Do not believe it, but deputy Yuri Napso, who once again came to the State Duma from the Sochi District on the list of the LDPR party, finally woke up from hibernation, climbed into his pool on a public beach in the village of Loo and wrote just an amazing comment on the site


I quote:


... in terms of the work of the members of the Federation Council can not be compared with the work of State Duma deputies: we are working with a much larger flow of draft laws, which is counted in thousands of documents ...

Blah blah blah…

I rephrase a well-known aphorism from the film "Office Romance": if there were no statistics, we would not even suspect how well they (deputies) work. In particular, the website of the State Duma can literally rejoice in the amount of work that Yuri Napso, elected by the Sochi people who voted for the LDPR, is doing for his multi-million salary.

We go in the profile of the deputy-loafer on the website of the State Duma, we go through the tab "Speeches of the deputy" and ... Bingo! ...

It turns out that Yuri Napso last time rose to the rostrum of the State Duma already on March 10, 2012.

Almost 5 years ago!

Assume that Yuri Napso is embarrassed by his fat figure or suffers from agoraphobia, but if you go through the tab "Bills of the deputy", it turns out that the last bill was introduced by the "servant of the people" together with 10 other deputies already on June 9, 2015 - more than a year Back.

But back to the deputy's comment on the site, where Yuri Napso simply paraphrased the characters of "Our Rashi":

As for the main tasks for the next year, in the priorities of both senators and deputies today, one task is to improve the well-being of our citizens. It becomes particularly relevant in the face of the grave crisis in which we are now and taking into account the still very difficult foreign policy situation. Of all this, we must go out with dignity - so that it does not damage either the country's budget, citizens, or social programs.


A curtain.