The Investigative Committee of Russia has stepped up the investigation of the second criminal case against the criminal authority Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), on the basis of which he is the organizer of more than 50 murders and attempts. This happened after the materials of the first investigation were sent to the Supreme Court to determine jurisdiction. At the same time, the only obstacle to the new criminal prosecution of Jaco is the position of Austria, which in no way gives its consent to this. Vienna at one time agreed to extradite Gagiev on charges for which he will now be tried. To bring new charges, you need permission from Austria. The ICR faced exactly the same problems with materials concerning a close associate of Dzhako Nail Malyutinayu

This is a unique person. Malyutin in the 90s, under the leadership of German Gref, worked in the mayor's office of the northern capital. Since those ancient times, he is well acquainted with one of the main "godfathers" of St. Petersburg, Gennady Petrov. Over time, Malyutin became the head of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), in which Gagiev headed the security service. ... In 2008, Malyutin was sentenced to 8 years in Moscow for embezzling 290 million rubles from the FLK. Also, the court ordered him to compensate this amount. Then they wanted to bring Malyutin for murder.

Here is a photo from the place of execution of the driver Kirill Nikolaev and his boss, St. Petersburg "authority" Sergei Onoprienko. The fire was led by militants from the organized criminal group of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). Nikolaev died on the spot, and Onopriyenko was taken to the hospital. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, from the ambulance car (this is recorded) he began to call the deputy director of the FLC Nail Malyutin and shout: "Why did you order me?" Onoprienko died on the hospital table. He was an extremely colorful character. Onoprienko was friends with the main guard of St. Petersburg, Roman Tsepov (poisoned in 2004), collaborated with Peter's "godfather" Gennady Petrov. Petrov was Malyutin's senior partner, comrade and cover. During telephone conversations, they calmly discussed meetings and negotiations with Anatoly Serdyukov, Igor Sechin, etc. It is known that before the murder, Onoprienko had disagreements with Petrov and Malyutin.

Despite the collected evidence, Malyutin never answered for these murders. As found out, when Russia demanded his extradition from Austria, it indicated in the request only accusations of embezzlement by fraud of those same 290 million rubles. As part of this case, Vienna approved the extradition. Then there was information about the murder of Onoprienko, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation asked Austria for permission to present this charge as well. But unsuccessfully.

After sitting for a short time, Malyutin was released on parole. According to, having a writ of execution for 290 million rubles, which he never paid, Malyutin left Russia. Now he is quietly enjoying life in Europe, where he spends the stolen millions.

We acquaint readers with a fragment of the testimony of one of the members of the organized criminal group, Dzhako, about how Malyutin "ordered" Gagiev a double murder:

“Testimony of the accused GR Dzhioev;

Around 2004, while visiting the gym, he met S.V. Onoprienko. from Saint-Petersburg. In early autumn 2006, in the office of FLC, in the office of A.M. Gagiev. heard the conversation of the latter with N.A. Malyutin, who asked to deal with S.V. Onoprienko. To this Gagiev A.M. promised to speak with S.V. Onoprienko After about two or three months, in a cafe on the base on the street. Boat city of Moscow, from Nikolaev M.K. learned that he and Beglaryan S.L. committed the murder of S.V. Onoprienko and his friend at the request of NA Malyutin. "


Also at the disposal of is the testimony of one of the group's killers about how the elimination of Onoprienko and Nikolaev actually took place:


“The testimony of the interrogated as a suspect, accused in criminal case No. 12/2806 Staykhevych A.The.

In the fall of 2006, S.L. Beglaryan called him from his secret phone to his secret phone. and ordered him to call for Dudiy I.A. home, after which he came with him to the base located on the street. Boating in Moscow. He followed the instructions of S.L. Beglaryan, drove home to get Dudiy I.A., having previously phoned the latter by means of a secret telephone connection. Then he, together with Dudiy I.A. on his (AV Staykhevych) car "Toyota Land Cruiser-100", state registration plates - T 239 UA 97 RUS went to the base on the street. Boat in Moscow. When he and Dudiy I.A. arrived at the base, in the car service office S.L. Beglaryan. in order to kill an unknown man, they were instructed to drive in his car to one of the courtyards of residential buildings located not far from the Leningradskoe highway, in his opinion, to the Golovinsky district of Moscow, somewhere relatively close to the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, does not remember the name of the street. In accordance with the instructions of S.L. Beglaryan. he and Dudiy I.A. should stand next to one of the entrances about the yard of one of the houses. Someone else from the "Family" members in another car must stand on the side of the other entrance to the specified yard. Beglaryan S.L. and Nikolaev M.K. in another car, they must be located directly near the house where the person who was going to kill lives. Beglaryan S.L. and Nikolaev M.K. were going to kill the specified person at the moment when the latter in his car drives into the courtyard of the house where he lives. His task, Dudiya IA, as well as other members of the "Family", who were standing somewhere on the other side of the entrance to the specified courtyard, was that they should inform S.L. Beglaryan by radio. and Nikolayev M.K., when the car with the man who was going to be killed will drive into the courtyard of the house. It was assumed that S.L. Beglaryan would directly shoot this person from firearms. and Nikolaev M.K. He does not remember which of the members of the "Family" should stand at the other entrance to the courtyard. Taking with him one radio station transmitted by S.L. Beglaryan, and leaving in order to conceal the traces of crimes in S.L. Beglaryan's office. his cell phones, he and Dudiy I.A. drove to the indicated place in his Toyota Land Cruiser-100. S.L. Beglaryan also drove out with them, only in another car. and Nikolaev M.K. As far as he remembers, the latter had pistols with them, which he cannot say for sure, since a lot of time had passed. Arriving at the place, he and Dudiy I.A. stood at one of the entrances to a house located in the above-mentioned district of Moscow. Beglaryan S.L. and Nikolaev M.K. stood directly near the house. Some of the members of their "Family" in some other car stood near another entrance to the courtyards of the house. They left in the afternoon, it was already dark or dark outside. They stood at the site for at least four hours, however, the car of the man whom they were going to kill into the courtyard of his house did not enter. He no longer remembers what car the person who was going to kill and what state registration numbers he had, however, at that time from S.L. Beglaryan. and he (Staykhevych A.V.) and Dudiy I.A., as well as other members of the "Family" who took part in this crime, knew the model of the said car, the color and state registration numbers. After at least four hours, due to the fact that this time the car of the person who was going to be killed did not enter the courtyard, therefore, at the direction of S.L. Beglaryan, they did not enter the courtyard. We "took off" from the place, went back to the base on the street. The boat city of Moscow, where they took their cell phones and went home. In the future, in a similar way, all of the above members of their "Family" for a short period of time traveled for the same purposes to the specified place about three times. Each time they left at the command of S.L. Beglaryan, but all these three times were unsuccessful, since the car of the man whom S.L. Beglaryan was going to kill. and Nikolaev M.K. from a firearm, she did not enter the courtyard of her house, despite the fact that they stood for several hours. When he and Dudiy I.A. went to this place for the fourth time, the crime was nevertheless committed. So, having left for the fourth time, in the late afternoon, he also with Dudiy I.A. stood in the same place. Beglaryan S.L. and Nikolaev M.K. stood in a car in the courtyard of the man's house, whom they were going to kill. Some of the members of the "Family" stood near another entrance to the courtyard of the said house. The roles in the commission of this crime remained the same for everyone. They stood in place for at least three or four hours, then on the radio station one of the members of the "Family" told him and Dudiy I.A. ... After that he and Dudiy I.A. left the indicated place to the base on the street. Boat city of Moscow. The next day, while on the territory of the base located on the street. Boat in Moscow, he is from M.K. Nikolaev. learned that Nikolayev M.K. and Beglaryan S.L. they shot the car of the man they were going to kill; there were two Russian men in it. At the same time, Nikolaev M.K. explained that they had shot both men who were in the car ”.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov