A giant scandal, a real “bomb”, is about to “explode” on the Russian banking market. At the disposal of were documents that indicate that Sovcombank, through its deputy chairman and shareholder Sergey Peretrukhin, accepted deposits from VIP clients at 20% or more per annum. Moreover, we are talking about billions of dollars - in rubles, euros and dollars. When the “shadow” investors decided to take the money back, Sovcombank could not pay. As a result, there are now only debts worth almost six billion rubles that have passed through the courts.

This story will certainly attract the attention of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and after checking a credit institution, in the opinion of, a license withdrawal should follow. Moreover, even this procedure will not relieve shareholders of the bank from giant debts.

As soon as we began to publish a series of investigations on the activities of Sovcombank, letters began to come to the editor with stories about both the activities of the lending institution and its shareholders and their business partners. Moreover, the messages are very different: from the bestial treatment of employees of bank branches to frauds with land for hundreds of millions of rubles. gradually deals with the mass of requests and documents and, if they are confirmed, publishes them.

However, against the background of all the stories, of course, one stands out - about the shadow deposits of Sovcombank worth billions of rubles. The editors had at their disposal the entire “package of documents” associated with a giant scam in the banking market. And we will partly publish them with your comments.

Just recently, in Sovcombank, the position

Deputy Chairman of the Board was Sergei Peretrukhin. He also owned a little more than 3% of the bank. Peretrukhin personality is absolutely not public. In the media, so he was mentioned once, in 2014. Then around the street in 1905, Mercedes with government numbers of the USAID series unexpectedly flew into the side of the Bentley, which belonged to the vice-president of the Dynamo basketball club. A bald man and his driver emerged from the Mercess and began beating the Bentley driver. And then they tried to kidnap him and drag him into a foreign car by force. It turned out that the owner of a Mercedes with a beautiful number was our hero, a top manager and a shareholder of Sovcombank, Sergei Peretrukhin.

Why is this person, being the deputy chairman of a bank that loves working with the deposits of the population, trying to keep a low profile? As evidenced by the documents that were at the disposal of, Peretrukhin has a very specific activity in Sovcombank. He worked with rich people and firms who were invited to make unofficial deposits at Sovcombank. Interest on deposits was also unofficial - 20%, and sometimes 40% per annum. True, such rates were for those who are ready to bring cash and "in the dark" millions of dollars and euros.

Everything was arranged as if Peretrukhin, as a private individual, accepts money from depositors, but at the end it was stated that money is accepted “for investments in stocks and deposits of Sovcombank. Here, an example of such a receipt, which is at the disposal of

This receipt Peretrukhin issued a major businessman Ilya Bychkov. From it follows that the bank is already at 20% per annum, 4.4 million dollars and 5.6 million euros of the entrepreneur. And he sends two more tranches of 1.9 million euros, but already at 40% per annum. And the terms of the shadow deposit in Sovcombank are indicated - “recalculation annually on August 1 + 40%, the rest is in half with Sergey”. Sergey is our hero Peretrukhin.

The terms of the refund are as follows: they are transferred to the owner two weeks after he requests it.

Moreover, Bychkov’s shadow contribution is not the largest, there were much more sums. For incredulous customers, Sovcombank sometimes issued guarantees for Peretrukhin to return funds.

It is worth noting that for the time being, deposits brought huge profits to businessmen and they regularly received interest from Sovcombank. But in 2017, the financial affairs of the bank and its shareholders were shaken, and the shadow investors were no longer paid dividends. They, including Bychkov, began to file claims about the return of funds. Here is the corresponding document that has. At the beginning, VIP-clients were fed with “breakfasts”: they say, the sums are large, hard, but we will soon return. And then they just stopped communicating with them.

Now all these shadow clients have reached the civil and arbitration courts, and one by one they win the lawsuits. The total amount of debts on shadow deposits recorded by servants of Themis has already reached 6 billion rubles. Moreover, this figure may increase significantly. It was on this number that Sovcombank accepted secret deposits and was unable to return them.

By the way, has materials that may indicate that in reality these funds were not used, but were withdrawn from the Russian Federation and were used to buy expensive real estate for bank shareholders around the world. will talk about this in the near future, as well as about how Sovcombank is trying to get out of the situation; who else made shadow deposits and for what amounts; what awaits Sovcombank after checking the Central Bank and law enforcement.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov