Details of the life of the football "Spartak" from the time of Oleg Romantsev were provided by the Cheka-OGPU and by the well-known sports journalist, author of books about football Alexei Matveev




... Yuri Vladimirovich Zavarzin walked nicely on his fiftieth birthday. Exactly two and a half months before the initiation of a criminal case for non-payment of taxes by his then club, Spartak. At the anniversary in the respectable metropolitan restaurant "Yar", filmed on such an important occasion, the Dynamo leader was congratulated not only by his wife and two children.

Among those invited were high-ranking gentlemen, probably experienced fans. Just admirers of the criminal talent of the hero of the day, why not? Names and surnames are well known to many: Boris Gryzlov, Sergei Stepashin, the then head of the Control and Auditing Department of the Presidential Administration of Russia Yevgeny Lisov, chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Valery Aksakov, and a number of other people. There were 17 people in total.

It is unlikely that Yuri Vladimirovich is on friendly terms with all the gentlemen listed. But the people, no doubt, are needed, without their direct participation and congratulations, the evening would have clearly faded. And on the sidelines, you can discuss with them issues that are extremely important to you. For example, for friends from high political spheres to help cover up a criminal business, etc. As they say, you don't need a hundred rubles, but have influential friends.

The table in "Yar" was covered with an exquisite one. Stolichny salad with smoked chicken, sterlet medallions, rock perch fillet with Almods sauce and coconut puree. In total, 639,398 rubles were spent on the anniversary evening according to the bill for the menu. Modest and tasteful.

What is especially touching is the reliable male and even female friendship. Our heroes fled, having inherited together in Spartak, in different corners, but they continued to communicate, nevertheless. Families. Why not? Called, met.

Just a couple of months after the magnificent celebrations of the anniversary of Yuri Vladimirovich, the wives of famous near-football figures Margarita Zavarzina and Natalya Romantseva went together to improve their health in a Geneva clinic. In the official paper that came to the names of the mentioned wives from the office of the clinic, everything is painted down to the smallest detail.

That, for example, they have standard rooms at their disposal, a stay in each of them will cost only 18,300 euros for six days. Well, dear fans, I'm sorry, you can't forbid the rich to live beautifully. Not such an eye-catching luxury. Why not take a walk on the Spartak money hidden all over the world? We only live once...

It has already been mentioned that Oleg Romantsev issued a power of attorney to manage club funds to two of his assistants - the then Vice President Grigory Esaulenko and General Director Yuri Zavarzin.

So, according to conservative estimates of the tax authorities, over 15 (!) Million Spartak currency settled in various Western offshores during the reign of the criminal trio. A well-known character, dexterous, cunning Ostap Bender, is no match for figures from the football party of the “red-whites”. The scale of the personality is not the same, the money is incomparable.

Based on the documents, it is known for certain that Esaulenko had (and still has) a personal account with the Swiss Arzi Bank. Spartak currency was sent directly to this personal account for the sale of players to foreign clubs, the performance of the Moscow team in European competitions, etc.

Although the cunning Grigory denied having such an account during interrogation by investigators in the framework of a criminal case on the fact of the murder of Larisa Nechaeva.

Apparently, Esaulenko was sure that his correspondence with representatives of foreign financial institutions would never become public. He was wrong. What the operatives from the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Vladimir Region failed to “dig up” on him was done by employees of the Federal Tax Police Service. Those, in turn, handed over the documents to the journalist.

We gave the details of this correspondence in our earlier publications, there is no point in repeating. We only note that he himself and the company did not seem to see any difference between their own pockets and the club cash desk. A kind of "improvised obshchak". At first glance, it is quite legal ...

“I am working on a project with the Swiss,” Grigory Vasilievich once said in a private conversation with me. Well done. He does not care a straw.




Many years have passed since the initiation of a high-profile case against the former Spartak bosses. They began to forget about him, the course of the investigation was suspended, a lot said that it would be completely closed.

The slowness, perhaps the unwillingness of the investigation to establish the truth, coupled with possible corruption moments, became obvious. Apparently, big politics intervened, along with big "bumps".

It turned out to be more and more difficult with potential criminals from the world of football. Although there is irrefutable documentary evidence of their criminal activities. Yes, almost identical. Non-payment of taxes, again suspicion of organizing the beating of the general director of Spartak. Part of the mentioned evidence (almost all) is given. What else is required to put the villains in jail? Probably a little sports, political will. While on the horizon, neither one nor the other.

For pro forma, regular interrogations of the accused Esaulenko, witnesses Romantsev, Zavarzin, Panasenko were conducted. Only now they were interrogated not by the tax police, but by employees of the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, whose building is in Gazetny Lane in Moscow.

