Source: continues to publish an investigation about the ex-president of Rosenergomash, the head of Legacy Capital, Vladimir Palikhat. In the last article, we began to talk about the raider seizure of JSC NIIEMI, because of which Palihata was almost behind bars. The new publication will continue this story, as well as inform readers about dozens of other enterprises captured by Palihata.

It took the investigators almost two years to unravel the complicated tangle, which led to the seizure of NIIEMI, step by step. The executors of this raider seizure were detained and interrogated. Those whose signatures were under numerous documents. It was even possible to arrest the actions of the Institute, which the fraudsters, in order to confuse the traces, resold themselves an infinite number of times.

In the spring of 2007, the case was sent to the court, which sentenced all those involved in the seizure to long prison terms. Unfortunately, the organizers of this scheme remained at large. In particular, Nesterenko, who worked for Vladimir Palihata for a long time as a security guard, fled abroad and the case against him was allocated in a separate proceeding, and the evidence of the involvement of the President of the “Sphere” Palikhata in this crime was insufficient. Although, according to sources from, all the witnesses and victims unanimously told that he was behind all this.

Despite the conviction of the court, Sergei Reznichenko did not manage to return the property of the Institute. The fact is that they condemned the executors of the seizure of the buildings of the research institutes, and the shares remained with the scammers. Who owns the shares, he controls the company, and the entire property is recorded on the company. At a rough estimate, the commercial value of the seized property at that time was approximately $ 40 million. Not a bad hit, is it? already wrote that when signing the "fatal" documents for Sergei Reznichenko, Vyacheslav Bushuev, an employee of the Sphere company, was present. And Vladimir Palihata was the president of this company. In fact, as investigators found out, such a firm did not exist in nature. It seems that everything was a chic office in the Smolensk Passage in the very center of the capital, and dozens of employees, including a large staff of lawyers and lawyers working for the company and beautiful business cards, but there is no mention of Sphere in the databases. During the searches in the central office, none of the staff members concealed from the operational-investigative group that the heading “President -“ V.M. ”” in the discovered list of employees should imply Palikhat Vladimir Mironovich.

Interrogate Vladimir Palihatu himself in 2005 failed. Officially, he went abroad, and according to sources from, he simply disappeared. All the victims told about his involvement in many raider seizures, but the performers continued to remain silent, even when the court sentenced them to a decent time.

For several years since the beginning of the 2000s, the non-existent "Sphere" has been associated with a series of "unfriendly swallows." The list is really amazing, in addition to Palihaty’s involvement in the above-described seizure of NIIEMI OJSC, these are legal battles around the Moscow Department Store, Giprokhim OJSC, Svyaz Central Design Bureau (Design Bureau), Metallist OJSC, MAKTS CJSC at Dmitrovsky highway. In Ulyanovsk, Kontaktor OJSC fell under the attack of the lawyers of the Sphere, Terminal OJSC and another Infiko joint-stock company in Moscow were attacked in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg in 2005, in parallel with the investigation into the case of NIIEMI OJSC, a criminal case was opened into a raider seizure of Terminal OJSC. Nikolay Nesterenko, who is on the international wanted list, was the main suspect in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. Both cases have already been merged, and in the summer of 2009, Nesterenko was detained with a fake passport in Belarus and extradited to Russia. At the same time from the investigative committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the UPC pass the materials on the seizure of the Moscow Joint-Stock Company Infiko. And again in the received materials the handwriting of Nesterenko, Palikhata and the ghostly "Sphere" was seen.


To be continued


Timofey Grishin