The investigative Committee of Russia demanded to itself from KCR materials about murder of the Deputy of national Assembly of the Republic, the head of fraction "Fair Russia" Islam Krymshamkhalov. The KCR for 10 years just did not want to solve this crime, which is understandable, given the high-ranking defendants. According the organizer of the attack was local "avtoritet" Arthur Knowhow, named Thuja. The latter, in turn, was closely associated with Senator Rauf Arashukov. However, they were not customers. It is known that Krymshamkhalov conflicted with the current head of KCR Rashid Temrezov and his friend Eldar Salpagarov.

Rauf Arashukov, unlike his father, Raul, is not silent during informal communication with operatives in jail. He willingly't share information about how many and whom paid his clan. Such talkativeness of Rauf caused in certain persons in KCR a condition close to panic. And once the family Arshakovich (financial postradavshiye lately) there was a large sum of money. According it hush Senator. What is most interesting, a large tranche arashukova family coincided with how Moscow requested materials about the murder of Islam Krymshamkhalov.

Islam Krymshamkhalov was killed on January 13, 2009. On this day he drove his car to the Parking lot of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. On the Deputy was to open fire from passing by "Lada prior". Pretty quickly the investigation came to Arthur knopova (Thuja), but it all came to nothing. All operational work on the disclosure of the crime was led by Timur Betuganov – a friend of Rauf Arashukov. And Thuja have personally spoken with Rauf and was performed for him "slippery" assignments. For example, it was he who provided the killer with weapons, who shot the leader of the youth movement "Adyge-Hase" Aslan Zhukov at the signal of Arashukov. 

Arthur knohow himself was shot in 2011. According to one data, - in gangster "dismantling". On the other - because he knew too much about Arashukov.

Now Arashukov in jail and he willingly talks about others, denying his participation in the "wet" Affairs. "Customer" murder Krymshamhalov he definitely was not. So it can tell the details of the elimination of the Deputy. While Rauf does not, affects the tranche received by the family.

And with whom Krymshamkhalov had bad relations before the crime?     

At one time, Rashid Temrezov headed the regional branch of "Fair Russia", and Krymshamkhalov led the faction "SR" in the Assembly. Between them Temrezov and Krymshamkhalov, to put it mildly, did not get along. And then the leader of "SR" Sergey Mironov personally excluded from Temrezov's party, in connection with corruption scandal, participation in which Rashid Temrezov was found out in the investigation by the Deputy of the state Duma, the journalist Alexander Khinshtein. Krymshamkhalov celebrated the victory. And in the Republic said that the journalist and Mironov dirt on Temrezov could appear from Islam.

In 2009, Krymshamkhalov was to head the Administration of the then President of the KCR Boris Ebzeev. However after Krymshamkhalov's murder this place was taken by his competitor - Eldar Salpagarov. Salpagarov a close friend, a longtime mainstay Temrezov. When the latter became the head of the KCR, Salpagarov retained his post and remained there until 2018.

Therefore, it is absolutely not surprising that all 10 years the murder of Krymshamkhalov in the KCR was not investigated. Now the materials took TFR and if in Moscow will be able to grab the "thread" leading to the discovery of a murder, we can occur at least high-profile arrests than landing Areshkovich.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy