The beneficiary and a kind of organizer of Krasnodar's garbage problems, Oleg Makarevich, a well-known oligarch in the region, whose controlled companies are already receiving billions of budget money, is apparently preparing to open the faucet to the fullest.

Krasnodar is on the verge of significant injections from the federal budget into the municipal economy, the reconstruction of sewage systems, and the modernization of public transport. And the businessman, who is already called the “night governor” in the press, does not seem averse to participating in the development of these funds. Details - at

The mechanism worked out in the waste reform and the funeral business is ready for implementation in other areas. There is also a person of his own, endowed with sufficient power to lobby for interests.

Олег Макаревич

The fact that the budgetary financial trickle is the most reliable, Makarevich understood a long time ago. Back in 2007, JSC "Garbage Collection Campaign" appeared in Krasnodar, where the interests and property of the mayor's office of Krasnodar and Oleg Makarevich intertwined.

The company replaced the municipal special vehicle fleet, at the time of which, by the way, the issue of illegal dumps in Krasnodar was not raised. The growing city demanded new approaches to recycling, and instead received new "garbage" businessmen.

First of all, the created joint-stock company canceled coupons for garbage, which marked the beginning of the problem of "black garbage collectors". Previously, waste carriers purchased coupons from the special vehicle fleet and, in accordance with them, took out the garbage to the landfill.

However, the monopolist that entered the market closed the way for private carriers to the city dump. After the innovations, it was possible to take out garbage there only under an agreement with the Garbage Collection Company, which became an almost impossible mission to conclude. Entrepreneurs who previously worked in this area involuntarily became "black scavengers", the forest belts were filled with waste, and for the garbage company, the elimination of spontaneous dumps became an additional source of income.

Makarevich is an entrepreneur who built a business in the turbulent 90s. Some even call him a "mafia" and talk about the dubious privatization of the leading Krasnodar hotels and criminal cases involving him. Apparently, since then, he realized that in order to protect the financial stream from the budget, it is important to plant a well-fed, but better grown official near him.

And such a person appeared. In 2010, 22-year-old Maxim Onishchenko came to work in the administration of Krasnodar. The future official, according to informed sources, got to the mayor's office straight from a commercial company that collaborated with Oleg Makarevich.

They introduced their man into the necessary department of the municipal economy and the fuel and energy complex. Further, the young talent grew up the career ladder and in 2018 he was already a deputy head.

All this time, the right of the Waste Cleaning Company JSC to a monopoly on the garbage business remained unshakable, no matter how the townspeople asked to return the practice with coupons. According to residents, their appeals to the department where Maxim Onishchenko works ended in nothing.

True, in 2018 Maxim Onishchenko suddenly left the administration and went to work in a commercial structure. Perhaps the decision to leave the municipal service was connected with the investigation of a criminal case on the theft of more than 320 million budget rubles by the leaders of JSC Garbage Collection Company. According to the Argumenty Nedeli portal, in 2017, the investigation had suspicions of overcharging tariffs and doubts about the validity of the signed certificates of acceptance of work performed. However, then the case, having fallen apart, in the end did not reach the court, and Maxim Onishchenko, as the passions subsided, became the development director of JSC Garbage Cleaning Campaign.

It should be noted that the personal well-being of Maxim Onishchenko during the period when he was no longer required to declare income, just increased exponentially. If in 2017 he owned only ¼ apartments with an area of 66 sq. meters, then in 2021 - eight properties with a total area of 771 sq. meter. And Maksim Onishchenko no longer lives in Khrushchev, but in a mansion with an area of more than 300 square meters. So it turns out that the budget of Krasnodar has decreased, and the property of Maxim Onishchenko has arrived.

Having failed then to stay in power structures, the former official at that time and his patron decided to enter through another door. In 2020, Maxim Onishchenko became a deputy of the Krasnodar City Duma and, wow, what luck - deputy chairman of its committee on housing and communal services, fuel and energy complex and environmental protection. The fact that the people's choice was at the same time the top manager of the company, which will receive billions from the budget just in this direction, did not bother anyone.

And it might be worth thinking about. As well as about whether Maxim Onishchenko represents the people's interests. Running for the Duma, he promised the residents of Kopanskoye, where the landfill of JSC Garbage Cleaning Company is located, to solve problems with the constant stink from waste in that area. To all the stories about the threat to the environment and health problems in connection with this, Maxim Onishchenko nodded sympathetically and promised to correct the situation. But the stench is still there, and its source - the city dump, will soon become even more. By the end of 2022, land was allocated for its expansion, and Waste Cleaning Campaign JSC signed an investment agreement worth 1.2 billion rubles with the regional Ministry of Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing and Public Utilities. Calls from local residents dissatisfied with this situation, who cut off the direct line of the governor, were not taken into account. Well, even if there are billions at stake.

By the way, in the Duma Maxim Onishchenko lobbied not only for trash interests. In 2020, the deputies suddenly asked themselves the question of building a crematorium in Krasnodar. And, perhaps, not without reason, the funeral business is another area of ​​Oleg Makarevich's activity. It was his company Memorial-South LLC that announced its intention to open a crematorium in the regional center. And, in order to prevent others from appearing, they decided to implement the project within the framework of a public-private partnership, the City Duma even initiated amendments to the regional law that would allow land to be provided for the project without bidding.

Maxim Onishchenko never served his deputy term until the end. With the change of power in Krasnodar, broader prospects opened up for him - in November 2022, the new mayor of the city, Yevgeny Naumov, took the lobbyist Oleg Makarevich to the position of his deputy. As vice-mayor, Maksim Onishchenko oversees all the same areas - the municipal economy and the fuel and energy complex.

So Oleg Makarevich, not without the assistance of Krasnodar Mayor Yevgeny Naumov, played a brilliant game and brought his pawn to the extreme horizontal of the chessboard, where it became a queen.

And the latter has already managed to "thank" the former de jure, but not de facto leader - the amount of the existing two-billion-dollar contract between the Garbage Company and the municipality has grown by another 200 million rubles.

It can be assumed that Maxim Onishchenko will not be limited to one such gratitude. After all, Krasnodar has large-scale projects in the field of urban economy, we are talking about tens of billions of rubles of federal money, which, apparently, is just so interesting to Oleg Makarevich. His pawn, already in the new role of the queen, is preparing for the next move. Apparently, Mayor Yevgeny Naumov, who took Maxim Onishchenko under his wing, has already received consent to this.

However, whether the federals will want to direct such significant amounts directly into the hands of the “shadow governor of Kuban” is a big question. And will questions arise for the head of the Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, in the event of another scandal around the projects of Oleg Makarevich and his protégé?

Roman Trushkin

To be continued