Source: continues the publication of the hearing materials in the US court where the claim of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTA Bank Kenes Rakishev to the former owner of the bank Mukhtar Ablyazov, the former head of the capital of Kazakhstan Viktor Khrapunov and his son Ilyas Khrapunov, to which the plaintiffs were accused laundering money allegedly stolen in Kazakhstan. At the disposal of was a transcript of the interrogation of Kenes Rakishev, which reveals many of his intimate secrets. In the third publication, readers will be able to see how a high-ranking official from the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan actually conducted all foreign litigation of BTA Bank. And also, how, with great reluctance, Rakishev talks about his personal relationship with Nazarbayev and the relationship with him of Kenes Tasmagambetov's father-in-law. Rakishev spoke in the US court on the topic, whether Tasmagambetov will become a receiver of Nazarbayev.


Q. Who is Ulan Baizhany?

Rakishev (R) :. As far as I understand, he is a former employee of the General Prosecutor's Office, but he does not work there anymore. In fact, he has not worked there since the time I came to work in the bank.

Q. Mr. Rakishev, when you discussed Mr. Ablyazov with Mr. Bekatayev, did Mr. Bekatayev talk about BTA's efforts to return Mr. Ablyazov's assets?


R. No.

Question: To you, as a representative of the bank's council, did Mr. Bekatayev ever give instructions on how to act in relation to Mr. Ablyazov?


R: According to the law, the Ministry of Justice does not have the right to give any instructions for private organizations or individuals. Thus, we can talk with the Minister of Justice only in case we need consultations, because the Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan, representing the Republic of Kazakhstan in all foreign countries.

Q. Have you ever asked for advice from Mr. Bekatayev on this matter, here in New York?

R: Personally, no, I never asked him for advice.

Q. Do you know that Nurgabylov ever asked for advice from Mr. Bekatayev regarding this case in New York?

R. I can not say with certainty, I can not say, but I know that our employees, that people who work in the bank and are involved in asset recovery, and I believe that I said this before, they have the right to apply to the minister Justice, in order to obtain advice on how to act in foreign jurisdictions.

Q. Can you explain what you mean by advice, how to act in foreign jurisdictions?


R. I can give you an example or an illustration.

For example, the Minister of Justice representing the Republic of Kazakhstan is suing someone, and we are getting advice on how to do it in the right direction, based on the jurisdictions in which we must act.

Question: Is the advice that BTA receives from Bekatayev obligatory for execution?


R. He has no right to give us any instructions.

Q. Mr. Rakishev, I'm sorry if my pronunciation is bad, but I will do my best. Who is Imangal Tasmagambetov?

R. This is my wife's father.

Q. I'm sorry how you pronounce his name?

R. You can call his father-in-law.

Q. What is his current position in the Kazakh government?

R. He is the Kazakh ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Q. When did he become the Russian ambassador?


R. I do not remember the date, the exact date.

Q: Was this about February 2017?

R. Well, you know this better than I do, it's public information.

Q. Before your father-in-law became an ambassador to Russia, he held a position in the government of Kazakhstan?

R: Yes, he had various positions in the government.

V. He was Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan from September 2016 to February 2017 ,?

R. I think so. I mean, he was vice-premier, I just do not remember the exact dates.

Q. Before that, he was the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan?

R. Yes.

Q. And before that he was the mayor of the city of Astana?

R. Yes.

Q. I use the term mayor, is this the right term?

R. Yes.

Q. Before that, he was mayor or akim of Almaty?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you know the dates in which your father-in-law was mayor or akim of Almaty?

R. I can not tell you for sure.

Q. Do you know who was the mayor of Almaty before your relative?

R. Of course, I know.

Question: Who was it?

R. Victor Hrapunov.

Q. Have you ever discussed Mr. Khrapunov with your father in law?

R. Most likely yes. Mr. Khrapunov is a famous person in the republic.

Question: Have you ever met with Viktor Khrapunov?

R. Yes.

Question: When did you meet with Viktor Khrapunov?

R. I do not remember exactly, but I did meet, yes.

Question: Where did you meet him?

R. Most likely in Almaty.

Question: Was this while Mr. Khrapunov was the Mayor of Almaty?

R. Most likely, yes.

Q. In order to become the mayor of Almaty, you must be elected or appointed?

R. You must be appointed.Question: Who makes these appointments?

R. I'm not the kind of person who can answer this question. I do not know the government structure, but I know that mayors are appointed, but I do not know the procedural aspect.

Q. Do you know who appointed your father-in-law to the mayor of Almaty?

R. A person who had the right to do so under the law.

Question: Do you know, yes or no, who was it at that time who had power?

R. The same person who has the right in accordance with the law, he appointed my father-in-law and the Khrapunov appointed the same person.

Q. Do you know the name of this person?

R. Will we discuss the legal aspects of the appointment of mayors in the country?

Q. I hope not. I just want to know if you know the name of the person. Do you know who appointed your father - in - law to the vice - premier?

R. Most likely, the Prime Minister.

Q. Do you know who appointed your father-in-law to be Kazakh Ambassador to Russia?

R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q- Have you ever met with President Nazarbayev?

R. Yes.

Q. How many times?

R. I can not say for sure, but I met him.

Question: Can you say it was more than five times?

R. You know, I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, which protects all entrepreneurs and represents their interests. Members of the Chamber meet with the President and Prime Minister a couple times a year.

Question: Is your father-in-law a political ally of President Nazarbayev?


R. How does this relate to our business here?

Q. Yet, Mr. Rakishev ...

R. Well, if you so want ... I can tell you that he is a member of the ruling party. Does this mean that he is an ally? If you are a member of the Republican Party, it means that you are an ally of the president, who is also a member of the Republican Party. If you follow this logic, then the answer to your question is: yes.

Q. How many parties in Kazakhstan?

R. I can not say for sure, but a lot.

Q. Are you a member of the Republican Party?

R. No, I do not belong to any party.

Q. Did you see reports that your father-in-law is being considered as a potential successor to President Nazarbayev?

R. I do not have such information.

Q. Has your father-in-law ever told you that he is likely to be the successor of President Nazarbayev?

R. We will not discuss such issues with him.

To be continued