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St. Petersburg will soon overtake Moscow in the number of financial fraud and corruption theft. Capital crooks are gradually moving to the city on the Neva, where you can still grab fatty pieces. In November 2016, Marat Hovhannisyan, who was the vice-governor of St. Petersburg for construction, was detained. He oversaw the construction of the stadium on the Krestovsky Island, and is now suspected of embezzling 50 million rubles in concluding a contract for the supply of a super-expensive stadium display. Previously, the media openly warned - a man from the criminal circles of Moscow, a "mistress" and a huckster who earns money at large construction sites came to the Smolny. As an example, journalists cited the history of the "development" of the federal budget during the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater and the Mariinsky Theater: the cost of facilities during construction doubled - in the Bolshoi Theater to 34.4 billion rubles and in the Mariinsky Theater to 19.1 billion rubles.

It is known that, having got a job as vice-governor in St. Petersburg, Hovhannisyan immediately pulled up "his" businessmen from Moscow and the neighborhoods, who are familiar with criminal connections. One of them turned out to be a smart developer Andrey Birzhin, whom by the time the governor Andrei Vorobyov almost drove out of the Moscow region. Oganesyan was familiar with Birzhin through one of the well-known "thieves in law" - Eduard Asatryan (he is also "Edik of Tbilisi", he is also "Sturgeon"). All three in different degrees participated in the division of the Moscow real estate market and housing and communal services. After the new governor of the Vorobyov region began to restore order and eliminate fraudulent schemes in the Moscow region's housing and communal services, Birzhin wisely left the region and moved his main activities to St. Petersburg. That is, he began to apply the same schemes of embezzlement of budget money and co-investors' money, but already in the northern capital. So the company "Glorax Development" appeared, which acquired land for building on the Peterhof highway and immediately received all the approvals, technical conditions and building permits.


 Nugget from Khotkovo


Many victims of the actions of Andrei Birzhin talk about his "extraordinary" abilities to fascinate (deceive) people. Someone ascribes to him the knowledge of the secrets of NLP, someone speaks of hypnotic influence. But most likely, this is the usual charm of the swindler and sober calculation. Also, Birzhin was able to deftly pretend to be a "deeply religious" person. It was pseudo-religiosity that helped him enter into the trust of the owners of the company "Merlion" and "Rost-Bank" Vladislav Mangutov, Alexei Abramov and Oleg Karchev. 28-year-old guy from the Moscow region Khotkovo creates a construction company "Tecta", and a little later, in 2010, urges the shareholders of "Merlion" and "Rost-Bank" to invest in his company in exchange for a share. "Tekta" began rapid growth due to investments of businessmen and loans of the "Rost-Bank" controlled by them. But it soon became clear that the active construction business brings a very small profit. Half of the projects brought losses. In 2012, the shareholders of Merlion demanded an independent audit of the company. The audit found that the cost of building "Tekty" significantly exceeds the average market indicators. In addition, significant funds were cashed and accounted for in the accounting statements as "unforeseen" expenses for purchasing development plots, "difficult" approvals and building relationships with the authorities. That is, huge sums allegedly went to bribes. For 2010-2012. Such "unforeseen" expenses have accumulated almost $ 20 million.

Obviously, anticipating the early separation from "colleagues", Birzhin took another $ 15 million from shareholders for personal needs. In 2013, when all the machinations of the young nugget were revealed, the owners of Merlion simply threw Birzhin out of the company: his share in Tekta was transferred to the owners of Merlion in repayment of personal debts. For gaining full control over Tekta, deceived shareholders also promised not to institute criminal proceedings against Birzhin on fraud. What is called, the young swindler "stripped to the cowards". He was not even able to help the famous "authority" Gabriel Yushvaev (Garik-Makhachkala), who helped Birzhin to buy land and "solve" complex issues.


 It will be necessary to retrain to the management boards


After the expulsion from "Tekty", the fraudulent vocation of Andrei Birzhin was realized in the field of the Moscow region housing and communal services. Having accumulated criminal ties with regional officials, Birzhin decided to tackle the "hilling" of the municipal infrastructure of several districts of the region. The rapidly registered company with the space name "ISS" started with "space" speed to win contests for renting water utilities and heating systems in Sergiev Posad and Balashikha, local Avtodor in Balashikha and the municipal management company in Odintsovo. An unknown company, MKS, has received huge cash flows from the municipal economy. According to some reports, the amount of thefts from the pockets of the region's residents and the state budget reached several billion rubles.

Successful "business" prevented in 2013, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov. Quickly figuring out the situation in the regional housing and utilities and separately with the business of the company "ISS", Vorobyov ordered to terminate the lease agreements with the company Birzhin and return the communal property of the regional administration. ISS company went bankrupt and disappeared. They say that Vorobyov promised that if he saw businessman Birzhin again on the territory of the Moscow region, he would put him in the bullpen. Failed manager, he packed his suitcases and hurriedly left for St. Petersburg, where the "old acquaintance" Marat Hovhannisyan was already in full swing.


Houses built on sand


After receiving a kick in the suburbs, Andrei Birzhin moved his business activity to St. Petersburg. And again, the "pseudo-religiosity" of the Nakovski nugget worked: he was acquainted with the governor of Poltavchenko on the trusteeship of the Sergiev Posad monastery, near which is the town of Khotkovo. In the autumn of 2014 Birzhin decided to restore relations with the newly elected governor and try again to deal with the usual fraud in the field of development. In addition, he was patronized by Marat Hovhannisyan, in those days - vice-governor and curator of the construction sector of St. Petersburg.

The company "Glorax Development", after its successful construction on the Peterhof highway, "quickly" "got" tidbits that the city took away from another developer who could not cope with the construction because of the crisis. The subordinate organization of the Committee for the Construction of St. Petersburg, where Demidenko was the head, was selected by the earth, and the head of Demidenko was "an old acquaintance" Oganesyan. According to rumors, Demidenko received a German car worth 10 million rubles as a present from Birzhin for making "correct" decisions. It is characteristic that after the transfer of land for the development of the company "Glorax Development" city officials very quickly allowed an increase in the area of ​​housing construction in these areas.

Further scandals began with the ground, which was being washed into the construction sites from the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Many designers considered that it should be upheld - to consolidate for several years. But the "Glorax Development" could not wait so long and started construction immediately. Moreover, when officials from Smolny acknowledged that the new sites have complex hydro-geological conditions and engineering-geological characteristics, they allowed the company "NTVO", the main owner of which is the developer "Glorax", to build on reclamation not commercial buildings, but residential. At the same time they were allowed to increase the number of storeys on a plot of 15 hectares, arguing that the company will have to spend on pre-consolidation - compaction of soil and pumping out water. This will increase costs, and the construction of high-rise housing will help these investments recoup. Here, the logic of the St. Petersburg officials in favor of Andrei Birzhin. The future of these houses, built "on the sand" is unknown to nobody.


It's time to tear claws


Realizing that after the resignation and landing of Oganesyan Governor Poltavchenko will not allow long to arrange fraud in St. Petersburg, Birzhin began to prepare for the withdrawal of assets from the "Glorax Development". In 2016, he decided to part with the top management of "Glorax Development" and put the faithful people from "Tecta" at the head of the company. According to local sources, the reason for this step was the following: "Glorax Development" began construction of three facilities, sales went well, and it's time to "throw" depositors. Interest holders became worried when they found that a number of construction projects were frozen, after the active sale of apartments, and immediately began to suspect Birzhin in the withdrawal of their money abroad. Panic added information that the nominal director of LLC "Glorax Group" (which includes "Glorax Development"), living in the Moscow region of Khotkovo some A. Andrianov, is actively interested in real estate in Croatia. In 2016, in the Croatian Croatian city of Split, he registered in his name the company Viridis Umbra doo, which deals with the purchase, sale and management of real estate. According to local media, in June of this year representatives of Viridis Umbra visited the city on several occasions to meet with local realtors. At the same time, representatives of Viridis Umbra were interested in the question of the possibility of carrying out part of the payment in Switzerland or Cyprus.

Since May 2016, the rate of construction on most of the facilities of the "Glorax" fell, because the interest holders have real fears that money from sales is deducted and spent on the personal needs of Birzhin. It is known that in Switzerland, Birzhin has a Glorax Racing SA company registered in Lugano, whose president is himself. This company owns the team Glorax Racing, performing under the flag of Switzerland on Ferrari cars. Andrei Birzhin never concealed his love for a luxurious life, showing off chic cars and traveling around the world. Perhaps soon we will witness another "journey" with the money of depositors in a suitcase or, conversely, traveling in a prison bus station in Kresty.

Source: Rucriminal