On August 11 at 10 o'clock on the territory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ryazan region, on Michurin Square, a farewell was held with the former head of the Ryazan police, Ivan Perov. After that, the body was taken to the closed Skorbyaschenskoe cemetery, where they were buried next to his wife Elena Perova, who died of cancer.

The owner of many secrets and secrets, the former head of the regional militia, the great villain Ivan Perov, shot himself from an award pistol. Ivan Perov was listed in the Capital Repair Fund, and this is the second strange death after the Ryazan envoy Sergei Yakovlev associated with the former vice-governor Igor Grekov. Ivan Perov went down in history as the head of the police, with whose approval a criminal case against the journalist Mikhail Komarov was first initiated. Ivan Perov actively supported the leader of the Slonovskaya organized criminal group Oleg Sevryugin (Yashka) through his father, a lecturer at the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Sevryugin, so both Yashki, Cooper, Glaz, Ochkarik, Talalay, Barbos did not go to jail, and the Elephant was given a week to re-register the shares of the meat-packing plant and escape. The list of those who "saved", how and whom Perov planted, can be continued for a long time. Therefore, on the grave of the former chief of police of the Ryazan region, a post of patrol and patrol service was installed. At night, the burial place is guarded by district inspectors. Security measures were taken with the threat that the victims of Perov may want to settle scores with him after his death. Details of the biography of Ivan Perov and possible motives of his death in the investigation of the telegram channel "Mustache Kurakina", prepared specially for the Cheka-OGPU.




Ivan Perov became the main policeman of the Ryazan region in 1995 through the first mayor and democrat of the city, Valery Ryumin, before whom he knelt and swore allegiance for all time. Valery Ryumin was a close friend with a large Ryazan entourage around him (Viktor Zolotov, Yuri Kotov) Alexander Korzhakov - the head of the Security Council of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and on a call he resolved any issue.


A year later, for his appointment, Ivan Perov legalized the main leaders of the Slonovskaya organized criminal group, which was represented by the heroic defeat of the bandits in Ryazan. The NTV channel shot 2 episodes of a documentary about this.

Since 1996, the elephant unit of the incarcerated criminal Sergei Filaretov was arrested, which consisted of lunatics, schizophrenics, drug addicts and alcoholics, as well as those who could shoot out of envy of their too rich friends, associates and foster brothers during partying in the Rock City restaurant at the Deputy of the Regional Duma Igor Trubitsyn with the famous singer Irina Saltykova. Psychiatric examinations recognized everyone as sane so that no one could escape from prison.


The founders and authorities of the Slonovskaya organized criminal group Oleg Sevryugin (was a deputy of the Oblast Duma) and Sergei Sevryugins nicknamed Yashki, Alexander Glazunov, nicknamed Glaz (he is a deputy of the Oblast Duma), Vladimir Talalaev, nicknamed Talalay, Igor Kukhtin, Yuri Kupriyanov, nicknamed Cooper, Alexei Kirilin, now Kirillo- Pokrovsky nicknamed Ochkarik (was a deputy of the Oblast Duma), Astronomer, Pontus, Emigrant, Yuri Golovin nicknamed Clever were removed from the criminal case for the Slonovskaya organized criminal group and became dollar millionaires.

Sergey Sapfirov, nicknamed Zub, in September 2001 himself knocked on prison for extortion of cemetery proceeds, when the pay-off ended long ago, and Sergey Kotov, nicknamed the Cat, safely ran away from a long term and received, after being arrested in 2007 in a separate production, 8 years conditionally with a probationary period 5 years.


The elephant residents of Ryazan, Alexander Chudinin, now Merkulov, nicknamed Chudnaya, and Alexander Baskakov, nicknamed Baskak, were imprisoned only as part of the criminal case of the Tambovskaya organized crime group.


Vyacheslav Ermolov, nicknamed the Elephant, at the request of Ivan Perov, received a week's term to re-register the shares of the meat-packing plant, and calmly left the country. In the materials of the criminal case, there is not a single proof that he is the leader of an organized criminal group.


Absolutely all of the elephant prisoners were beaten and tortured, but they did not even try to force anyone to testify against the Elephant, Cooper, Glaz, Yashek or Ochkarik in the case of Sergei Filaretov's squad, or in the case of Sergei Sapfirov's squad, or in the case of Vladimir Kumarin's OPS, nicknamed Kum.


Oleg Sevryugin was on the list of witnesses for the state prosecution at number 1, but for unknown reasons he was never summoned to the court to testify.


Yuri Kupriyanov was listed there at number 17 and was interrogated at the trial.

In 1997, the presidium of the Ryazan Regional Court forbade calling the previously convicted Oleg Sevryugin, nicknamed Yashka, the leader of the Slonovskaya organized criminal group and ordered that such references be removed from the verdict.


Through his father Alexander Sevryugin, who lectured at the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Oleg Sevryugin enjoyed the unconditional support of Ivan Perov, for which he received suitcases of money from all over the city, and at the beginning of the 2000s he put the former mayor Valery Ryumin as director at his printing house Prize on Shabulin lane with a salary of 150 thousand rubles a month and at one time was a co-owner of the newspaper Vechernyaya Ryazan

As soon as a chair swung under Ivan Perov, he immediately called his man on NTV and there they put on TV documentary soap about the victory over the elephant lunatics, drug addicts and alcoholics.




It was not only the television shots with Ivan Perov that decided everything. Immediately after their appointment, under various far-fetched pretexts, many competent and professionally trained employees of the regional internal affairs bodies were dismissed - those who did not want to keep up with the times, but preferred to work the old-fashioned way, that is, honestly: Chief of Staff of the Internal Affairs Directorate, Colonel Grigory Prikhodko Colonel Gennady Gaidov, head of the Department of Internal Affairs, Colonel Vladimir Antoshkin, head of the Korablinsky District Department of Internal Affairs, Colonel Valery Smagin, head of the Shatsk District Department of Internal Affairs, Colonel Grigory Monyak, head of the Department of Internal Affairs. The head of the OBEP of the Internal Affairs Directorate, soldier-internationalist Alexander Melnikov, was placed in such working conditions that he was forced to move to a lower position. For the same reason, Colonel Volkov, the head of the passport and visa service, Colonel Nikolai Kochkarev, the head of the operational and technical department Shefchuk, Viktor Padchin left their posts.


Appointment to leadership positions was carried out by Ivan Perov on the principle of personal loyalty and obscurity in illegal actions, which made it possible for unquestioning obedience.


Thus, Colonel Aleksey Savin became the first deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate.


The senior inspector of the headquarters of the Internal Affairs Directorate, Colonel Vladimir Kozlov, who turned out to be famous for the fact that in his previous position he seized a truck with allegedly falsified vodka, belonging to one of the region's distilleries. All the vodka was drunk by him and his staff. This fact was widely covered by the local media.


The post of the head of the traffic police went to Colonel Vyacheslav Kashkin. In 2000, the highest level of road accidents in the Russian Federation was recorded, but many of Ivan Perov's relatives got jobs in the traffic police - Ivan Perov's wife's relative, Yuri Zadubrovsky, was appointed Kashkin's deputy.


For the renovation of the traffic police building on Solnechnaya Street, Vyacheslav Kashkin received 20% of the volume of work and transferred part of the money to Ivan Perov.


The former driver of Ivan Perov, Ivan Puchkov, received the head of the MREO ATC, who was twice awarded the next rank ahead of schedule.


For a whole year (!), Vasily Ryabov, who worked as an operative, and then the head of the passport and visa service, became the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate. The person is far from the investigation, but sensitive to the words of Ivan Perov.


Finally, Lev Aleksanyan, who had previously been convicted of fraud, was nominated as the head of the construction department; at the time of his appointment, he was involved in the FSB investigation into the fictitious organization Sick People of Chernobyl, through which money was laundered from the sale of cars received on netting from Novomichurinskaya GRES.


The former deputy of Ivan Perov for public safety, Colonel Nikolai Nagin, was appointed, under patronage, as the head of the security service of the Ryazan oil refinery.


While escorting the ATC convoy to the Chechen Republic, Ivan Perov stopped on the territory of the Stavropol Territory under the pretext of the need to meet with the leadership of the local ATC. At this time, due to the negligence of the ATC explosives technician, a grenade explosion occurred in one of the buses of the convoy loaded with cans of gasoline and military weapons. As a result, the bus and all weapons were completely destroyed. An explosives technician was killed and several police officers were injured.


The convoy commanders mistook the explosion of a grenade for firing at terrorists and gave the command to open fire to kill the passing Zhiguli. A civilian of the Stavropol Territory who was driving a car was mortally wounded. Only after that, Ivan Perov himself arrived at the scene of the tragedy.


No one was punished for this, and General Ivan Perov, by order of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was awarded a personalized weapon, from which on August 8, 2021, he shot himself near the high fence of his Solotchinsky mansion.


Ivan Perov personally supported the corrupt heads of the district departments.


The head of the Chuchkovsky District Department of Internal Affairs, having received a loan in the amount of 120 thousand rubles under the “My House” program, built a modest hut worth 1 million rubles. This fact has been repeatedly written by local media outlets. During the trial, the facts of corruption and extortion by the head of the ROVD were fully confirmed. The deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate for personnel, Colonel of the Internal Service, Vladimir Popov, personally went to the area. The head of the Chuchkovskiy ROVD was awarded the next rank.

The head of the Pronsky District Department of Internal Affairs, Sergei Klyonushkin, openly conducted economic activities. He rallied the corrupt officials around him and controlled the outlets owned by the Chechens. He supplied meat, sausages, fish to the Department of Internal Affairs. Not a single issue important for the Pronsky region was resolved without his participation. He built a house worth over 2 million rubles (at prices of the 90s) and a summer cottage.

The town-forming enterprise of the Pronsky District is the Novoryazansky State District Power Plant, with which the ATC carried out a large amount of mutual settlements. This work was supervised by the head of the OKS ATC Levon Aleksanyan. This is confirmed in the documents of the state district power station.

The son of Sergei Klyonushkin married the stepdaughter of the director of the state district power station, Vladimir Shumilov, and the daughter of the mayor of Novomichurinsk, Elena Shumilova.

From the ROVD of the Mikhailovsky District, most of the employees were appointed to leading positions in other ROVDs and in the Department of Internal Affairs. They showed themselves to be loyal to the owner of the Mikhailovsky district, Regional Duma deputy Vladimir Sidorov and the Mikhailovsky cement plant, which is part of the German concern, which is headed by the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and the son-in-law of the almighty General Secretary Yuri Churbanov.

Viktor Kuznetsov worked here as the head of the criminal investigation department. His wife is a cousin of Ivan Perov's wife. From the Mikhailovsky district, he was transferred by the head of the Starozhilovsky, and then the Skopinsky ROVD. He destroyed the work of the regional department. I got my wife to work in the tax police. Later, his wife left him. To avoid a scandal, he was dismissed from service for health reasons. The wife and her new husband moved to Ryazan to work in the bailiff service. Viktor Kuznetsov paid her 200 thousand rubles for the apartment.

       Former detective of the Department for Economic Crimes of the Mikhailovsky District Department of Internal Affairs Sergey Kabashov was appointed head of the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Ryazan. A year later, he became the head of the OBEP of the Internal Affairs Directorate. Not professionally prepared. However, as well as morally. He unquestioningly carried out personal instructions from Perov and Popkov to close criminal cases in the economic sphere.

Vladimir Pravkin is a friend of Perov. Originally from the Pitelinsky district, where Perov's parents live. He worked in the Putyatinsky region. He could not cope with the work and was transferred to the Shilovsky district. There, the curator of the local meat processing plant and, accordingly, a supplier of meat products for Perov and Popkov was urgently needed, some of which were later transported as gifts to Moscow. The meat processing plant was under the control of a gangster group, which began to receive operational data from the Internal Affairs Directorate about its ties with Pravkin. Pravkin was urgently transferred from Shilov to the post of head of the Moscow District Department of Internal Affairs in Ryazan. When the gang was detained for robbery on the roads, the data on its connections with Pravkin and the meat processing plant were removed from the case in every possible way.

The work on offsetting with the branch of the Samara auto giant in Skopin (SAAZ) was carried out personally by Ivan Perov. The offset amount is 2 million rubles. Cars for this amount were received, but disappeared.

The head of the Kasimovskiy ROVD is Yevgeny Koshelev. He worked as a senior investigative group in Shilov under Pravkin. Then Kasimov needed his own man in order to supervise the Prioksky sanatorium, where the Moscow guests meet, and the eternal vein - the gold processing plant.

The head of the Sasovskiy ROVD, after being detained at the time of receiving five tons of alcohol in the form of a bribe from the "Ruda" company, was sent to retire. No criminal case was initiated on this fact. In honor of which, apparently, five tons were honorably drunk.

In the Kadomsky district, when trying to illegally distribute alcohol from the Pitelinsky distillery and fake vodka, the son of the deputy head of the district administration Sorvacheva, who was the secretary of the RK Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the confidant of the head of the regional administration Vyacheslav Lyubimov, was detained. No criminal case was opened. This fact was covered by the media.

Two carriages of vodka from the Adelin distillery, one of which is on the left, were detained on the way to Yekaterinburg. The case was investigated by the UBEP of the Department of Internal Affairs. The general director of the distillery gave a bribe to the head of the UBEP for the termination of the case.

The UBEP officers did not remain silent. The fact of the bribe was established. The head of the UBEP was transferred to the post of the head of the Oktyabrsky OVD.

The Ryazhskoe ROVD is listed as a special item. The head is Viktor Lushnikov, a great friend of the most important policeman in the region. There is no other police department of the kind that the Ryazh militiamen allow to local residents.

In general, as far as we can judge, Viktor Lushnikov has a very peculiar staff. District police officer Vladimir Kosarev can be considered a very indicative character.

So, in the attic of a private house of this district officer, an 18-year-old guy was found hanged.

According to Kosarev himself, the young man lived in his house for some time and, for unknown reasons, committed suicide.


In what capacity?

They were not relatives. In addition, the deceased was from the Tambov region.

What kind of relationship between them could lead to such a tragic outcome?

If in this case there was a denouement with the trial or immoral publicity, then an indelible stain could lie on the ROVD and its head. This option did not suit Viktor Lushnikov, and Vladimir Kosarev was sent to Chechnya.

Away from the investigation?

KRU of the Ministry of Finance uncovered the theft of thousands of cubic meters of forest in the Sasovsky district. The former head of the district and assistant to the member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lyubimov, Voronkov, was involved in the embezzlement.

A criminal case was opened. The case was closed twice at the command of Ivan Perov. Then it was transferred to the proceedings of the district prosecutor's office. However, Ivan Perov instructed the ROVD not to take any investigative actions against him.

The administrator of the region carried out mutual settlements on alcohol with the pharmaceutical firm "Ferein". For each transaction, officials were paid 10 thousand US dollars. The money was personally received by the first deputy head of the regional administration Sergei Salnikov and the head of the secretariat of the head of the regional administration Andrei Tsekhenko.

Skopinsky merchant Mikhail Pustoin owned a convoy of 500 KAMAZ trucks in October and delivered bricks from the local silicate plant and timber from Kadom to Ivan Perov. The material was loaded into Rybnoye, and from there it was driven to the dacha of First Deputy Minister Vladimir Vasiliev, thanks to whom Ivan Perov spent an unprecedented 16 years.

Mikhail Pustoin was a co-owner of a factory for the production of car rugs, together with Vyacheslav Ivanov, nicknamed Zinger, and Mikhail Polyakov, who together, as a result of a personal conflict, shot the Frolov brothers, and witness Ilyin, after being hit on the head with an installer, was able to wake up and manage to escape.

The criminal case, at the request of Mikhail Pustotin, was covered up personally by Ivan Perov.

The house of Mikhail Pustotin was adjacent to the house of the head of the Skopin militia Vasily Nikonov. At the turn of the 2000s, as a result of a neighbor's quarrel, Vasily Nikonov's garage was blown up, and a few weeks later Vyacheslav Ivanov, nicknamed Singer, beat Vasily Nikonov in front of a large crowd of people.

There has never been such a shame on the Ryazan police.

No criminal case was opened for the public beating of the Skopinsky district police chief, and soon Vasily Nikonov was dismissed from the police by Ivan Perov at the request of Mikhail Pustoin.

This is just a small part of the data on total corruption under Ivan Perov.