The owner of many secrets and secrets, the former head of the regional militia, the great villain Ivan Perov, shot himself from an award pistol. Back in April, Ivan Perov wanted to exchange his huge Solotchinsky mansion of 600 square meters with bullet-proof blinds on the windows and 30 acres of land for a more compact house, since it was sad for a lonely old man in such a huge castle, but he changed it in August for a wooden box. publishes an investigation of the Usy Kurakina telegram channel about the biography of Ivan Perov and possible motives for his death, prepared specifically for the Cheka-OGPU.

The chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate, General Petrov, had a special relationship with the head of the regional administration Vyacheslav Lyubimov and the deputy of the Regional Duma, the head of the Klyuchansky distillery, Nikolai Kolesnik.

The enterprise, headed by Nikolai Kolesnik, has been allocated over 30 million rubles in loans over 5 years. The distillery has two modern lines of Italian production for bottling vodka.

"Klyuchanskiy distillery" gets back 20% of regional excise taxes. In addition, after the lines were installed, Nikolai Kolesnik stopped paying excise taxes on alcohol to the regional budget, and paid only on the final product - Kolesnik vodka. Which gave another 20% savings.

Not a single ruble of the loans allocated to Nikolai Kolesnik was returned to the regional budget.

To date, the enterprise practically does not pay taxes, showing in the reporting data that it is loaded with only 6% of its capacity. In fact, based on the cost of electricity and the output of stillage (distillery waste), we can conclude that the enterprise worked even at night.

The main volume of sales of the plant's products is carried out in the form of left-hand, excise-free vodka (popularly called "Mashenka"), costing no more than 20 rubles per 0.5 liter.

The sale of alcohol and vodka was covered by three police departments - Korablinsky, Pronsky and Chuchkovsky.

In the Organized Crime Control Department in the Ryazan region, there was information about the production of falsified vodka from alcohol produced at the Klyuchansky distillery, established at three points in the city of Ryazan.

In 1998, on the territory of the Klyuchansky distillery, a resident of the Moscow region was shot dead from a rifle by the son of Nikolai Kolesnik. It was announced that an armed bandit attack was allegedly committed at the cash register of the plant on the day of payment of wages, and during the resulting firefight one of the attackers was killed and the other was detained.

In the course of the investigation, it turned out that these were two visitors from the Moscow region - entrepreneurs (father and son) who were selling the left products of the plant. For the second time they came to Nikolai Kolesnik with a demand to pay the shares due to them. The money was denied to them, and then the eldest of the newcomers announced that he would take it from the cashier himself.

Nikolai Kolesnik gave the command to escort the Muscovites out of the plant. At the moment when they (unarmed) were heading towards their car, the son of Nikolai Kolesnik fired a shot. The case was filed for the alleged attack on the plant. Weapons were planted on the visitors. The case against the son of Nikolai Kolesnik was closed at the command of Ivan Perov.

In the same 1998, the son of Nikolai Kolesnik and the driver of the distillery in an official car took two underage girls to a forest belt near the village of Klyuch and raped them. The victims filed a rape complaint with the internal affairs bodies. A criminal case was opened. The examination established the fact of rape of minors, however, after the intervention of the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate Ivan Perov, the examination certificate was withdrawn.

As a result, the parents of the victims, Nikolai Kolesnik, were paid 10 thousand US dollars each, after which the girls withdrew the rape statements.

As for the fact of intercourse with persons who have not reached puberty, the defense of the accused was based on the fact that the girls, in terms of their physiological and external data, could well resemble adults. The case was dropped.

In the fall of 1998, 30 tons of "left" alcohol were detained in the Moscow region. Nikolai Kolesnik turned to the head of the Ryazan region administration Vyacheslav Lyubimov with a request for help. The head of the Internal Affairs Directorate, Major General Ivan Perov, personally arrived at the traffic police post in the Moscow region. He took the documents about the arrest of the car. This was reported to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Ivan Perov wrote an explanatory note to the minister, in which he acknowledged the seizure of documents at the request of the governor of the Ryazan region, Vyacheslav Lyubimov.

In February 1999, a consignment of illegal Kolesnik vodka was detained. The deputy head of the Ryazan Organized Crime Control Department Vladimir Tsepkov with a group of employees presented a search warrant to Nikolai Kolesnik. The deputy director took out from under his desk two packs of counterfeit excise stamps (several thousand units) and threw them on the table with the words: "I support the governor and Zyuganov, and you will not do anything to me."

The head of the administration Vyacheslav Lyubimov turned to Ivan Perov with a request for the last time to help solve the arisen samples and promised that he would not apply again.

Ivan Perov called the UBOP staff from the Klyuchansk enterprise.

The case was transferred to a "sluggish" state, and then closed. Later, Vladimir Tsepkov became Ivan Perov's eternal deputy in various structures.

In 1999, officers of the FSB and the military prosecutor's office seized a large amount of left-handed vodka on the territory of the military automobile academy. The deputies of the Regional Duma were involved in the sale of it - the head of the Klyuchansky distillery Nikolai Kolesnik and the head of the military automobile academy Anatoly Vedeneev. This fact was again widely covered by the media. At the cost of hard efforts, Ivan Perov managed to close the case.

In January 2001, on the territory of the Klyuchansky distillery, 19-year-old Ryazan resident Sergei Mishaev was beaten by the head of the plant's security and his driver. The young man died on the way to the hospital, about which Nikolai Nikolaev filmed the program "Independent Investigation" on NTV.

 The chief accountant and production manager of the Klyuchansky distillery, frightened by the scale of the criminal activities of their management: tax evasion, trade in vodka, murders on the territory of the enterprise, said that if they were detained by law enforcement officers, they would tell about everything that was going on. To this, Nikolai Kolesnik promised that in the same cell, they would die.



In the fall of 2000, the head of the Ryazan Regional Department of Internal Affairs, Ivan Perov, personally took part in the campaign for the election of the regional governor on the side of Vyacheslav Lyubimov. All the heads of the regional departments and the leadership of the Internal Affairs Directorate were gathered for a meeting, at which First Deputy Alexei Savin set tasks for the officers to conduct campaign work in favor of Vyacheslav Lyubimov. He told the audience: "Whoever pays the money, we will support him."

At the same time, the Ryazanskie vedomosti newspaper published a lot of material about the assistance provided by Vyacheslav Lyubimov to the police. The newspaper with the article was given out to all the heads of the ROVD for campaigning by local officers. Colonel Vladimir Popov, deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate for personnel, traveled to all districts of the region in order to control the conduct of campaign work in subordinate units.

Society "Dynamo" was headed by a relative of Vladimir Popov - Valery Volodyaev, who previously worked in the personnel department. All of Dynamo's facilities are unprofitable. Ivan Perov gave the Dynamo firm a monopoly on the production of license plates for motor vehicles and deprived the penal colony of work. The business brings hundreds of thousands of rubles in profit. Along the way, the left numbers were made. The created company is registered in the regional center, but premises have been allocated for it in Kasimovsky, Sasovsky, Starozhilovsky, Ryazhsky districts and in Novomichurinsk. The company obtained a license to operate in the regional center. In other settlements, the office did not pay taxes. She, under the guise of assisting with registration, was also granted monopoly rights to issue various certificates when selling or buying vehicles.

In January 2001, the head of the Ryazan Internal Affairs Directorate Ivan Perov and the head of the Ryazan Region Administration Vyacheslav Lyubimov were received by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Vladimir Rushailo, who awarded Vyacheslav Lyubimov with a personalized weapon for his merits in the fight against organized crime.

Vyacheslav Lyubimov has not yet shot himself with this pistol.

The first deputy of Ivan Perov, Colonel Alexei Savin, was also awarded a personalized weapon.


In January 2001, celebrating his 50th anniversary, Ivan Perov received gifts and congratulations not only from his subordinates and heads of administrations of all districts of the region, but also from persons of a criminal orientation.

The heads of the ROVD collectively bought television, video and audio equipment.

Mikhail Pustotin from Skopin presented Ivan Perov with a gift worth 50 thousand rubles.

Tables were laid in the hall where the ATC collegiums are held. Nikolay Kolesnik, the head of Klyuchansky distillery, presented several hundred bottles of his vodka for the festive table.

To launder money at the Ryazan Region Internal Affairs Directorate, three funds were created: the Investigation Support Fund, the Special Services Support Fund and the Employee Social Protection Fund.

At the end of 1999, in the "Social Protection of Employees" fund, there was a case of appropriation by employees of the personnel department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of 300 thousand rubles. In order to conceal it and create the appearance of the application of measures against the perpetrators, the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate moved the deputy head of the personnel department Yuri Bersenev (who managed the fund) to the position of the head of the training center of the Internal Affairs Directorate. Since the funds of the fund were formed with the participation of Vladimir Popov through abuse of office (issuing referrals for admission to educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, moving around the service, etc.), no legal assessment was given to these facts.

The funds of the funds under the Organized Crime Control Department and the SU come from criminal structures and persons involved in criminal cases. It's easy to install This was done by verifying the fund's financial documents and operational materials of the Organized Crime Control Department and criminal cases. The Foundation under the SU is headed by Valery Kudinov, a relative of Perov's wife. He set up a warehouse on 62 Mayakovsky Street, where he hid stolen goods passing through the fund and intended for police officers in service in Chechnya. The left-handed Kolesnik vodka intended for ATC was also unloaded at the warehouse.


Vladimir Popov was one of the main figures of the Internal Affairs Directorate of that time. He is the main supplier of material assets for personnel management. Everyone was afraid of him. He had support in the personnel department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All vouchers, all appointments and directions to educational institutions passed through Vladimir Popov.

The presidential representative in the city received a letter from a boy who was about to go to first grade. The boy writes that he and his mother live together very poorly. Mom is an employee of the Department of Internal Affairs. Dad does not help at all and does not recognize his son. Dad - Popov.

The letter was received on the eve of the first wave of expectations for the president's arrival in the city. The letter was forwarded to Perov. Perov's heart, hardened by corruption, contracted from naive boyish lines. He summoned Popov to his office and demanded that he retire.

The fact is that Perov had long tried to get rid of Popov, who knew too much. And now the Major General, hardened by corruption, but touched by naive boyish lines, has an opportunity.

Popov got hysterical from such a demand: "And your daughter," he screamed at the general, "drives a stolen jeep!" For violation of the chain of command, Popov received a powerful slap in the face, was knocked to the floor and almost trampled under his heels. But as a dodgy man Popov turned out and rushed into the waiting room. Perov chased after him, yelling at the officers sitting and hearing everything in the waiting room: "Get out of here!"

Popov, despite his fat, showed remarkable agility and managed to lock himself in his office. In a fever, he wrote a statement about the beating to the regional prosecutor's office. Then, however, he replayed everything. You can't lose business. Perov and Popov remained in public - a friendly police family.


In 1999, Mikhail Ivliev, the director of the Greenhouse Plant, formerly the senior investigator of the Ryazan Regional Prosecutor's Office (the brother of the influential federal official Grigory Ivliev), was murdered. In his office building from a former kindergarten, documents were kept confirming the corruption of Ivan Perov, to whom the Osokinskaya organized criminal group through his share Eduard Suslov, nicknamed Kan, paid 50 thousand dollars a month. The roof of Mikhail Ivliev was the then regional prosecutor Alexander Kizlyk, who publicly announced that it was a matter of honor to find executors and customers, but instead he himself is now behind bars in a high-profile case of bribes at customs.

The elimination of Mikhail Ivliev was very beneficial to Ivan Perov, against whom he wrote complaints.

On April 7, 1998, four armed men robbed the ticket office of the "Greenhouse Plant". They were: a student of the Moscow Military University in practice in the anti-drug department Nikolai Nikolaev, senior lieutenant operational officer of the anti-narcotics department Andrei Rostislavsky, SOBR captain Oleg Lukoshin. The sixth model "Zhiguli" was driven by Denis Voronenkov, who was killed later in Ukraine and is now famous all over the world - at that time an employee of the Ryazan military prosecutor's office.

Despite being caught red-handed, the armed robbery on April 7, 1998 was released on the brakes. An important role in this could have been played at that time by the head of the regional police, Ivan Perov. For example, Oleg Lukoshin from SOBR was transferred to the criminal investigation department of the Soviet district of Ryazan, and Denis Voronenkov safely moved to Moscow, where he calmly defended his thesis.


In May 2004, Ivan Perov was on vacation. Acting Deputy Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate Vladimir Tsepkov - in the past, Deputy Head of the Ryazan Organized Crime Control Department Alexander Makarov. The absence of Ivan Perov was used to implement operational information on the arrest of the Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, who was personally arrested by Vladimir Tsepkov and shown himself on all federal TV channels as the next and closest chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate, but this did not happen. Ivan Perov, thanks to Vladimir Vasiliev and the next broadcast on NTV of the film "Elephants", resisted again, and a year later became famous as the richest regional police chief with a salary of more than 1 million rubles a month, but already with retirement, which did not particularly provoke among the people proletarian hatred.

Under the governor of the Ryazan region, Oleg Kovalev, for the chronic bribe-taker Ivan Perov, an artificial post of Minister for Combating Corruption was invented, where Vladimir Tsepkov became a deputy.

Over the years of work in these positions, they have not exposed a single fact of budget theft.

With the appointment in 2012 of the head of the regional police, Nikolai Pilyugin, he began to specifically strangle Ivan Perov, who could not even go to Ryazan from his mansion in Solotcha, since at the traffic police post the car was constantly braked with long searches.

Under the vice-governor of the Ryazan region Igor Grekov in 2019, Ivan Perov again received the position of director for the fight against corruption in the capital repair fund, which is ridiculous in name for his lifestyle. The check by the security forces of this organization led to the death of Ivan Perov, voluntary or involuntary, outside the video cameras of his mansion, and a strange child, whom everyone called the cause of despondency, drowned in the pool in the absence of Ivan Perov with the street workers.