As sources told, on December 21, 2021, with the arrival of a new acting director at the Russian State Social University (RGSU). rector A.L. Khazin, the situation at the university deteriorated sharply.

Most of the time A.L. Khazin does not appear at the workplace, referring to the fact that he visits government agencies in order to improve the work of the university. Although, in fact, there are no positive changes in the activities of the university.

Not showing a desire to conscientiously fulfill his labor duties and bear responsibility for the fate of the university, A.L. Khazin delegated most of the powers to employees by proxy. From this it turned out that the actual management of the RSSU is carried out by the first vice-rector D.F. Aliyev, without whose consent A.L. Khazin cannot make a single managerial decision. According to the source of, D.F. Aliyev, makes decisions and conducts activities to the detriment of the university.

Андрей Хазин

Over the past six months, A.L. Khazin hired more than 26 advisers to the rector with a salary of 250 thousand rubles. Also, almost each of them has an assistant, which allows some of them not to appear at work for weeks, which is easy to verify by looking at the surveillance cameras, as well as the access control system. At the same time, their work to improve the financial and economic situation of the university and its branch network is not actually visible.

A.L. Khazin, vice-rectors and advisers to the rector are constantly on business trips, choosing business-class services for moving and living. This is displayed in the centralized accounting documentation. All this together leads to unreasonable expenses of the RSSU.

Guided by personal motives and friendly relations, A.L. Khazin hired several employees who did not meet the qualification requirements according to the Unified Qualification Handbook for Managers, Specialists and Employees (lack of experience and relevant education).

Immediately after employment at the RSSU, A.L. Khazin and D.F. Aliyev put on the balance of the university, which is also confirmed by accounting documentation, their personal vehicles, employed their drivers and all the costs associated with the maintenance of their vehicles are paid by the RSSU.

In the main administrative building at the address: Moscow, st. Wilhelm Pika, 4, building 1, 1st floor, a furniture repair workshop was opened. Despite the fact that this is contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and may result in penalties from the regulatory and supervisory authorities, A.L. Khazin did not stop this activity on the territory of the university.

The admission campaign for 2022 was under threat, as the leadership of the RSSU decided to change the classical names of the departments and create narrow-profile departments on their basis, which does not at all reflect the essence of the social university. For example, the leadership of the university opened such departments as:

 – "social sexology", on the basis of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences;

- "numismatics, bonistics and sphragistics";

– “complex of folk alternative medicine”;

– “organizations and processes of the experience industry” and others.

The above disciplines are auxiliary, and therefore the creation of departments for them, from the point of view of the quality of education and the financial block, is inappropriate. Moreover, the uncertainty of future professions and the lack of justification by the university management significantly reduce their attractiveness for applicants, which creates the prerequisites for disrupting the admission campaign, or training non-core specialists with a low level of knowledge. The teaching staff reacted negatively to this. Some of them, including several deans, have resigned and do not want to compete for vacancies. This has led to an exodus of highly skilled, experienced workers.

The university is not ready to receive and accommodate students in hostels, as hostels, as well as classrooms, are in a dilapidated state. The management of the university does not take economic measures to bring the premises into a condition that complies with the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Also, if there are own dormitories, the university management decided to conclude lease agreements with other dormitories at a price that is 5 times higher than the cost of living in the dormitory of the RSSU, which will not correspond to the information posted on the official website of the RSSU. Accommodation is planned for foreign citizens.

At the same time, in the event that a foreign student does not have money to pay for a new hostel, prerequisites for violating the migration legislation of the Russian Federation will be formed: not registering for migration, not passing a medical examination, fingerprinting, photographing, and others.

At present, the total debt of branches is ered RSSU is about 130 million rubles. A.L. Khazin and D.F. Aliyev are actively involved in the development of the RSSU branch network, including abroad, with the aim of leasing branches. The current directors of branches are planned to be fired. At the same time, there are no real proposals to stabilize the financial well-being of the old one.

The management of the university decided to create, from 01.07.2022, the Directorate of International Cooperation within the structure of the university (staff 11 people), provided that at the moment there is a Directorate of International Cooperation (staff 5 people who are not part of the structure of the Directorate), which is fully implements the functions of the university in recruiting foreign students and monitoring their compliance with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation, promotes academic exchange, handles paperwork when hiring (upon dismissal) foreign citizens and stateless persons.

The basis for the creation of a new directorate is the optimization of the staffing structure, which is not logical from the point of view of financial analytics, since at present the expansion of the staff is not financially justified (there is no increase in the number of students).

In addition, the head of the directorate is currently the acting dean of the preparatory faculty (without the appropriate education, work experience). The faculty was established in March 2022, the appointment of the dean took place in May 2022. At the moment, there are no regulations and job descriptions, curricula, programs at the faculty.

It is worth considering the fact that the head of the directorate, as well as acting. The dean heads a commercial organization that recruits international students.

 Thus, a situation has been created in which, using his official position, he actually carries out commercial activities in his personal interests, which can lead to a conflict of interest and embezzlement of RSSU funds.

There is a liquidation of the centralized dean's office, while all universities are striving to create a centralized structural unit.

At the moment, there is a massive reduction in staff due to the liquidation of certain structural units. Reductions occur, including in violation of labor laws: as a proposal to degrade a position, if there are vacancies similar to the current unreduced position; failure to provide a list of vacancies; reduction of employees of pre-retirement age.

In March 2022, in the organizational structure of the university, the Directorate for the Development and Operation of the Property Complex (Moscow) was created, which is directly subordinate to the first vice-rector D.F. Aliyev, who did not take any measures to prepare the university for the heating season, which led to the fact that today the university is not ready for the heating autumn-winter season. On July 26, 2022, by order of the RSSU, the Directorate for the Development and Operation of the Property Complex (Moscow) was transferred to the subordination of the Vice-Rector for Security, which is not part of his official duties at all.

 To be continued

Arseny Dronov