The end of 2023 turned out to be rich in corruption scandals, in particular, the story of a corruption cell in PJSC Rosseti, organized by the head of the ASTU directorate Vyacheslav Rodionov, received wide resonance.

As has learned, for several years Rodionov has been moderating Rosseti’s conclusion of contracts with “friendly” suppliers of equipment used as part of the reconstruction of the electrical grid.

In fact, Vyacheslav Rodionov took on the role of a “link” between Rosseti PJSC and interested manufacturers, lobbying their interests as part of activities aimed at purchasing such equipment.

Вячеслав Родионов

Rodionov receives benefits from the transactions in the form of kickbacks, through which he has amassed an impressive fortune in the form of penthouses, hotels, apartments, etc., dispersed throughout Moscow and the Krasnodar Territory. One of these real estate properties is a modest cottage in the elite “Millennium Park” community center (pictured), next to the house where Yegor Creed filmed his “PU$$Y BOY” video. In this small village in the Venetian style on the Novorizhskoe highway, many actors and pop stars lived and still live: Sergei Svetlakov, Alexander Baluev, Vera Brezhneva, Valery and Konstantin Meladze. According to some estimates, the cost of Rodionov's house could be about 400-500 million rubles.

Despite the requirements of the Law on the “purity” and “openness” of procurement procedures, according to a source at Rosseti JSC, the issue of supplying equipment worth hundreds of millions of rubles is decided at meetings with Rodionov in his office, as well as (literally) during “smoke breaks” and “lunches” with the participation of representatives from interested businesses.

As a result, procurement documentation is drawn up for specific (pre-agreed) products, and the participation of all other manufacturers is blocked by Rodionov using his own organizational and managerial powers.

According to this scheme, Rodionov worked with many enterprises from various regions of the country for many years. On behalf of the editors of, we believe that the country should know its “heroes” and we will definitely understand the personalities in more detail.

Егор Крид

For example, during the purchase No. 31806552000 “under the title the right to conclude an agreement for the construction of a fiber-optic line “Pskov - Novosokolniki with a call to Staraya Russa - Smolensk - Bryansk “Naytopovichi” under the title “Creation of a unified communication network for the electric power industry (UTSSE)” for the needs of the branch of PJSC FSK UES" - MES of the North-West." In accordance with the minutes of the meeting of the commission summing up the results dated August 15, 2018 No. 31806552000-05, this purchase was won by Unitel Engineering LLC, TIN: 7722314584. The subject of supply, among other things, included cable products, the manufacturers of which are two competing enterprises: Opten LLC Cable" TIN 4703062953 (St. Petersburg) and Incab LLC TIN 5904199692 (Perm). It is reliably known that Rodionov V.N. by agreement (request) of Maxim Aleksandrovich Bolshakov (executive director of OPTEN-CABLE LLC), using his existing influence, exerted pressure on the choice of Unitel Engineering LLC in favor of purchasing cable products for the purpose of fulfilling contract within the framework of purchase No. 31806552000-05 from LLC "Opten Cable". That is, Bolshakov, being interested in Unitel Engineering LLC purchasing cable products from Opten Cable LLC, personally turned to Rodionov for patronage, who, for a fee, put pressure on the management of Unitel Engineering LLC to purchase cable products was purchased specifically from Opten Cable LLC (and not from competitors - Incab LLC). Thus, Rodinov, instead of carrying out job duties, in accordance with his position and in the interests of the employer - Rosseti JSC, uses his official powers to lobby the interests of friendly manufacturers of equipment and products in demand for the needs of the electric power industry.

In addition, it is known that Rodionov has common interests with Kvazar Ural LLC, UES Montazh LLC, Uralenergo Soyuz CJSC, controlled by Oleg Permyakov, who actively earned money from tenders for the construction of fiber optic lines in the Ural District.

Typically, the listed organizations, as well as Permyakov himself, are currently undergoing bankruptcy procedures due to debt to the budget (tax payments) and private contractors.

This fact clearly confirms that the business that Rodinov brings into the world of “big money” turns out to be unviable in conditions of open competition, based not on “connections”, but on the quality of the products offered.

According to the source of Rucriminal,info, as a result of Rodionov’s actions, Rosseti is losing hundreds of millions of rubles, and the power grid is equipped with obsolete equipment that is incapable of implementing the minimum functionality that meets modern requirements and current demands of the power industry.

However, Rodinov and his business accomplices are obviously of little interest in these facts. We haven’t had to look for any compromises with conscience for a long time, and, given the primitiveness of the “schematosis,” it is obvious that the opportunity to “raise money” has obviously dulled the elementary instinct of self-preservation, and therefore we hope for a speedy response from law enforcement agencies.

It should be noted that the lack of comments on the situation from the management of Rosseti PJSC is cause for concern, given that the systemic fight against corruption in all its forms and manifestations is one of the priorities of internal state policy.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued