The investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation stopped the criminal case against Anton Zingarevich, a former shareholder of the English football club "reading" and the owner of the existing until 2017 GC "energostroyinvest-holding" (ESIH). Anton is the son and nephew of twins, owners of "Plaza Lotus group" Boris and Mikhail Zingarevich. RBC reported the case closed. RBC somewhat ahead, namely this information and had to end the investigation, which began to publish our resource. But at the same time learn how opinion is totally unfounded closed a big case. Nothing to do with the legitimacy of these actions, the Board of Directors of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation no. More than that. investigators should not stop the case, and a little "dokrutit" it and it would lead them to Boris Zingarevich. But we'll talk about it later. In the meantime, we continue to publish evidence of the interior Ministry on the guilt of Anton Zingarevich, who suddenly found not convincing.  Anton himself, while his father and uncle were busy closing the case, was holed up in the US and London. To return to Russia, he is in no hurry. The decision to close the case to cancel the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation or the Prosecutor General. That would be the best option for the Russian law enforcement system to save face.       

"This criminal activity of the organized group under the leadership of A. Zingarevich on the first crime under article 159-1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, was expressed in the following: Anton Borisov, not later than 03.12.2013, out of selfish motives, together with Shishkin and unidentified accomplices, acting according to the developed Zingarevich the plan, decided to steal cash, CJSC "GLOBEXBANK", and subsequently reorganized into a Joint-stock company commercial Bank "GLOBEX" (JSC "GLOBEXBANK"), by providing to the named Bank falsified information on the purposes of the credit under his control of "NICK", the sources of repayment of credit obligations and conceal the true intentions of the use of borrowed funds not for the purpose of lending, and at its sole discretion - for repayment of loan obligations of the LLC "IC Energo" OJSC "Bank Saint Petersburg" under the credit agreement № 7700-11-00049 on 30.09.2011 year, not intending in the future to return to the JSC "GLOBEXBANK" borrowed funds.

Under the guidance of Zingarevich A. B., Shishkin K. A., using his position of General Director of JSC "the écija" and the sole Executive body of NIK, OOO according to allotted the role of a criminal, tasked unidentified consequence partners to make a request for the provision of NIK, OOO loan containing false and inaccurate information regarding the purpose of borrowing of funds and the sources of repayment of the obligations to CJSC "GLOBEXBANK". Unidentified partners have made an application for the provision of CJSC "Globeksbank" loan in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles, containing deliberately false and inaccurate information about the purpose of the loan and the sources of repayment of obligations, which have been provided by the signature Shishkin," the materials of the case, which are at the disposal Of ahhh!

"After that, K. Shishkin signed a loan application from 03.12.2013 for a loan to LLC" NICK "in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles, which is not later than 19.12.2013 years provided to the branch of JSC" GLOBEXBANK", located at the address: Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val, d.59, p. 2, knowing the true purpose of the loan, not related to the replenishment of working capital of the company and not having the intention to repay the loan obligations to the Bank.

19.12.2013 members of the large credit Committee of CJSC "GLOBEXBANK", being deceived by Zingarevich, A. B., Shishkin K. A. and unidentified partners about the real purpose of lending of "NICK" in CJSC "GLOBEXBANK", having considered the request, decided to open a credit line of NIK, OOO disbursement limit of 1.5 billion rubles.

25.12.2013, K. Shishkin, being in the premises of JSC "Globeksbank" at the address: Moscow, Earthen Wall, d. 59, p. 2, for the purpose of implementation of the General criminal plan, acting intentionally on the instructions of Zingarevich, the General Director of the management company of JSC "ESIH", the sole Executive body of the borrower, LLC "NICK", signed the agreement on the opening of the credit line № 1-141 - on/13 with the company "Globeksbank", with a maximum amount of the debt limit of 1.5 billion rubles, loan repayment 24.12.2015, and the purpose of financing of the activities provided for by the Charter of the borrower (replenishment of working capital of The company).

In addition, Shishkin K., in accordance with the General criminal intentions of the parties, in order to ensure the visibility of the criminal activities and the creation of credit obligations to the Bank, not later than 25.12.2013, instructed the parties to make a contract of surety on behalf of the controlled by Zingarevich, not later than 25.12.2013. "Matias Co limited" ("Matias Co Limited"), contracts of pledge of shares of the companies owned by LLC "IC Energo", as well as payment documents with indication of unreliable grounds for transfer of credit funds to the organization of LLC "SSK", - stated in the case materials, which publishes ahhh!

"After that, the unidentified partners, following the instructions of Shishkin, not later than 25.12.2013, made a contract of guarantee on behalf of the company" Matias Co limited "(Matias Co Limited), contracts of pledge of shares of the companies owned by LLC" IC Energo", as well as payment documents indicating in them the unreliable grounds for the transfer of credit funds.

After that, in the period 25.12.2013 year on 28.01.2014 year Shishkin K. A., with the purpose of conspiracy of criminal activity and creating visibility to secure loan obligations to the Bank, acting at the direction of the A. B. Zingarevich: organized the signing of the contract of guarantee No. 1-141-DP/13 dated 25.12.2013 year on behalf of the beneficiary of the Cypriot company "Mathias Ko limited" ("Matias Co Limited") - Koshino S. A.; signed on behalf of OOO "IC Energy" contracts of pledge of shares No. 1-141-1/13 and No. 1-141-2/13 dated 28.01.2014 as General Director of the managing company JSC "the écija" sole Executive body of LLC "IC Energy" and the borrower NIK, OOO.

On 25.12.2013, in pursuance of the loan agreement № 1-141-on/13 and the application of the loan of the year № 1 from 25.12.2013, the settlement account of "NICK" received funds in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles.

After crediting 25.12.2013 of credit funds to the specified account of LLC "NICK", the participants of the organized criminal group had a real opportunity to dispose of them at their discretion, in the interests of an organized criminal group, in accordance with the developed criminal plan.

For the purpose of concealment of traces of the committed theft Zingarevich A. B. together with Shishkin K. A. and unidentified partners decided to manufacture and make available in the specified Bank documents allegedly showing the use of "NICK" of cash for purposes of the credit, for their subsequent transfer to the controlled entity and disposal at their own discretion",- stated in the documents that were collected by the investigators? and that has

"For this, Zingarevich. using Shishkin K. A., not later than 25.12.2013 year, gave an indication unspecified a consequence partners to produce and submit to CJSC "GLOBEXBANK", the following documents: contract of delivery № 0613-23 12.03.2013, concluded between LLC "SSK" and "NICK", according to which SSK, OOO is obliged to deliver, and OOO "NIK" to accept and pay for material - technical resources and equipment to perform the work under the title "Construction of SS 500 kV beloberezhskaya with overhead line entries 500 kV Novobryanskaya - Yelets, the construction of ol 220 kV beloberezhskaya – Cement, 220 kV overhead line beloberezhskaya - The plant, 220 kV overhead line beloberezhskaya – Bryansk"; the specification of the order number 1/0613-23 from 12.03.2013 to the above contract; the expense of SSK, OOO № 1092 from 24.12.2013 to pay 100% advance for above specification and supply contract for a total amount of 1 595 959 384 RUB. COP. 87 for the supply of electrical equipment on the basis of 100% upfront.

Then, unidentified partners, under the guidance of Zingarevich A. B. and Shishkina, K. A., applying the criminal intent, not later than 25.12.2013 year made a score of SSK, OOO No. 1092 dated 24.12.2013 of the year, which, together with copies of the above supply contract and the specifications provided in CJSC "GLOBEXBANK", despite the fact that earlier NIK, OOO already received for these purposes borrowings in AKB "Bank of Moscow" under the credit agreement № 009-03/15/17-13 from 05.08.2013 year and additional funding is not required.

Further, 25.12.2013 year, implementing the criminal plan, Zingarevich A. B., together with Shishkin K. A. and unidentified accomplices, not intending in advance to fulfill the obligations under the agreement on the opening of the credit line № 1-141-on/13 from 25.12.2013, concluded by LLC "NICK" with JSC "GLOBEXBANK", on the basis of the provided to the Bank supply agreement № 0613-23 from 12.03.2013, specifications of the order №1/0613-23 from 12.03.2013 and account № 1092 from 24.12.2013, organized the transfer of the stolen borrowed funds of the Bank in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles to the Bank account controlled by them. LLC SSK which further through the organizations under control to partners of LLC SSI», NIK, OOO, OOO "IC Energy" sent to the repayment of the loan obligations of the latter, the branch of OJSC "Bank Saint Petersburg" in Moscow under the credit agreement № 7700-11-00049 on 30.09.2011, thereby, ordered the stolen money resources at own discretion.

As a result of these illegal actions, GLOBEX BANK caused damage in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles, which is a particularly large amount.»


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarovich