In many high-profile investigations recently came to the main role banker Peter Chuvilin. He and one of the main witnesses in the case of bribery Dmitry Zakharchenko co-owners of GC 1520 Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. Also Chuvilin gives testimony in the investigation of Moldovan laundromate, the threads of which lead to Vladimir Plahotniuc. At last, native to take Pyotr Chuvilin officially appears to the victim in the case of RAID of employees of special forces of alpha and Swept out on "platform" cashiers. publishes an investigation of the shady business of Peter Chuvilin.

Peter Chuvilin's relationship with the Management of "K" SEB FSB of Russia did not go well since 2006, when associated with it "Inkredbank", sharply increasing the turnover, opened correspondent accounts for the year as much as 36 banks, which were subsequently revoked licenses. As a result, "Inkredbank" began to resemble chamomile, and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation each time tore one petal after another until it came to the place with the Management of "K" FSB of Russia to the very core. However, the alarming situation did not stop Chuvilin and shadow banker Oleg Vlasov who joined him. After the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Andrey Kozlov was killed, and on charges of a crime arrested Chuvilin's acquaintance Alexey Frenkel, Chuvilin and Vlasov continued to increase volumes of pumping of money. As a result, they were in the development of Management "K" FSB of Russia and the then head of the banking Department Dmitry Frolov.  the license was suspended, and with it a new project on Moldovan transit (landromat). Patronage of Cywilnym took control of the M of FSB of the Russian Federation and close to it Dmitry Zakharchenko.

However, activity of Management K and Dmitry Frolov created all new and new threats. According to sources, then Chuvilin decided to turn to the shadow banker Evgeny Dvoskin to solve the problem with the Management of "To" the FSB of Russia. For these purposes, an amount of $2 million was allocated. However, the problem was not solved, and the money was not returned.

Hurt Peter Chuvilin handed over to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia of the stack of financial dirt on interrelated shady businessman Dvoskin, Ivan Myazina and Alexey Kulikov.

Then, though Chuvilin reconciled with Evgeny Dvoskin and even helped him and Ivan Myazin to get control over the Bank "far East".

The latter in response gave Chuvilin letters of recommendation and promised to buy real estate in nice.

Not , of course, pass by the attempts of Peter Chuvilin become in 2007 the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, this project has been put 1.5 million dollars. The United States that gave the opportunity to become Peter the 40th number in the list of the liberal democratic party. A similar nominee was Alexei Kulikov from the party "Fair Russia", but their political activities did not work.

Failures on the political front, Peter Chuvilin and close to it man, Alexander Ranks is compensated by the fact that they control BUT the Bank went into the financial sector of the Chechen Republic. Chuvilin even became an adviser to the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the companion Peter Chuvilin, to strengthen the friendship with the Chechens lost at cards the car "Bentley", and contrino - Ruslan Baisarov, who became the holder and Manager of financial resources management of the Czech Republic.

Before landing in prison Peter Chuvilin actively associated himself with a respectable banker, took part as Vice-President of "Smartbank" (former BUT-Bank), in international conferences in the Republic of France, flew to Afghanistan and other countries. Along the way, he took an active part in his "brainchild" Moldovan transit. To participate was painless the main players of the scheme registered their banks in 5 GTU Banks of Russia, where the head was the APS of the FSB of Russia Alexander Korneshov. He was close to all these "shadow". The result, however, was not what was expected - in 2013 the Bank of Russia liquidated 5 GTU of the Bank of Russia.

By 2016, Pyotr Chuvilin felt like a celestial being and actively talked about his high-ranking friends and partners, as well as about the "roof" from Lubyanka during private meetings. ( will soon publish part of the revelations). As a result, the Lubyanka decided it was time to start the operation of the landing Chuvilin from heaven. Another related Lubyanka banker Oleg Kuzmin accused Chuvilin of extortion and he was arrested. At the same time, a criminal case was opened against smartbank. The investigators found that carried out the transit operation in "Moldinconbank", which from 01.07.2013 on 13.08.2013 G. carried out the transit of the schematics with the judicial decisions and even the bailiffs of the Republic of Moldova, the money was paid bailiffs on their special accounts with correspondent accounts "Smartbank".

In addition, a hole in the amount of more than 4.5 billion rubles was formed in the Smartbank, and a firm was found in the Panama offshore, where money could be withdrawn. Moreover, the firm is open to companion of Peter Chuvilin, namely citizen Alexander Cinova. Prospects caught in the prison of Peter Chuvilin to go at least through 4 years proved to be quite elusive, as the case of "Smartbank" has pulled 10 years in prison, had to take some, as, for example, Dmitry Zakharchenko.

As a result, Peter Chuvilin quickly released and joined his brother, who continued the family business of cashing, transit, etc. According to information, recently Peter Chuvilin was often seen with various representatives from the market "Gardener" and persons from the environment of its owner God Nisanov. As a result, one of the "sites" Chuvilin, through which the money passed "Gardener", raided the FSB.

To be continued

Arseny Drones