The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and tell the details of the case against blogger Andrey Sidoropulo, who was put on the federal wanted list.

In 2022, a criminal case was initiated against blogger Andrei Sidoropulo.

The reason is well-known and somewhat banal - he was selling online courses that helped him make quick money online. There were a lot of buyers of the courses. All because a chic PR project by Sidoropulo was implemented with the help of another well-known person. It turned out in the end that the courses were a dummy, hence, as a result of dozens of statements from the victims, the total damage was in the region of 200 million rubles, and a criminal case was initiated.

According to a source, among the actual reasons for initiating a case on a fraudulent article, there is an open position of the investigation that in fact the blogger did not provide the services that he positioned, but simply took money for aerial information, which is already in the public domain in networks. With this, it is relatively clear and the statements of a large number of victims are direct confirmation of this.

There is also a closed position today and the task of the investigation is to prove the involvement in this case of another blogger - Mikhail Litvin. After all, in fact - Sidoropulo is a project of Lytvyn. It was Lytvyn who first promoted Sidoropulo in order to launch this project, and then these courses appeared. What specifically interests the investigation the most? They are interested in the fact that Litvin actually took 50 percent of all “earned” money from Sidoropulo. In fact, this means that the money was not paid for PR and advertising, but was divided as accomplices. That is, in fact, and in half.

From the point of view of protecting Sidoropulo and Litvin, they had to develop a very interesting scheme with the involvement of the FSB in the Krasnodar Territory. As they initially believed, the scheme would work perfectly and ruin the case, removing them from the blow. In the region of his residence (Krasnodar Territory), in the same place where Sidoropulo was on recognizance not to leave, he, with the help of Litvin's connections, established contact with a person who allegedly personally knew the investigator in his criminal case in Moscow. Moreover, the scheme looks like this man himself found a way to Sidoropulo and offered him in Moscow to "solve the issue" for a certain fee. The blogger agrees, brings money to the solver. But having previously reinforced himself with support, with the help of the FSB officers of the Krasnodar Territory, he simply merges this person. The specified person is detained and a case is initiated under the article on attempted bribery. Thus, the FSB officers in the Krasnodar Territory are killing two birds with one stone - the solved crime of bribery is practically from scratch in the statistics and a direct shot at the reputation of the Moscow investigator. What they promised, they did. It is for this reason that Sidoropulo delayed and repeatedly did not appear in Moscow for interrogation in his criminal case, as he hoped in this way to first ruin the case, showing the obvious interest of the investigation. However, the Moscow investigation into the blogger's case secured itself in advance and kept this whole situation under control. As a result, at first the case was investigated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in one of the districts of Moscow. But in connection with the current situation, and also in order to strengthen the position of the investigation, the case had to be transferred upstairs - to the Main Investigative Directorate of Moscow, and Sidoropulo himself was put on the wanted list. We are following developments.

Roman Trushkin


To be continued