I learned from a source that, in addition to individual interrogations, there were so-called face-to-face confrontations. It is clear that each of the defendants denied involvement in what happened in the bowels of the "people's" team.

Romantsev claimed that he had nothing to do with it, only coached the team, practically did not deal with financial and economic affairs. Why then took on the position of president of the club? This imposed a significant responsibility for the current life of the team loved by millions of people. Or was Romantsev forced at gunpoint to become president? It's hard to believe.

In fact, Oleg Ivanovich gave club resources at the mercy of criminal types, they were just waiting for this. To seize and seize money that did not belong to them. They were earned, first of all, by football players - in the domestic arena, in prestigious international tournaments.

Romantsev's closest assistants for that period also took similar positions, their alleged non-involvement in the loss of funds. The former Spartak player Dmitry Alenichev, who had long returned from foreign clubs, was also called for interrogations. But he cannot objectively clarify the situation: his job is to play, now to train, and not to delve into the financial side of club work. In a way, right.

The employees of the Investigative Committee were somewhat surprised that the defendants in the criminal case came for interrogations without lawyers. Their presence in such cases is necessary for the defendants themselves. At the same time, the former “Spartacists” behaved imposingly, even arrogantly, thereby trying to emphasize their lack of jurisdiction. They are "above the law", there is nothing to fear. They won’t go to jail, there are influential defenders from the world of politics, in the systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB ...

The investigators, according to them, did not feel pressure. Although in the process of preliminary proceedings, four (!) supervising prosecutors were replaced. Moreover, each ended his career in this position - the leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office for some reason dismissed them.

There was a lasting impression that the security forces deliberately “dismissed” potential prisoners from answering for criminal acts. As if they were waiting for, for example, the statute of limitations under criminal article 193 (non-return of foreign exchange earnings from abroad) to expire. Also another article - 199 (non-payment of taxes), which also provides for punishment. Well, again, no one answered for the murder of Larisa Nechaeva. It’s as if we live in a country of “elite” robbers, thieves, murderers who get away with everything. In the literal and figurative sense. It turns out that in big football everything is allowed - with influential patrons. As in the case of the Spartak criminal company.

In the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, they could not interrogate Grigory Yesaulenko at one time. Virtually undetectable. Probably, there were no forces and means to catch. Maybe they didn’t really want to get a colorful personality.

For a whole year and a half, Grigory was hiding from the investigators. Either he worked as an agent of the Minsk "Dynamo", then he went - without barriers - to bask on foreign beaches. Preferred the Spanish shores. Grigory Vasilievich sometimes returned to the Russian capital. Incognito, not appearing in public. I visited elite bars, restaurants in the company of old, trusted friends. With the former Spartak manager Hadji, for example. Well, they are very friendly - until now. The adhesion is dense, apparently, to the grave. Both, Khadzhi and Esaulenko, did not hide their connections in the criminal world. Contacts with militants from organized criminal groups (nowadays it is fashionable to call communities) are well-established and strong.

Oleg Romantsev warmed up such nice guys in Spartak, as if he himself became an integral part of the "brotherhood". Sometimes “brothers” play football and cards, spend time together with fishing rods on the bank. Just tenderness cause quivering relationships.

... Although the investigation of the acts was neither shaky nor rolly, the figures of criminal games did not have to relax for some time. Oleg Ivanovich and his friends in the Investigative Committee were charged with “embezzlement and embezzlement on an especially large scale” (Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Quite a logical step on the part of the security forces. Considering that the "zealous" owners of "Spartak" almost all the club's currency was stuffed into their personal foreign accounts. Waste, theft, theft of pure water! No, it does not fit with clean water. Full-flowing muddy streams of Spartak euros and dollars rapidly flowed into the dirty foreign accounts of thieving football officials. Examples were given concrete, blatant.

Employees of the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation put up in many transport points - on highways, at airports, the so-called sent watchmen (slang for operatives) to search for and capture the fantastically elusive Grigory Yesaulenko. To finally interrogate him.

From the same traffic cops, according to a source in the committee, Grigory Vasilyevich tritely paid off when they announced during the arrest that he, Esaulenko, was on the federal wanted list. But, no matter how you run, the end is the same. The former vice-president of Spartak was detained in the VIP lounge of the Sheremetyevo-2 international airport, when he intended to once again go to the southern shores.

In handcuffs (incomprehensibly!) They brought the once elusive fugitive from justice for interrogation. Have issued a written undertaking not to leave. Since then, Grigory Vasilievich is a good boy, he called the investigator himself: is it necessary to come to testify? Just like a law-abiding citizen! One thing is not clear: the employees of the Investigative Committee did not have access to the same VIP room in order to catch the main suspect in the “Spartak case”? Or pulled rubber for a year and a half? To say the least, this is strange...

Alexey Matveev