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Muratkhan TOKMADI, the other day unexpectedly - 13 years later! - admitted in the deliberate murder of the banker Yerzhan Tatishev, which he allegedly commissioned by the notorious Mukhtar Ablyazov, recalls the saying "The further into the forest, the more firewood."

Only in our case, wood is money. About where Murka delivers his millions, almost everything is asked from him, including investigators, former partners and, probably, relatives and friends. True, now only the first have access to it.

About how Muratkhan Tokmadi conducted business and threw his partners, we told in our newspaper's issue of October 19, and, notice, before his sensational confession in the murder. Having mastered the glass business in the country, Tokmadi, in fact, became a monopolist in the industrial glass market. Hundreds of thousands of square meters of fragile products were dispersed throughout the country. His enterprise "KazStroySteklo" supplied its products to the erected objects of the future EXPO in Astana - a new plant was specially built for this purpose in the capital.

True, Murka did not know how to conduct a civilized business, perhaps, it affected the double criminal past. For him it was an honor to throw partner suckers. So he did with the equipment suppliers for the Astana glass factory. He also deceived the personnel of his enterprises, periodically delaying their salaries. Underpaid taxes and the state, reflecting in the accounting reports the company's unprofitability and debts.

Hundreds of millions of tenge figured in the papers in the form of arrears and wandered from one to another year after year. And at the same time, billions flowed into the businessman's pocket, as evidenced by his rather idle life, enveloped in the halo of a successful entrepreneur. Naturally, the question arises: where did all this money go? This question was asked and we, trying to find at least some information about the accounts of Muratkhan Tokmadi.

According to our information, during the search in Murka's apartment, interesting documents were found in his portfolio, among which were the papers of two companies: Aglaia Holdings Limited and Sintom Group S.A. The first is registered in the Seychelles, the second - in Panama. It turns out that in October 2006 Tokmadi, through the Vetta Legal LLP, a regular consulting firm for opening offshore accounts, received the above two foreign structures.

The same consultants opened an account with Aglaia Holdings Limited in the Cyprus branch of the Russian "Promsvyazbank", and for the Sintom Group S.A. - in the Latvian Rietumu Bank. By the way, the acquisition of off-shores for our oligarchs is an inexpensive service: only a few thousand dollars - and any Cypriot or Panamanian consultants will quickly register with local residents and open accounts in any bank in the world. By the way, Promsvyazbank and Rietumu Bank have a rather ambiguous reputation in the financial world and managed to light up in large international scandals. But more on that later.

So, Muratkhan Tokmadi 11 years ago created a scheme for withdrawing large sums.

Aglaia Holdings Limited turned out to be a very interesting company. Periodically, its dollar account in "Promsvyazbank-Cyprus" fell certain amounts and was transferred to other accounts. The documents include Mr. Tokmadi, who has the right to fully manage these funds.


True, while the bank does not give anyone information about their transfers and amounts. But we got to know a very curious line about Aglaia Holdings Limited. This company is registered at: Oliaji Trade Center, Francis Rachel Street, P.O. Box 1312, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, and he, in turn, is covered in several constituent documents of eight companies from the list of offshore companies ... Mukhtar Ablyazova! The fly, as follows from publications in a number of media, actively used "Promsvyazbank-Cyprus" in the period when the money was withdrawn from BTA Bank.

It is not difficult to guess that the accounts of these eight companies (this is at least!) Were opened in the same bank. Now this credit structure, headquartered in Moscow, has serious problems: it is accused of criminal conspiracy to deliberately take over two companies that belonged to one Dutch firm. According to the investigation, Promsvyazbank financed this acquisition.

But this bank, according to information on its official website, is included in the top 3 private STB of Russia and is a universal commercial bank, whose history has been counted for 20 years already. Promsvyazbank is recognized by the Russian Central Bank as one of 10 systemically important financial institutions.

No less interesting is the history of Rietumu Bank. This fininstitut managed to light up in several scandals, and international ones. In the first case, the Paris criminal court in July of this year in the money laundering case France Offshore sentenced Rietumu bank to a fine of 80 million euros.

In the second story, the Riga Bank was used to finance military operations in the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic in Ukraine. As they write in the Western press, the details of the electronic wallet Rietumu bank were placed on the websites of the separatists. Moreover, there was a version that this bank was suspected of financing the representation of the DNR in Europe.

There is another curious coincidence. Western journalists, during their own investigation, found traces of 151 million US dollars, withdrawn from Uzbekistan by the daughter and son-in-law of the late President of this country Islam Karimov Lola Karimova and Timur Tilliaev. So, in one of the schemes the same Rietumu bank was lit. It turned out that all registered in Scotland trading partners Timur Tillyaev have accounts in the same modest Latvian bank.

It is also worth noting that one of the founders of the Riga bank is the very rich businessmen from Latvia, Leonid ESTERKIN and Arkady MUKHARENKO, whose fortunes are estimated at hundreds of millions of euros. But let's return to our glass oligarch with his "unprofitable" business.

As it turned out, there are not so many funds on the accounts of Muratkhan Tokmadi in Kazakhstan banks. And it is not yet known whether the investigation could find traces of Murka's big money, whether they succeeded in "ringing" all transactions, whether they had received information from banks with a dubious reputation. Or maybe Tokmadi was only one of Ablyazov's links to the withdrawal of 6 billion US dollars from BTA Bank? In general, the continuation follows ...

Source: Rucriminal