The investigation of the criminal case against the head of the Bank calving Department To the FSB of the Russian Federation Kirill Cherkalin and his predecessor Dmitry Frolov may lead to individual former and current representatives of the Bank of Russia and the interior Ministry. According to sources all of them were members of the real business Empire, which allowed its "founders" to earn billions of rubles on banks and their owners.

The scheme on which the "business Empire" worked well can be seen on the example of the Bank "Ugra" and Alexei Khotin. According to the interlocutors the owner of Boston seemed to have every angle covered. Huge sums went to the Management, headed by Viktor Voronin and in which the banking Department was headed by Kirill Cherkalin. The first was in a very good relationship with the then Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Alexei Simanovsky and Deputy Director of DIA Valery Miroshnikov. These good relations were transferred to Khotin. Cherkalin himself and through Dmitry Frolov could solve any issues with the interior Ministry. Especially the good relations they had with Andrew Metzger, which is almost 10 years working in senior positions in the Investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. "Donors" throughout this business Empire was not only "Ugra", but also dozens of banks. In return they received full cover on all lines. And if the death of the Bank was imminent, its owners were able to withdraw from the owners, to withdraw large sums. And then we could count on full loyalty on the part of the interim administration of the Bank (from the CBR) and in the course of bankruptcy proceedings (from the DIA). As well as an entertaining "game" when the DIA and the Central Bank submit to law enforcement agencies statements about minor violations, they certainly fall into the interior Ministry, and there they are "flown". According to this scheme, the business Empire worked until 2016. Then, "old men" Voronin and Simanovsky left the positions, and more pragmatic people began to steer all processes in "business Empire". They were not satisfied with the monthly deductions, they wanted to immediately and a lot. The updated business Empire was no longer working to protect banks and their owners, but rather on the complete devastation of credit institutions and their owners.

According to, an example of such activity of the "business Empire" is clearly visible on Alexei Khotin and the Bank "Ugra". Soon after the departure of Voronin and Simanovsky, "Ugra" received "strict" regulations of the Central Bank of Russia, the question of revocation of the license was raised. This was done by Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev, according to our sources, one of the participants of the "business Empire". As a result, Khotin had to "solve" a problem that did not fit into the figures of ordinary deductions.

After the first Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin and Cyril Cherkalin convinced wife to officially acknowledge possession of the "Ugra". In exchange, various benefits were promised to the Bank, including state support. But instead, the license was revoked. Moreover, the license was withdrawn from the credit institution, which no longer belongs to the denominations, but personally to Khotin. As a result, Khotin had to solve a whole bunch of fallen problems for very expensive: with the temporary administration, with competitive proceedings, not filing claims for subsidiary responsibility and, of course, not initiating a criminal case. By the way, the decision to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings stamped SU ATC CAO, who know who led? Our hero Andrei Metzger. After 10 years in the Central office of the Ministry of internal Affairs and in place of the Deputy head of the Vologda region, Metzger with a huge decrease went to the post of head of the investigation Department of internal Affairs CAO.

This place was strategically important for the "business Empire", because it was in the CAO ATC dumped materials on the "right" banks. Metzger left his post in April 2019, just when the TFR opened a case against Khotin, and he was sent under house arrest.

The work of the "business Empire" after 2016 under the new scheme brought much more income than the services of the "roof". Now it is this "business Empire" came to an end. Frolov and Cherkalin in jail. And whether there will get its other participants, including from the interior Ministry and the Central Bank, time will tell. 

To be continued

Arseny Drones