Source: continues to shed light on the dark spots in the biography of billionaire Nisanov. In a series of previous publications, we reported on a decision of 24 November 2007 on business N ГКПИ07-1534 issued by the judge of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Zaitsev V. Yu., who, focusing on the data of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation, examination of the Ministry of justice and other documents have recognized that Nisan is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, Russian passport he got illegally with falsified records. Very interesting developments in the future.

            It is clear that after such a decision, God Nisanov could be safely considered an illegal migrant. And, as it is necessary under the law, in relation to then still the rich man-the marketeer all necessary procedure was started. Available there are special report No. 55-33-26/1104 dated January 24, 2008 signed by the then head of the 5th Department of the Moscow Bank of the Russian Federation Alexander by Kurneshova. It was intended for all banks and their branches : "we Bring to Your attention information of Management of Federal migration service across Moscow (Ref. from 20.12.2007 № MS-9/18-8677n) that the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation of the series is declared invalid...., issued in the name of Nisanov God Semenovich, 24.04.197... year of birth. 

We ask at detection of the passport with the specified data to report in bodies of militia and to inform Management of safety and information protection of the Moscow GTU of Bank of Russia".

            It would seem. In the Russian career Nisanov can put a fat point. FMS of the Russian Federation, and after the Supreme court declared it illegal, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation brought in "black list". Further detention, a pre-trial detention center and deportation have to follow.

            However, this situation, as can be assumed, marked the beginning of a new great friendship, secured by big money. The friendship between the God Nisanov and Alexander Kurneshov. In the day when banks came above specialmenu, credit institutions received more No. 55-33-26/1106 and signed by Kurneshova. It read as follows: "the Letter of Management of Federal migration service of Russia across Moscow (ex. from 20.12.2007 № MS-9/18-8677н) the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, series 4.... registered in the name of Nisanov God Semenovich, G. 24.04.197...  R., was declared invalid. This information was brought to the attention of settlement institutions of the Moscow GTU Bank of Russia by our ex. from 15.01.2008 № 19-04-05 / 1710.

We bring to Your attention information of Management of Federal migration service of Russia across Moscow (ex. from 10.01.2008 No. MS-9/18-45N) that upon invalidation of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, series 4...., issued in the name of Nisanov God Semenovich, was appointed check. During the inspection it was found that the passport was declared wanted by mistake."


It is a mistake? And this is with the existing decision of the Supreme court, which has not been canceled? To understand the cause of the incident, we turn to the personality of Alexander Korneshov, which told quite recently. According to data of Dbopit of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, the head of GTU No. 5 of Bank of Russia Kornesh and his son Alexey were one of founders and leaders of the "cash" market.

            Here is an excerpt from the archive reference of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the activities of Korneschovs: "during the analysis of materials installed and documented mechanism used in the Commission of illegal actions. So through controlled entities in the Bank of Russia representatives from OPS acquire the credit institution is required to conduct illegal financial transactions ( the so-called "Bank limit"). In addition to credit organizations "limit" persons who are in the OPS opens accounts of hundreds of fictitious companies, several of them in offshore zones, through which operations are carried out for laundering, "encashment" and transit. The credit institution with the help of officials of MSTU Bank of Russia on forged documents introduced the so-called - "signature or signatories" (Chairman of the credit institution, chief accountant, changing the composition of the founders) of the number of persons or incompetent, or which may be recognized as fully or partially incapacitated (alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally ill, etc.). The clients of these "limit switches" interested in illegal handling of their owned funds, transmitted the details of these bogus firms, indicating where and how to transfer funds.  After receipt of non-cash funds to the accounts, they are carried out by the Bank-client system through the accounts of other target companies (operation "cleaning").  Accounts of firms can be opened in more than 50 credit institutions, which are located almost throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result, the beginning of the payment and its end point is almost impossible to find, since the money can be accumulated and pass through more than 40 accounts of "target organizations" issued for the lost passports of citizens. As a result, the credit institution itself actually acts as a legal shell for illegal operations. In addition to the" target companies " between the controlled credit institution and a number of banks open correspondent accounts. Depending on the volume of the expected amount of money the correspondent accounts can be opened in more than 50 credit institutions in the territory of the Russian Federation 10 foreign credit institutions. But the main ones in the scheme are the so-called "donor" banks, from where cash currency and rubles are bought. Also for the purchase of cash rubles are actively used gas stations, MARKETS and terminals for payment of communication services.

           Practically in this "business" there is no downtime, as over the years all OPS are well integrated with each other. Also they by agreement appoint the General rate of illegal profit on "cashing in"and transit for each operational day".

   not randomly allocated to the help of the word markets. Their" king " was is the God Nisanov. According to investigators, just since 2008, when Korneshov on unclear grounds removed the name of the billionaire from the "black list" of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the markets are controlled by Nisanov, and which has treated billions of roubles in cash, were the big "donors" OPS of absalikov.

            These data were recently confirmed and the auditors of the CBR.In September 2018, the Director of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Bank of Russia Yuri Polupanov said the following: banks in the last two years have ceased to actively engage in illegal cashing of money. According to him, retail shadow trade has become the main channel for illegal circulation of cash outside the banking sector. In Moscow, the largest operators of cash circulation — TC "Moscow" (Lublin), TC "Gardener" (in the South-East of the capital, near MKAD) and "Food city" (Kaluga highway, New Moscow), said Yuri Polupanov. "We have accumulated quite a large amount of information on the activities of this sphere, it is time to send it all to law enforcement agencies, which we will safely do," the representative of the Central Bank of Russia said.

            All named by Polupanova market controlled by Nisanov. That is, the Central Bank directly accused God Nisanov in cashing and legalization of huge sums.

            About how to work with cash in business on the markets Nisanov will tell soon.


To be continued

Yuri Turns