Radiy Khabirov, acting head of Bashkiria, intends to announce the name of the Prime Minister of the Republic in the event of victory in the elections on September 8 — after the inauguration, informed interlocutor "Kommersant-Ufa". Since the end of 2018, most of the time after the appointment to the region, Mr. Khabirov himself leads the government. The source noted that the personnel decision was not finally made, but the co-Chairman of "Business Russia", businessman Andrei Nazarov (a native of Bashkir Baymak) has the most chances to take the Prime Minister's post. According to "Kommersant-Ufa", Mr. Nazarov has previously been negotiating the formation of his team, in particular, offered his man to the vacant post of head of the Ministry of economic development.

If the appointment of Andrei Nazarov will be, in the opinion "bottom" the Russian government is broken. After all, the Prime Minister of a large region will be a person with a biography more suitable for a representative of the criminal world. As already repeatedly and in detail told Andrey Nazarov was previously convicted for public drunkenness and rape of a minor. He and his friends dragged the girl into the basement and abused her. That is the testimony of the victim: "the Victim, A. G. showed that 19 January 1986, 22 hours was with tagievym at the bus stop "cooperative market", which came Kaplin and Nazarov. The latter called Tagirov aside, and Kaplin told her that she would go with him. She refused, for which Kaplin punched her in the shoulder. Trying to escape from him, she fell. Then Caplin and approached Nazarov began to beat her, to strike with hands and feet on various parts of the body," - said in the verdict, a copy of which has "Then lifting it and not allowing them to scream, dragged and brought to the basement of the house. They stripped her, pushed him into the pantry, where Nazarov was holding her, and Caplin makes it a sexual act, then in the same way a sexual act committed Nazarov, and after sexual intercourse with her, were in a helpless state, committed Pauline. After the rape, they threatened to kill if they told anyone." Experts recorded the minor damage in the form of bruises and contusions of soft tissues belonging to the category of lungs, which led to a short-term health disorder.

Moreover, this is not the only trouble Nazarov with law enforcement. refers to another document from the archive of the interior Ministry. In 2009, the Department of internal Affairs in the Kirov district of Ufa began a preliminary investigation against Nazarov on suspicion of committing a crime under article 327 of the criminal code (forgery). But Nazarov man very not poor, so with this problem he has understood. The terms of the pre-investigation check were repeatedly extended until in 2010 it was decided to refuse to initiate a case. publishes relevant documents. Behind this extract from the archive of the interior Ministry lies the following story.

Personal data Nazarova as the first, basic higher education includes the diploma ZhB-11 No. 0062051 from 25.05.95 issued in Kazakhstan on a specialty "Economy and management in trade and public catering". At the official request of the Kazakh economic University, once known as Alma-ATA Institute of national education, the answer came that Nazarov Andrey graduates not listed, diploma number ZhB-11 No. 0062051 he was not issued". Meanwhile, the Deputy defended his thesis, constantly improving his educational level. All this forms the crime of forgery.

And this is not the last story in the rich biography of Nazarov. In 2003 in Bashkortostan was assassinated the Prosecutor of the city of Sibay, Hanif Karachurin. For the murder of 14.5 years of imprisonment was condemned by the chief of city traffic police Nurhahmat Shagiyev. But then he suddenly remembered that he had organized the murder of the Prosecutor not out of personal revenge, but on request... Prime Minister of Bashkiria rail Sarbayev.  Security forces carried out an inspection, but even indirect evidence of a serious statement has not been found. The result of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor's office issued a ruling on bringing Nurhahmat Shagieva to liability for knowingly false denunciation. In the course this investigations and "surfaced in full growth" persona Andrei Nazarov. It turned out that it was he who organized the false testimony of Shagiev.  As it happened, the witness in the case of businessman from Sibai Alexander Maltsev described in detail in a statement to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika: "Nazarov A. G. said that it is necessary to help our countryman, the former head of the traffic police. Sibaya - Sagieva Nuriakhmetov Kuryanovich. I must go to Shagiev N. N. in the colony and bring some papers from Him, which he prepared."

In the end, the investigators made a decision about excitation of criminal case under article false accusation against Shagieva. In the resolution on initiation of proceedings against Shagieva direct text says that Shagiyev N. N., with intent to reduce the sentence, after receiving information from a friend in the city of Sibay, Republic of Bashkortostan A. Nazarova G. on the possibility of resuming criminal case due to new or circumstances and the revision of the sentence under the condition of the statement them of the organization by sarbaeva murder Karachurina H. H., being the place of punishment, prepared a draft statement and gave it to 10.11.2008 the room for meetings in a penal colony in a sealed envelope common friend Maltsev A. C. at a specially organized Nazarov A. G. the date.  Les look at another formulation of the same resolution: "Realizing his criminal intention directed on committing of knowingly false denunciation... guided instructions Nazarov A. G. ... Shagiyev N. N. prepared five copies of the statement, which said ...that the murder Karachurina H. H. they were done at the direction sarbayeva R. S., and according to the list transferred by Nazarov A. G. sent them to the President of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of UPC, the Prosecutor General and deputies of the state Duma Nazarov A. G. and Fakhritdinov I. G.".

The eighth of November 2008 Bashkirian town of Sibai has become a hot spot of the planet: there are outraged citizens demanded at the meeting the issue of wage arrears.

Though the rally was held near the reception of "United Russia", this party as such was of little interest to the protesters. The scene was chosen due to the fact that the sign of the reception is the name at the time of the state Duma Deputy Andrei Nazarov. It announced those without money people are responsible for their disasters. The fact that Andrei Nazarov to tibicam closer than all of the state Duma together. He lived here, studied, from here was elected to the Parliament of Bashkiria, and then, according to the list of "United Russia" — to the state Duma. And, most importantly, before becoming an MP was engaged in business here. The local commercial and industrial holding in the public mind is still associated with his name. A "Basmachestvo", largely indebted to their employees, all fall within the same holding company.

This is true, but it seems that again there is no reason to shout at the rally: "Nazarov, give our money!"After all", OOO Bagsmedical" was established in 2006, Nazarov, and most other people, which the MP... I would say "irrelevant", but this is contradicted by a document in which among the founders of "Basmachestvo" appear S. G. and Nigmatullin Ilshat Nigmatullin Anvarovich. And for anybody in Sibai is no secret that it is not someone else's Andrei Gennadyevich people: sister and brother-in-law. And requirements to employers at meeting, it is possible to tell, were put forward under the motto "we Know your brother!".

And this, too, is not all the "feats" of Andrei Nazarov. And now, Radiy Khabirov set out to do Nazarova Prime Minister, not hiding the fact that the main criterion for his selection is a personal friendship with Nazarov. Nazarov is tried for a serious crime, was repeatedly involved in criminal cases, caused popular unrest, which because of him hit the "United Russia". Now this character can become the Premier of Bashkiria. Have I have the feeling that Habirov such appointment decided to strike at the head of the state and entire system of government. He defiantly shows that wanted to spit on people and if he, the master, is like, in the Premiership will sit down each rapist. Or rather, no, not to the master, but to the Emperor. Like Caligua, who appointed his favorite horse a Roman Senator.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov