Source: publishes the second part of a large investigation on the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vasily Pozdyshev.

Pozdyshev’s second visit to Moscow ends with his sudden abandonment of his Western career and becomes Executive Director of the EcoLive SA Investment Fund and General Director of the EcoLive Ltd Management Company. Both of these structures were controlled by three businessmen - Dmitry Kotenko, Anatoly Goncharov and Alexander Rudik. Rudik is the former vice-governor of the Irkutsk region, who, having met with Moscow businessmen Kotenko and Goncharov, helped everyone collect assets in the Irkutsk region - the Russian Forest Group and Usolyekhimprom. Kotenko and Goncharov were classmates at the Bauman MVTU, then worked together at the Russian Credit Bank, and then engaged in the seizure of enterprises through bankruptcy proceedings. All their structures were certainly connected with Finprombank, and behind the back of Goncharov was visible the figure of the owner of the Alliance group Musa Bazhaev. It was the latter that was considered the real owner of Finprombank, although at some point he rewrote his shares to Goncharov.

With the advent of Pozdyshev in this glorious team, perhaps one of the most grandiose scams with state funds was scrolled.

Ecolive controlled Usolkhimprom through the Nitol company, which also owned the stopped Usolye-Sibirsky Silicone plant. As a result, shortly after Pozdyshev headed the companies managing these enterprises, it was announced that Usolkhimprom was an unpromising enterprise. And this despite the fact that 4 thousand people worked there and it made a profit. As a result, Usolkhimprom initially reduced its working week, then its working day, etc. Until, finally, all employees were fired, leaving them without a livelihood. The plant itself was bankrupt and abandoned. In exchange, the friendly team, which included Pozdyshev, announced that it would make a world-class enterprise from the Usolye-Sibirsky Silicone plant, which would manufacture polycrystalline silicon material for solar cells. At the beginning of 2009, Rusnano invested 7.5 billion rubles in this project (in 2011, together with Sberbank Capital, it invested another 16 billion rubles), however, the company still does not work. Moreover, a few years ago the project was suspended. What is noteworthy, immediately after the receipt and development of the budget of 7.5 billion, Pozdyshev left his post at Ecolive and returned to work at Cetelem Bank.

Another point is interesting. According to, Pozdyshev’s arrival at Ecolive coincided with the fact that STRATEGORUS was born in France. Its then beneficiary was his then-wife Lyubov Pozdysheva, and Vasily himself an employee. At the same time, in the documents (knowingly or not) his last name was changed from Pozdyshev to Pozyshev. Already in the first months of its existence, the company, which consisted of two spouse employees, received revenues of almost a quarter of a million euros (profit for other periods was not disclosed). This money came for some consulting services.

When filling out the documents, it was clearly indicated that Vasily and Lyubov Pozdyshev were French citizens. It is noteworthy that absolutely in all French documents, Vasily Pozdyshev is still listed as filed in this particular country. This is evidenced by documents from England, from which it follows that in 2009-2010, Vasily lived in London at 10 Sprimont Place, Chelsea, SW3 3HU in a mansion worth more than 3 million pounds. It is noteworthy that all relevant English official bases also persistently insist- Pozdyshev is a French citizen.

It is worth noting that despite the divorce from Lyubov (she again took her maiden name), the former spouses maintained a warm relationship. It is for children and ex-wife that Vasily “records” real estate in Paris, Nice and London. Sophie and Marie spend a lot of time with their father. He also helps Lyubov in building a foreign career. So, at one time she was a project manager in France Gazprom Marketing & Trading. Now Love, under the patronage of the ex-spouse, got a job at Indicta. This is a very strange structure with a staff of 15 people and without its own website. It is only known that Indicta is officially engaged in consulting, defense strategies and is closely associated with the French intelligence services.

It is worth noting that work in EcoLive SA and EcoLive Ltd was supposed to put an end to Pozdyshev’s career, not to mention the possibility of taking any position at the Bank of Russia. Vasily was to receive a verdict and this was avoided exclusively through corruption.

So, as follows from the materials of the police department at the Sheremetyevo airport, which is at the disposal of, on February 10, 2007, the inspector of the inspection department, P. Chernyavsky. inspected passengers of flight No. 259 Moscow-Paris. Vasily Anatolyevich Pozdyshev, who lives in Paris, was detained in the special control zone of the “flight” of AVK Sh-2, and 8,000 euros that were not included in the customs declaration for export from the territory of the Russian Federation were found and seized from his trouser pocket. The material was registered in KUSP under No. 401. On this fact A.I. a pre-investigation check was launched.

What was to follow next and do not need to go to the fortuneteller. In 1997, under the exact same circumstances, Yulia Tymoshenko was detained at Vnukovo Airport, and a criminal case was opened. However, in the case of Pozdyshev, he generally managed to evade responsibility. Affected communications and money. Some of the materials on that story were destroyed. However, the documents on the arrest of Vasiliev are in the archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In fact, it turns out that now the deputy head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is a person detained for a criminal offense and has evaded liability in an illegal way.

But back to the biography of Pozdyshev. A year after the official departure from EcoLive, Vasily again held the position of Deputy Director of Cetelem SA, and in 2010 he moved to the “chair” of the deputy chairman, curator of the Finance and Risk section of the Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia OJSC. The fact that Pozdyshev went precisely to the structure led by German Gref is not surprising. They have known each other for a long time; moreover, they are friends of what is called families. For example, according to the materials of, on July 12, 2016, a private SuperJet took off from Moscow to Simferopol aboard which were German Gref, Vasily Pozdyshev, his new wife Oksana, their common child Peter (born in 2015), as well as the children of Vasily from previous marriage - Marie and Sophie. Agree, it can hardly be assumed that this was a joint delegation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Sberbank in order to solve the problems of banking services to the population of Crimea. But Sberbank in Crimea has the most luxurious hotel on the peninsula - “Mriya Resort & Spa”. Favorite place for Russian officials and businessmen. There, the Pozdyshev family stayed until July 29 and also returned to Moscow in a private plane. True, without Gref. It is interesting to ask who paid for the flight to SuperJet and accommodation in a five-star hotel of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and his family. And is this not a hidden form of a bribe?

Pozdyshev and Gref were familiar even before the first took the lead of EcoLive, and the second of Sberbank. But in these positions their financial interests crossed. The Usolye-Sibirsky Silicone plant had a 3 billion loan from Alfa Bank. And when Rusnano decided to invest a gigantic sum in a company managed by Pozdyshev, the plant was re-credited to Sberbank. Moreover, under the guarantee of the state investor, Rusnano. That is, Sberbank did not risk any means. Recall that despite the invested 7.5 billion budget rubles, Usolye-Sibirsky Silicone did not work.

A group of Pozdyshev’s relatives settled in Sberbank - his cousin Anna Moskaleva (Orlenko), her ex-husband Boris Moskalev, her current husband Mikhail Orlenko. Anna worked at Russian Credit and Impexbank, a cashier at Sberbank. And then, with the help of Vasily, her career went uphill - a responsible position in the department of corporate and investment business of the Bank of Moscow, then head of the department of operations in the financial markets of Sberbank. When Pozdyshev moved to the Central Bank, he followed and took Anna.

Her ex-husband Boris Moskalev, with whom Anna and Pozdyshev are in extremely warm relations, worked at Svyaz-Bank, Rosgosstrakhbank, Promsvyazbank until in 2013 he came to Sberbank, where he now holds the position of head of the documentary operations department of CSKO.

 From 2011 to 2012, Mikhail Orlenko held the position of Deputy Director of the Retail Brokerage Services and Sales Network Support Division of Sberbank of Russia OJSC, was a member of the Board of Directors of OIE JSC, he is now Director of the Product Market Department of the Commodity Market Block of PJSC Moscow Exchange and a member Board of Directors of Eurasian Trading System Commodity Exchange JSC (Kazakhstan). Also, Mikhail Orlenko is a member of the board of directors of PJSC "NOVOROSSIYSKY KOMBINAT BAKERY PRODUCTS", co-owned by Ziyavudin Magomedov, a classmate and good friend of Vasily Pozdyshev.

As a result, an extremely entertaining link was formed: Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vasily Pozdyshev — head of the banking supervision department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Anna Orlenko –– top manager of Sberbank Boris Moskalev –– top manager of the Moscow Exchange Mikhail Orlenko. Sources in the banking environment say the organized group has built a gigantic business. His schemes are simple. Pozdyshev and Orlenko fully control the verification of bank assets. According to the results of which the bank, which decided to "milk", draw extremely small assets. Let's say 20 billion rubles. The bank itself insists that its real assets are much larger - for example, 35 billion rubles. Do you want believers from the Central Bank to agree with this figure? Not a problem. Only from the difference between the figure drawn by the inspectors and the one that the bank calls itself, you need to pay 10-15%. That is, in our case, this difference is 15 billion rubles, and the minimum rate from Pozdyshev and Orlenko will be 150 million rubles. After paying it, the inspectors will indicate that the bank's assets are 35 billion rubles. In order not to pay after each check, you can "sit down" on a monthly fee - $ 1-2 million. True, even it does not always save Pozdyshev from anger. Every month, Vasily’s financial appetites are growing and some banks can no longer cope with them. Having learned about the large amounts withdrawn by banks abroad, Pozdyshev for the "closed eyes" of the Central Bank can request up to half of overseas assets. By a separate construction project in the group's price list: solving problems related to minor inspections of the Central Bank (100-200 thousand euros), controlled liquidation of the bank (so that the owner has everything withdrawn and the case is not initiated), reorganization. On the last two issues, the price is piecework.

According to sources at, Pozdyshev and Anna Orlenko communicate directly only with VIP clients of the highest level. For everyone else, there are Boris Moskalev and Mikhail Orlenko. Through them, most financial issues “for the help” of Anna and Vasily are also implemented. Boris Moskalev and Mikhail Orlenko are now known as mega-shakers in the banking sector, able to resolve any problems with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

 To be continued

Denis Zhirnov