Arrested for embezzlement of RUSNANO funds, Nail Gubaev had a very low position in the Rosnan hierarchy - just an investment director, below him only analysts, above him - managing directors, senior managing directors, members of the board and Chubais. For more than ten years, he oversaw only two, but very large projects: ELVIS-NeoTech JSC and Termointekh LLC, which are now under the close attention of the security forces.

Why did the criminal case against such a completely ordinary swindler cause such a powerful response?

The Telegram channel of the Cheka of the OGPU and are trying to evaluate the labor achievements of Nail Gubaev.

Money makes money if it is properly shared - this principle, inherited from a relative of Nail's wife - R. Arashukov, Nail learned very well. The first test of it in practice showed that the scheme works very successfully.

 The Cheka of the OGPU described in detail the scheme for the purchase of "non-existent" licenses from the Sensor Design Association (SDA) in the amount of 932 million rubles. for 2011-2017

 Having received his share (about 500 million rubles), Nail thought for a long time - how to divide this money? As a result of much thought, he came up with a rule: half should be given to patrons. Nail also compiled a list of his patrons, it included member of the Board Pimkin D. (and through him Kiselev O. and Chubais A), Member of the Board Trapeznikov A. (hereinafter - again Chubais A.), lawyers, auditors and someone else on trifles.

Андрей Трапезников

The result of the distribution of money exceeded all expectations: the green light was opened for the financing of Nail's projects! Very soon, the amount of funding provided by RUSNANO to the project of ELVIS-NeoTech JSC increased from 1.0 to 2.0 billion rubles. More than 600 million funds were additionally allocated to Termointekh LLC. Needless to say, the money was again withdrawn, cashed out and distributed to the right people.


According to a source, Nail signed himself up as a mega effective manager, which guaranteed him support at the highest level. Chubais A. himself is already helping with the search for clients and formats for financing projects: the project of Termointekh LLC is presented to the head of GAZPROM PJSC, at the highest level Chubais discusses the issues of concluding and paying for contracts between JSC ELVIS-NeoTech and Lukoil. The Board easily and freely decides on the provision of additional funds to Nail's projects.

The withdrawal of a huge amount of money could not but alert the leadership of Rusnano, but the money does its job and very soon the bosses of Nail simply stopped delving into the schemes for withdrawing money. "The less you know the better you sleep". Nail became the full owner of the projects and little was required of him: regularly bring money and competently justify his requests for funding. In return, he received unlimited power in design companies with the right to dismiss and appoint any employees (from ordinary engineers to the general director), approve and coordinate any transactions, and submit any changes to projects for approval by RUSNANO management bodies.


Very soon, Rosnano's ability to finance additional projects will run out, and Nail will make great friends with Andrey Trapeznikov, who was responsible for GR and PR on the Corporation's Board. Unrealistic greed and the desire for big money united Nail and Andrey. As a result, ELVIS-NeoTech JSC gained access to subsidies from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and large government contracts.

In 2017, Nail, through the relatives of his wife, met V. Brovko, director of special projects at ROSTEKH and husband T. Kandelaki. The acquaintance was superficial and it is unlikely that Vasily Yuryevich (Brovko) himself remembered the young middle manager from RUSNANO, but Nail tried to squeeze the maximum out of the fact of his acquaintance.

Nail Gubaev and Andrey Trapeznikov, under the banner of cooperation between the two state corporations, flaunting their connections and opportunities, tried to gain access to government contracts of RUSNANO project companies. Interested in huge kickbacks, A. Trapeznikov went ahead, hiding behind the letters of A. Chubais and A. Dvorkovich, various government instructions and protocols.

Nail's problems began after Chubais, Pimkin, Kiselev and Trapeznikov left RUSNANO. Very serious problems

Олег Киселев

Nail began after the senior managing director M. Kuzyuk, who previously worked at ROSTEKH as the head of one of the holdings, joined RUSNANO.

The information was conveyed to the Director General of RUSNANO S. Kulikov and Nail was promptly fired from RUSNANO.

But Nail did not give up, he persuaded S. Kulikov to appoint himself the head of ELVIS-NeoTech JSC.

Once at JSC ELVIS-NeoTech, Nail continued his adventures, but the situation changed: the patrons left, it became simply impossible to steal on a large scale and without looking back. It would seem that Nail needed to soberly assess the situation, stop, but greed often outweighs the sense of self-preservation! Nail begins an active struggle for his right to steal and share with impunity. The effect turned out to be the opposite - long-buried schemes and closed contracts began to crawl out like mushrooms after rain. But now no one is trying to cover for Nail, and the security service is asking more and more questions.

In the summer of 2021, a scheme for theft was revealed during the supply of equipment from Lukoil (Middle East) in 2012-2014. The Cheka of the OGPU wrote in detail about this deal, as a result of which Nail received about 140 million rubles in cash. Nail falls into hysterics and tries to get protection from Chubais. But Anatoly Borisovich is not interested in Nail's problems, Asnis and Partners is given the task to assess the personal risks of the members of the Management Board.

To discuss the situation, Pimkin D. repeatedly flies to Italy, where O. Kiselev currently lives. As a result, A. Asnis receives a task: to stop a big case, leaving one episode in it - a deal with Lukoil and one accused - Nail Gubaev!

In September 2021, Nail leaves ELVIS-NeoTech JSC, a year later, in September 2022, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiates a criminal case on the facts of embezzlement of funds from ELVIS-NeoTech JSC, Nail Gubaev is detained and arrested. But has justice prevailed? We will learn this only by evaluating the full composition of the episodes and the defendants in the case.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin