A new "Kushchevka" has appeared on the map of Russia. It is called the city of Otradny and is located in the Samara region. There, the terror of the population is not caused by gangsters, but by police officers. According to sources of, a group of law enforcement officers cover the drug trade, oil tie-ins and other dark affairs. And now murders are already creeping out. However, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs closed their eyes with their hands and stubbornly refuses to notice the situation. Apparently, it is necessary for a special group from the FSB and the TFR to come to Otradnoye.

For example, an unenviable fate awaited the "authority" of Konstantin Sinjaradze. In 2018, after another release, he returned home to the village of Timashevo near Otradny and began to take tough preventive measures against drug trafficking in his settlement. But suddenly "Kostya-Gruzin" mysteriously disappeared. Only 2 years later, the remains of Sinjaradze were found in the old building of the precast concrete plant.

 For a long time the investigation stalled in place. However, investigators recently reopened their investigation into the mysterious death of a man. The alleged persons involved in the incident were several police officers, including the Popovs, Shishkanovs, Zatsepin and his current subordinate, operational duty officer Ivan Verkhovtsev.

 In connection with the Kostya-Gruzin case, the exhumation of the remains of his body was organized, from which the experts removed a stuck bullet. On the day of Sergei Shishkanov's dismissal, investigators searched his home and seized a pistol. Now the weapon is under examination. According to a source, Zatsepin himself may be behind the organization of the reprisal against Sinjaradze. Before the murder, the principal rival was first warned by repeated arrests and beatings. The murder of "Kostya-Gruzina" became a demonstrative execution for other residents of the city.

The large city-forming enterprise of the city of Otradny AO Tarkett did not stand aside, among whose employees drugs were distributed in an organized manner. The plant's management accused Andrey Lazutin (known by the nickname Tropic) of disorganizing the plant by playing off its workers with synthetic drugs. Sergei Zatsepin himself came to resolve the incident and with the words "This is my man." The case fell apart, no verification was carried out.

It is curious that before working in the Otradnoye police, the Shishkanov brothers did not serve in law enforcement at all. In contrast, the Popov brothers previously served in the police, but in other areas, and went to work in Otradny under the patronage of Zatsepin.

Roman Popov, head of the local criminal investigation department, shared his rich experience in organizing affairs on the ground, transferring to the police in the neighboring town of Pokhvistnevo (in terms of population similar to Otradnoye), who already has a significant award behind him - the departmental medal For Valor in Service. The law enforcement officer earned high recognition of his work, including on the indicators of the resolution of criminal cases related to drug trafficking. But few people know how these indicators are achieved. By recruiting new hucksters into his network, Popov gives them the opportunity to feel unpunished. According to a source, Popov has already begun to look for employees to "develop" the area at his new place of work. Thus, this infection creeps into neighboring regions.

With an average salary of 40 thousand rubles, former and current police officers live in grand style. Some do not even hesitate to demonstrate their level of wealth on social networks. So, for example, Shishkanov and Lazutin recently visited Vietnam, Repyov - in Thailand, and their wives - in Dubai. If Lazutin and Repyev can somehow justify the origin of large funds by a semi-legal store, then the security forces can hardly. Enterprising drug dealers are trying only to formally get rid of their surplus income. For example, the Popov brothers register their assets with their elderly parents, the Shishkanov brothers with their mother Nadezhda, who owns a small grocery store in Novaya Pokrovka. But even if we compare the total cost of all apartments, houses and cars with the incomes of all relatives, the discrepancy will be too obvious. Also, funds were found on Zatsepin's accounts, many times exceeding his official income.

Следственные действия

As the saying goes, "the further into the forest, the more firewood." Residents of the cities of Otradny and Pokhvistnevo very much hope that the public resonance and attention of the internal security services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB will bear fruit and it will no longer be possible to smear their own and hush up the case "the old fashioned way."

Timofey Zabiyakin

To be continued