc. But, thanks to high patronage, Mazninov and other Tuapse sponsored comrades of the vice-governor got away with it.

Виталий Мазнинов

 According to a source, Mavridi was also “under the wing” of Alekseenko all these years. Which eventually pulled this valuable staff to work "for the benefit of the entire Kuban" - from 2018 to 2019, Mavridi worked as Deputy Minister of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory. Since August 2019, he held the position of Deputy Head of the Construction Department of the Krasnodar Territory, then was appointed First Deputy Head of the Department.

On October 27, at an extraordinary session of the Krasnodar City Duma, deputies approved Mavridi as the deputy head of the city. Alekseenko himself was appointed acting. Krasnodar chapter on October 21. In October, the vice-governor of the region for internal policy Igor Chagaev, was just starting a big top, under the name "democratic elections of the new mayor of the Kuban capital." The composition of the corps de ballet of "understudies", designed to adequately lose to the future winner, numbered two dozen of some muddy competitors.

Wise Kuban political scientists, capable of explaining any nonsense of the regional authorities, rushed to "guess": who will become the mayor? Although the result was already more than obvious then. The fact that with the filing of "just something" at that time, acting. Mayor Alekseenko Kirill Pavlovich Mavridi was already appointed deputy head, just testifying that the future winner of the elections is the one who selects the team for himself.

For all this fuss with the organization of the appearance of democracy, both Chagaev and Alekseenko himself "forgot" to push Mavridi's candidacy from the security forces. We could learn a lot of interesting things. But it seems that Andrei Alekseenko was never able to realize that the powers of the first vice-governor of the region and the powers of only the mayor of Krasnodar are two big differences. And the option of appointing your friends on the principle “as I said, so it will be” is not always successful.

Кирилл Мавриди

It is now obvious that the security forces began to monitor the corruption ties of Mavridi long before his appointment as vice-mayor. The reason for the start of work was some operational data, through which they got to the head of the State Treasury Institution “Main Construction Directorate of the Krasnodar Territory, Dmitry Evgenievich Yatsulyak. Yatsulyuka can also be attributed to Alekseenko's Tuapse team. At one time he was the head of the capital construction department of the administration of the Tuapse region (hence the "friendship"). And before we go to work in the region, he was in charge of the capital construction department of the city of Sochi.

Yatselyuk himself cannot be called “suddenly enlightened”. Just the opposite. This is a typical representative of the "Tuapse clan" cobbled together by Alekseenko. While working in Tuapse, he, for example, signed documents on financing the liquidation in the area of ​​the consequences of the floods of 2018. Public figures who were surprised about the volumes put in the securities, we found out that they were overstated by more than 130 million rubles.

Now Yatselyuk was caught organizing the supply of "gifts" to his superior comrades from Sochi. And in fact, he had no choice but to start cooperating with the investigation. It is noteworthy that upon learning of such a "betrayal" of Yatsenyuk, he was immediately dismissed from the service. Now he has returned to his house and to his stalls in the Tuapse village of Agoy, without the slightest chance to become the leader of anything in the Krasnodar Territory again.

And this is another reason to be surprised: if Yatselyuk was fired a few weeks before the withdrawal of Mavridi in handcuffs from the building of the Krasnodar City Hall, then why at the end of October the appointment of Mavridi as vice-mayor was not slowed down until all the criminal circumstances of this story were clarified?

Of course, the designated "Sochi" bribe of 500 thousand rubles for officials, under whose control tens of billions of rubles, looks rather weak. And it is very likely that this episode is just the first sign. It is also obvious that Mauridi in this corruption chain is not the only end consumer of bribes. There is a great chance that the investigation will determine the roles of a much larger corruption “fish”. Indeed, often, Mauridi in these "gift" schemes was nothing more than an intermediary, transferring to the end "consumers" exclusive hunting rifles, expensive alcoholic drinks, and other expensive gifts. This flow came from Sochi, where Yatselyuk had trusted ties, and where the participants in the bribe flow were not particularly afraid.

 According to our information, presentations for officials were handed over, among other things, by Sochi developers. These officials were in charge of the distribution of "fat", often billions of dollars, orders, and they contributed to the victory of "their" in the auction. The siloviki are now also conducting "talks" with the leaders who "made gifts". Someone says that they were forced to make a corrupt "thank you". But there are also “gifts” who, in the course of conversations, get lost in pathos. Phrases like: "These leaders are wonderful people doing everything for the good of their native Kuban" - in relation to officials who accept bribes, they are surprising.

The beginning of the active phase of the work of the Investigative Committee before this case is interesting to others as well. To what extent has the administrative resource of the still recently all-powerful first vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Andrei Anatolyevich Alekseenko reduced? Do the “shackles of Mavridi” mean that the mayor of Krasnodar Alekseenko, having lost his vice-governor’s resource, has ceased to be a “guarantor of a quiet life” for his sponsored colleagues?

And another question: how well did Alekseenko know the shadow side of Mavridi's activities? Of course, there was trust between them, but what was it based on? Even from the information that became known, it can be assumed that Andrei Alekseenko, himself a hunter, a member of a kind of "hunting Tuapse club", whose characters held friendly meetings at the dacha of one comrade in the Shaumyan village of Tuapse region, could be aware of which of the high-ranking hunters, received from Mavridi those very exclusive hunting rifles.

The answer to all the question can be given by the investigation of a criminal case. And here is the main question: Kirill Mavridi - is this the final subject of this investigation or just the first swallow? Will the regional "tops" let the scandalous story unfold? The post of vice-mayor of Krasnodar, according to the regional table of ranks, is, in general, a little bureaucratic trifle. Another thing is interesting: what will be the consequences of Mavridi's frank conversations with investigators?


Roman Trushkin

To be continued