In connection with the continuing publication of materials in the media and social networks of a critical nature, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the acting head of the personnel department of the Investigative Committee of Russia M.A. Malyshkin to speed up the conduct of an official check in relation to the Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Stavropol Territory Demin A.S. Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin instructed to thoroughly analyze all materials, including the arguments published in the media and social networks, and submit a report on the interim results of the audit. We are talking about publications on the website and the TC VChK-OGPU.

Анатолий Демин

Moreover, the editorial office receives all new materials regarding A.S. Demin. According to these materials, on the night of July 28-29, 2021, at about 00 hours 30 minutes, near house No. 25/8 on the street. Tukhachevsky, Stavropol Demin Anatoly Sergeevich, being in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication, exceeding the set speed, driving a BMW 530 M car belonging to him, reg. sign N 518 MV 193, the region, which we already wrote about earlier, allowed a run over a Hyundai Solaris car, reg. sign А 201 UT 126 region, run by a young girl - B.M. Aliyeva

A short time later, traffic police officers arrived at the scene, and then loyal comrade Demina A.S. and concurrently his driver - Manin A.V., on whom materials about the accident were subsequently drawn up. And no one even asked the girl, frightened by such high-ranking participants in the actions, with shining stars in uniform.

But after examining the information about the telephone connections of the persons involved in this not the most pleasant summer meeting in the Stavropol Territory (with reference to the base stations of cellular operators), it will dot all the i's, finally determining who exactly drove the BMW car when a traffic accident was committed. And believe me, it was definitely not Manin A.V., who was at a considerable distance from the indicated place, but Demin A.S., already beloved by everyone.

What we end up with:

- a lying and thoroughly corrupt official - Demin A.S., who publicly declares to everyone about his cleanliness and integrity, first committing a number of grave administrative offenses, entailing the mandatory deprivation of a driver's license. After that, in order to avoid responsibility, keeping silent from his leadership about the committed misconduct incompatible with further service in the SK of Russia, Demin A.S. contributed to the falsification of administrative materials;

- traffic police officers, being officials and in execution, deliberately falsified administrative materials, knowing about their falsity, deleted the name of A.S. Demin from the corresponding columns;

- an ordinary girl whose car was crashed by a drunk official, who in fact should be an example to follow, and the remaining feeling of fear and anger in her that such as Demin A.S., everything is allowed and everything gets away with ...

Also, for information, we inform you that all fines received by the Demins for registered cars, Demin A.S. with inveterate constancy, he reissued to his driver - A.V. Manin. All this is also easy to verify by requesting materials with photographs of violations.

In addition, according to, this is not the first accident that Demin A.S. and which he hid from his superiors, shaking his chair as a big boss. In 2020 Demin A.S. got into an accident on his favorite motorcycle of a famous brand, but then with the assistance of the patron - the former head of the traffic police "with a golden toilet" Safonov A.N. the incident was not registered and documented.

Председатель СКР Александр Бастрыкин

We again appeal to the employees who were entrusted with the verification of A.S. Demin. and with the hope that, based on the results of the audit, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin will receive answers to the following questions:

- Is it possible to work in the IC system of Russia as a family contract to relatives, while being directly and indirectly subordinate, and does this not affect the violation of anti-corruption legislation, objective investigation and subsequent impartial judicial consideration of cases? Is this not a conflict of interest (just in other departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia there may be offended people who would also like to work under the leadership of their uncle, brother or father)?

- who exactly and for what funds in two years built a house with an area of ​​almost 550 square meters, a cadastral value of 6 million rubles and a market value of more than 30 million rubles (the photo is attached, by the way, in the photo under a canopy it is the BMW 530 M car that is captured , broken by Demin A.S. on 07/29/2021) - the beloved eighty-year-old grandmother A.S. Demin, to whom this house is registered (we are sure that everyone would want to have such a generous and wealthy grandmother) or all the same Demin A.S. far away "unearned" income? If - grandmother, about what at every corner Demin A.S. says, then where does an elderly person with a pension of 15 thousand rubles get such funds, and also why does she need such mansions at such an advanced age?

- to deal with the cost and the possibility of purchasing Demin A.S. on the officially declared income of a solid vehicle fleet, entirely consisting of new luxury cars of German production (BMW 530M, BMW X7, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Sprinter, etc.), with a total value of more than 30 million rubles?

- How legitimate is it for a civil servant not to indicate in his income statements the vehicles belonging to him and the current accounts opened in banks? What punishment is a civil servant worthy of for committing such gross violations of anti-corruption legislation (recall that AS Demin got off for such offenses with just a "remark")?

- Is it possible for an official with the rank of colonel of a federal law enforcement agency to simultaneously engage in public activities not related to teaching and art (recall that A.S.Demin was the president of the sports society Dynamo of the Stavropol Territory for many years, without the sanction of the higher leadership, there is still information about this on the Internet)?

- to assess and relate the facts of lobbying by A.S. Demin. interests of Romas E.G. criminal prosecution of innocent persons and the subsequent provision by Romasom E.G. to rent premises to the wife of our hero at a significantly reduced price for the dental clinic "Tooth Fairy". Is this a veiled bribe?

- to assess the facts that after the publication on the official website of the Investigative Committee of Russia of information about the beginning of an official check from A.S. Demin, who is on vacation. his subordinate employees of the Investigation Department began to receive threats that if, in the course of receiving explanations from them, they would give truthful testimony about who exactly gave instructions to stop criminal cases, release the accused from custody, underestimate the qualification of criminal acts, delay checks, then after leaving to work, and in this Demin A.S. absolutely sure he will take all measures to dismiss the "guilty"?

- to answer how long you can continue to work in the IC system of Russia "selling" left and right cases and materials, without having a strong rear in the form of a father - a top manager of some state corporation, part-time from the state security services, as well as patrons in management personnel of the central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia?

- to give answers to each previously published fact of corruption offense Demina A.S. on specific criminal cases (lobbying the interests of Romas E.G. and Suvorov R.A., receiving bribes from them; extortion of funds from the heads of the government of the Stavropol Territory R.K. Markov, A.S. Kogarlytsky and A.E. Zolotarev, as well as judges of the Pyatigorsk City Court; initiation for bribes of criminal cases against the chairman of the SKHPK "Russia" Pyanov S.V. and others)?

- Is the position of the deputy head of the Subject Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia compatible with a person who can commit an accident in a drunken stupor, after which, by means of threats and blackmail, falsify materials, following the results of consideration of which an innocent citizen was brought to administrative responsibility?

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin