An ordinary story about another organized attack on a defenseless business with the support of Igor Fedorovich Komissarov, a retired resource general of the Investigative Committee of Russia. This story began in 2013-2014, then, by the will of fate, the unknown businessman Andrey Herzen decided to "throw" his partner Dmitry Sbruev, at that time they jointly owned a company called "D and A Logistics". Andrey Herzen decided to sell his 50% share to Major General of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov, who was not much or less aides of Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin himself ... So it all began. Continuation of the story in the investigation of

Herzen met the general's brother, a lawyer known in the narrow circles of St. Petersburg, Komissarov Andrey Fedorovich. At that time, the rumor about the Komissarov brothers was already far ahead of them, practically any issues were solved, they were solved expensively, but reliably. Igor Komissarov's connections in Moscow and closeness to the head of the Investigative Committee of All Russia opened up almost limitless possibilities. Businessmen who got into the development of the Komissarov brothers could either come out with their feet or were not businessmen at all, criminal prosecution and arrests made people quickly accommodating, and the lawyer took any currency and did not disdain property. So the empire of the Komissarov brothers was built from year to year, services were offered on a turnkey basis, Herzen Andrey decided to betray his companion, with whom they were building a business, and turned to professionals in property takeover schemes.

According to a source of, in 2016, with the help of Andrey Komissarov's lawyer, he sought an accomplice in the police, it turned out to be Police Major Dmitry Budnevich. Herzen, as a co-founder of the D&A Logistics company, submits to Dmitry Budnevich a statement about a crime in the Economic Crimes Department of the Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg, which the villain Dmitry Sbruev describes and reports that Sbruev actually stole, sold the organization's vehicles in the amount of 32 without the approval of Andrey Herzen pieces and sold them. The statement was well "blurred", but only after three refusals to initiate a criminal case directly by the head of the MIA Directorate for lack of staff, while the head of the department was on leave, his deputy Shikhovtsev I.The. could not resist and opened a criminal case, especially since the deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region Ibragimov Yevgeny Igorevich actively supported this idea, being in the subject. The case was initiated under the "rubber" article 159 of the Criminal Code of Part 4 against unidentified persons and at the request of the co-founder (not the director), which is of course illegal, but since it is impossible to appeal against unidentified persons. At that time, Andrey Komissarov organized the introduction of D&A Logistics into bankruptcy proceedings with the only creditor represented by the same Andrey Herzen, who has a 50% stake in the company. In the place of the bankruptcy administrator, Yulia Andreevna Lukina was put in place, who performed nominal functions and is a pocket administrator for all bankruptcies in the style of the Komissarov brothers.

Dmitry Sbruev, was born and raised in St. Petersburg, has several higher educations, was a candidate for municipal deputies, he thought and decided that he would fight, despite the horrors that his former partner frankly and personally promised him. Herzen Andrey, without fear of anything, directly communicated all the prospects, promised to take away property, business and put Sbruev in prison using the colossal resource of Major General Igor Komissarov and the experience of lawyer Andrey Komissarov. Dmitry Sbruev turned to the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office for the protection of violated rights and immediately turned to the Moskovsky District Ministry of Internal Affairs, since he is the same 50% founder, which means he is quite worthy as Andrei Herzen in the event of a criminal case being instituted as a victim, since he is the same member of the society. In August, Sbruev was summoned to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and immediately interrogated as a suspect, given a written undertaking not to leave the place (which he did not violate). At the very first interrogation, full testimony was given, and the original approval of a major transaction on the alienation of vehicles, signed by Herzen and Sbruev with their own hands, was also provided, evidence was also presented on the agreements reached with Herzen on the division of the business of partners. Investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Shukhova Elena Vladimirovna turned out to be atypical for the profession of an investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs human, gave Dmitry Sbruev a recognizance not to leave the place and advised to keep the original of this approval of a major transaction with the signatures of Sbruev and Herzen, and put a notarized copy of it in the materials of the criminal case, which was done ... After 10 days, the recognizance not to leave was canceled by the order of the investigator, and the criminal case itself was suspended - due to the fact that there is no person to whom the charge should be brought, the criminal case lost perspective and had to lie on the shelf or go to termination. It was September 2017. Then Major General of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov had to come out of the shadows and show himself in all power and beauty.

As a source told, he wrote a report addressed to the chairman of the Investigative Committee A.I. Bastrykin, the reason for writing was an anonymous letter provided to the general by his lawyer brother. The anonymous letter said that Igor Fedorovich Komissarov was “protecting” Andrey Herzen and his brother, lawyer Andrey Fedorovich Komissarov. This was written on behalf of an accountant at Denmar-Leasing and addressed to the President of Russia. At that time, there were a number of high-profile arbitration court cases in which Denmar-Leasing was represented by lawyer Andrey Fedorovich Komissarov. On the report of the major general, Bastrykin's resolution and the stamp "personal control of the Chairman" were organized, the check was carried out at the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg, an investigator for Particularly Important Cases, a certain Zarodysh A.N., appeared and were legalized on 7 pages within this check the explanations of Andrey Komissarov's lawyer (with whom Dmitry Sbruev was not in any way familiar before these events), in his explanations the lawyer set out the arguments and events that he had not witnessed - but which were supposed to show what an immoral villain Sbruev Dmitry was. Dmitry Sbruev was summoned to the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee, pressed, interrogated and, without explaining the essence of the check, was thrown out the door. Before that, the investigator asked whether Dmitry Sbruev was charged under Article 159, part 4, which was in a criminal case in the police and was extremely surprised by the answer that it had not been presented, and that Sbruev even had his recognizance not to leave. As it turned out later, the check ended with a refusal to initiate a criminal case, it was also established that neither the lawyer Andrei Komissarov nor Dmitry Sbruev had anything to do with the anonymous letter, and Igor Fedorovich Komissarov was a crystal-clear general. But I got to know the check only years later, then it turned out that the check was personally supervised by A.I. Bastrykin.

Further, everything developed rapidly, as in a bad movie - a criminal case on the written instructions of the same Deputy Prosecutor Ibragimov was taken from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and transferred to the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee in connection with an alleged public resonance, but in fact, on the personal order of Major General Igor Komissarov to control the investigation, the protocol of the interview of the lawyer Andrey Komissarov from the materials of the check carried out according to the report of Igor Komissarov is attached to the same criminal case. Not all the material of the check is attached, but selectively, only the part that describes which Sbruev Dmitry is the villain, the explanations of Sbruev himself are not attached anywhere. Sbruev, already realizing the seriousness of the situation, appeals for protection to the plenipotentiary representative for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs A.V. Abrosimov, but at this stage it can no longer affect anything - the machine of the Investigative Committee rarely fails. Sbruev himself, on his own initiative, goes to the new investigator in the Investigative Committee where the criminal case has been transferred, to the investigator of the IC Olga Mazurova and verbally asks for permission, since the recognizance not to leave has been canceled, to go with his family from 03.11 to 08.11 to Dubai for children's holidays. Mazurova Olga verbally permits, says that there is no subscription - it makes sense to ask, however, 02.11.2017. Dmitry Sbruev's life is changing dramatically, at 6 in the morning he is taken from his house, arrested, because, according to the investigation, Dmitry Sbruev wanted to hide. At the trial, according to the measure of restraint, Judge Anton Vladimirovich Kryukov stubbornly “does not see” that there is a ticket “there and back,” Dmitry Sbruev ends up in the Kresty pre-trial detention center. Just a month later, another judge releases him, draws the attention of the investigator that there seems to be no fraud (unlawful seizure of other people's property) - the prisoner Dmitry Sbruev, he is the co-founder of the company recognized as a victim and in general the entrepreneurial staff and even civil law relations and no more - in As a result, Dmitry Sbruev falls under house arrest.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin