The head of the local prosecutor’s department Zurab Afaunov left Karachay-Cherkessia urgently. This is due to the active work in the republic of the investigative team from Moscow, engaged in the case against Raul and Rauf Arashukovs. Afaunov is one of the Arashukov’s proteges in the law enforcement bloc. Afaunov went to Moscow, trying to solve his problems in the capital and activate the intercessors.

The "clouds" above Afaunov’s head were gathering in the last weeks every day. He was very nervous about the appearance in the KCR of the operational investigative group from Moscow, which was just working on working out the Arashukov’s ties in the law enforcement bloc of the North Caucasus. It is known that security forces will not leave Cherkessk empty-handed; detentions are planned. A state of panic came near Afaunov, when journalists from one of the federal television channels turned to the prosecutor's office. They are also interested in the person of this prosecutor. As a result, Afaunov could not stand it and urgently went on sick leave. Sources say that at first he thought he would go to the UAE, where the relatives of Rauf and Raul Arashukov, who were not in custody, were staying. But then he changed his mind and urgently left for Moscow. Earlier, Afaunov repeatedly boasted among his colleagues that he had several people in the capital, including the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, who made him a reliable cover. In upcoming publications, we will talk about these people.

Afaunov is now under the tutelage of operatives in the “Arashukov case”, so his actions give them an excellent opportunity to fix informal communication of a problem prosecutor with patrons from Moscow.

Zurab Afaunov is a close relative (brother of his wife) Guzer Khashukaev, special assistant on ex-senator Rauf Arashukov. Khashukaev (currently in custody) collected the cache for the Arashukovs from gas companies, knew about all the close affairs of the influential clan. For example, about the circumstances of the murders of Rauf by the public figures Fral Shebzukhov and Aslan Zhukov. At one time, Khashukaev introduced Afaunov to the Arashukovs and he also became their assistant, only unofficial. The ex-senator and his father assisted the prosecutor in promotion, and in return he rendered services to an influential clan.

Afaunov blocked through the prosecutor’s office the complaints of the relatives of Shebzukhov and Zhukov that no one was looking for the “customer” of the murders.

When Afaunov worked in leadership positions in the prosecutor's office of Cherkessk, he provided services to Rauf for a slightly different kind. Once Arashukov Jr. “laid his eyes” on a piece of land in the area of ​​the motor-race track, which belonged to the structures of businessman Arasul Bogatyrev. On the go-ahead, Rauf Afaunov organized inspections at two Bogatyrev construction sites on Panfilov and Frunze streets. Work there was suspended. As a result, after long negotiations, Bogatyrev managed to solve the problem not with land, but with a large sum of money.

The Arashukovs positioned themselves in the republic as a kind of “mega-roof”. If businessmen and officials are under their cover, they pay a “rent”, then everything is fine with them. But if entrepreneurs and civil servants decided to do without the cover of the Arashukovs, then they immediately had problems. These problems were provided to them, among others, by Zurab Afaunov. So, the director of the FSBI "Operation Management of the Big Stavropol Canal" Muhammad-amin Salpagarov at one time refused to become a ward of the Arashukov clan. And almost instantly Afaunov, the prosecutor of Cherkessk, began to “torment” the FSBI with threatening requests on behalf of the supervisory authority. At the same time, it was explained to Salpagarov that checks would follow after the requests, etc. In general, the FSBI will not work normally. Unless, of course, Muhammad-amin begins to cooperate with Rauf Arashukov. The cooperation involved paying the senator 10 million rubles in cash. According to the source, “rules of the game” were personally explained by Zurab Afaunov, he also received the indicated amount from Murat Salpagarov - the son of the head of the FSUE.

Afaunov on the go-ahead of the Arashukovs also participated in the illegal criminal prosecution of the chief of the rear of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Karachay-Cherkessia Mukhtar Pheskhov. The latter once headed the police department of the Khabez district, which is considered the estate of the Arashukovs. Having switched to work in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mukhtar refused to serve the interests of the Arashukovs. As an indicative “flogging”, a “left” case was brought against him and sent to house arrest.

Afaunov's ebullient activity for the benefit of the Arashukov clan brought very good incomes. Afaunov owns 25% of the shopping center "Orange" (Cherkessk, Kavkazskaya St., 30), and a number of gas stations. Zurab is also currently building a luxury mansion in the center of Cherkessk (13 Tupikovy Lane), the cost of which, together with the land, exceeds 30 million rubles. The land and the unfinished building were recorded on the mother of the prosecutor.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy