The Nikulinsky Court of Moscow held a hearing on the case against the ex-plenipotentiary of the head of Chechnya in Ukraine Ramzan Tsitsulaev. The defendants' lawyers filed a motion to return the case to the prosecutor's office, and then to the investigation, to study and collect additional evidence. The judge announced a pause in the hearings until December 10, 2020 to decide on this motion. Tsitsulaev himself intends to defend his position to the end. In many ways, the charges are based on the testimony of the "fixer" Ruslan Barkovsky, but he himself has not yet appeared in court. The source said that there is a whole detective story here. After being detained in Europe and extradited to Russia, Barkovsky expressed a desire to cooperate with the investigation and conclude a pre-trial agreement. At the same time, he immediately asked for state protection. The fact is that Barkovsky promised not only to testify against Tsitsulaev, but to tell the details of the organizer and perpetrators of the series of murders in the capital region that took place during the mafia wars led by thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lyankoransky). Barkovsky assured that he was familiar with Rovshan and knows a lot about him. As a result, he gave the appropriate testimony, the materials against Barkovsky were separated into a separate proceeding, he is now getting acquainted with them. However, there is one big "But". During the check, Berkovsky's testimony on the murders associated with Rovshan was not fully confirmed. Simply put, he made it all up. Therefore, at the stage of approving the indictment in the prosecutor's office, Berkovsky's deal with the investigation may not be approved. And most importantly, his testimony about Tsitsulaev was also now in doubt.

Рамзан Цицулаев continues to acquaint readers with the "Tsitsulaev case". Today we continue to publish a fragment on the main charge - the kidnapping of a shadow banker, also a native of Chechnya, Ali Zakriev.

“After that the accomplices, acting out of selfish motives by a group of persons by prior conspiracy under the leadership of R.A. Barkovsky and Tsitsulaeva R.L., in pursuance of a single criminal intent aimed at abducting A.A. Zakriev. and Romanova M.A., and committing extortion of property belonging to them, on an especially large scale, by looking for special means - handcuffs, armed with objects that look like pistols, in order to use them as weapons, and suppress the will of Romanov M.A. and Zakrieva A.A. to resistance, arrived at about 10 hours 20 minutes on August 19, 2014 to the house of M.A. Romanov. at the address: Moscow, st. Ramenki, 7 bldg. 2, where Olshansky V.S. and other unidentified law enforcement officers who monitored the entrance of M.A. Romanov, coordinating their actions with unidentified law enforcement officers who were aware of the search in M.A. Romanov's apartment, coordinating their actions with R.A. Barkovsky, who directed the actions at the scene of the abduction with the knowledge and approval of R.L. Tsitsulaev.

Acting according to the distribution of roles Madaev M.M., Madaev Kh.E., Tukaev R.Kh., Soltaliev M.A. by car "Cadillac Escalade" bw. С450ON77RUS under the direction of Madaev D.S., and Sagaipov A.S., Taramov Al.I. by car "Nissan Armada" b.z. K550EN750RUS under the control of Taramov A.I., located between the houses of the 7th building. 1 and 7 building 2 on the street. Ramenki in Moscow, from where they monitored the entrance of MA Romanov, waiting for instructions from RA Barkovsky. At the same time, Balaev F.N.o., Balaev T.A.o., Andreev A.Yu. by car "Volvo C60" S807UO190 RUS under the control of I.S.Samarkin, unaware of the criminal actions of the abovementioned persons, settled down near the first entrance of the house 7 building. 2 on the street Ramenki in Moscow, while T.A.o. Balaev and Andreev A.Yu. upon arrival, we got out of the car and went up to the site located next to the above house, where V.S.Olshansky was already. and other unidentified persons, while Balaev F.N.o., was in the said car, observing the environment, coordinating the actions of the accomplices in accordance with the instructions of R.A. Barkovsky. Unaware of the crime committed Tolshin E.M. and Nureyev A.N. by car "Ford Mondeo" b.z. М936РО777RUS were in front of the car of Balaev F.N.o., waiting for instructions from R.A. Barkovsky.

At about 10:30 am, 08/19/2014, having received information from an unidentified law enforcement officer about the search in M.A. Romanov's apartment. and the inability of the latter to leave his apartment, Barkovsky R.A., being in an unidentified place, acting jointly and in agreement with the rest of the accomplices, gave instructions to seize A.A. Zakriev. who drove up in a Mercedes Benz car born T999OU199RUS, under the control of the personal guard Argun Y.B., to the house at the address: Moscow, st. Ramenki, 7, korp. 2.

Руслан Барковский

After Argun Ya.B. got out of the car and moved towards the entrance where Romanov M.A., Madaev D.S., Madaev M.M., Madaev Kh.E., Soltaliev M.A., Taramov Ad.I., Sagaipov S .AND. and Taramov Al.I., at the command of R.A. Barkovsky, received by phone, ran up to Y.B. Argun, and against his will, they were forcibly placed in the salon of the car "Cadillac Escalade" bw. С450ON77RUS.

In turn, Olshansky V.S., Balaev T.A.o., Andreev A.Yu. and unidentified persons, ran up to a Mercedes-Benz, b.w. T999OU199RUS, where Olshansky V.S. and Balaev T.A.o., posing as law enforcement officers, demanded from A.A. Zakriev, without leaving the car, to move to the back seat of the car, showing the identity cards of the law enforcement officers.

In the current situation, A.A. Zakriev and Argun Ya.B. the demands of the accomplices were perceived in reality as the legitimate demands of the representatives of the authorities, since according to the assigned roles, Andreev A.Yu., Olshansky V.S., and unidentified law enforcement officers, under the described circumstances, demonstrated the service cards of police officers, in connection with which the intentionally introduced misleading, A.A. Zakriev and Argun Ya.B. fulfilled the stated requirements. After that, Madaev D.S., Madaev M.M., Soltaliev M.A., Tukaev R.Kh., Taramov Ad.I., Sagaipov A.S. and Taramov Al.I., placing Argun Ya.B. in a car of the brand "Cadillac Escalade" bw. С450ON77RUS under the direction of Madaev D.S., put a hat on the latter's face, depriving him of the opportunity to freely leave the car and see the route. At the same time, Madaev Kh.E., in accordance with the role assigned to him, got behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz car, b. T999OU199RUS, while Olshansky V.S. and Balaev T.A. about, settled next to Zakriev A.A. in the back seat of this car, handcuffed his hands and a cap on his head and eyes, thereby depriving him of the opportunity to freely leave the car and see the route. At the same time, Olshansky V.S., acting jointly and in concert with the accomplices of the crime, suppressing the will of A.A. Zakriev. to resistance, he threatened to use an object previously found for committing a crime, which outwardly resembles a pistol, used by him (V.S. Olshansky) as a weapon, putting it to the victim's body, demonstrating that in case of refusal to obey and fulfill the requirements of the accomplices, this “Weapon” will be used against him, that is, he threatened to use violence dangerous to life and health, in order to prevent attempts to resist accomplices. "



To be continued

Timofey Grishin