In just six months, the owner of the Boxing Progress Center ANO, Umar Kremlev (Lutfulloev), acquired billions of rubles worth of property in Serpukhov, and all these acquisitions were accompanied by scandals.

As told earlier, in the summer of 2021, the Boxing Progress Center received, free of charge and without bidding, first the municipal hotel Ikar (cost about 70 million rubles), and then, also without bidding, two large tourist complexes Park Drakino "and" Island "Drakino" (about 1.5 billion rubles).

The formal pretext for such state generosity was the intention of the President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Kremlev to conduct social work at these facilities.


It began in a peculiar way - the previous tenants of the tourist complexes accused the Kremlin's "boxers" of stealing property and equipment for almost 60 million rubles.

Now this case has reached the Prosecutor General's Office, where the legality of the allocation of state property to the Kremlin is being checked.


It has already been established that two weeks after the Kremlin received the tourist complexes “for non-commercial activities”, they were subleased to close businessmen.


Those, in turn, began to extract profit from the "social facility" and even issued a license for the sale of alcohol in the complex, which, it seems, was supposed to turn into a "temple of sports."


According to the source of, the recent arrest of the head of the Federal Property Management Agency near Moscow, Nikolai Peshkov, who signed documents on the allocation of state property to the Boxing Progress Center, could have become a consequence of the ongoing check.


Be that as it may, the assets of Umar Kremlevao continue to grow.

In January 2022, Olimp LLC, attributed to his entourage, received the Kalinovskaya Baza shopping complex from the state.


Traders from the nearby fair report that some "good fellows" have already come to them and demanded to pay money, while measuring the area occupied by entrepreneurs. Those who refuse are blocked from entering the fair, which does not belong to the Kalinovskaya Base at all.


Complaints are also received from entrepreneurs doing business near the fair in the village of Kalinovo. They report cases when "teams" do not allow them to work normally, make incomprehensible demands, ask for various kinds of documents, threatening that they will "sort it out".


It seems that in recent weeks Serpukhov has begun to actively return to the 90s. The “brigades” are making claims to third parties not related to the Shestun case (under which Drakino, Kalinovskaya Base and Bravo stores were seized). In particular, it is known that they recently visited two car washes located in Kalinovo and Pogranichny, where they began to establish their own rules, demanding documents from entrepreneurs - the basis for being at these facilities.

Continuing to develop success in the field of trade, Olimp decided to acquire the well-known Bravo chain of stores in Serpukhov.


These stores, owned by the state, were put up for auction in December 2021 by the head of the regional Federal Property Management Agency (he did not have time to sum up the results due to his arrest).


Auctions were held on a little-known Moscow trading floor. Due to the high cost of rent, they did not cause a stir - only Olimp LLC participated. The auction was declared invalid, but the object was nevertheless transferred to Olympus.

By law, the rights of the winner arise no earlier than 10 days after the publication of the results of the auction. In the case of Bravo stores, such publications took place on January 24 and 27, i.e. the document on the rights to the shops could not appear at the "Olymp" earlier than in 10 days.


However, the very next day after the publication of the results of the auctions, a “team” of sporty-looking men showed up in the stores and expelled all the staff from there, sealing the warehouses and posting their guards.


As a result, they not only seized stores for which they still do not have rights, but also the inventory of previous tenants (several entrepreneurs) worth more than 50 million rubles.


Some of these goods belong to third parties, and some have already been ordered and paid for by buyers.


In this situation, local law enforcement agencies took a strange position - despite the statements of entrepreneurs about the theft of goods, no one came to the Bravo store on call.


One gets the impression that the "brigades" began to replace in Serpukhov both law enforcement officers with security forces, and fiscal officials, and the authorities in general.


Faced with the threat of complete ruin and dozens of lawsuits from creditors and prepaid buyers, entrepreneurs were left without any protection from law enforcement agencies.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov