The Central District Court of Tula decided to arrest the former I.O. the head of the city administration Alexander Yadykin.

According to, Yadykin was accused in absentia in a case of fraud with land plots (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) for the construction of the Kosmos-Dom residential complex in the center of Tula.

However, our sources believe that there is absolutely nothing to fear for Alexander Gennadievich in this case, since he has already resolved all the questions to him at a high informal level.

A prominent United Russia member, a repeated deputy of the local city duma, director of a number of commercial and municipal enterprises and the first deputy city manager of Tula, Alexander Yadykin, through his partner Grigory Nuzhdikhin, is closely connected with the ex-head of administration Yevgeny Avilov. The latter is currently involved in another criminal case related to abuse of office in the management of municipal land plots.

Григорий Нуждихин

The loudest joint scam of Yadykin, Nuzhdikhin and Avilov was the raider seizure of the Altair Television Company, which provided cable television and Internet services. The founder of the company, Alexander Vorobyov, on April 3, 2003, disappeared without a trace, being kidnapped by unknown persons in the uniform of law enforcement officers.

In December 2005, acting. Chairman of the Tula City Duma, Yevgeny Avilov, sent the head of the administration of the Sovetsky District of Tula a presentation on the appointment of Alexander Yadykin as the trustee of the property of the missing Vorobyov. Moreover, Avilov wrote this presentation on behalf of the entire Duma, without notifying the city deputies about it.

Евгений Авилов

As a result, the Yadykin-Nuzhdikhin group gained full control over the Altair shopping center and other assets of the disappeared Vorobyov. Subsequently, this property was transferred to companies controlled by partners. Vorobyov's legal heirs were only shell firms, moreover burdened with extremely unprofitable contracts with Yadykin-Nuzhdikhin's companies.

In August 2011, MTS OJSC acquired 100% of the authorized capital in four companies operating in Tula under the Altair TC brand. The deal amounted to 680 million rubles ($ 23.2 million).

And this is all despite the fact that the materials of the criminal case initiated by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tula Region contained enough direct and indirect evidence pointing to persons interested in the disappearance of Alexander Vorobyov.

The investigation of the case was curtailed under far-fetched pretexts.

According to a source of, the position of the prosecutor's office of the Tula region, and then the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Tula region, played a significant role in this.

This position was due to the ties between Yadykin and Nuzhdikhin in the FSB department of the Tula region. For a long time, the company's security service was headed by a former employee of the regional FSB, who continued to maintain close ties with former colleagues.

And then Yadykin and Nuzhdikhin came under the direct patronage of first the head of the department, and then the deputy head of the FSB Yevgeny Biryukov, who was able to slow down the "Vorobyov case." Eyes were also closed to many other things.

In particular, the municipal employee Alexander Yadykin, having the second form of access to state secrets, calmly and openly, without notifying the supervisors from the authorities, traveled on his business to various NATO countries. Where, in search of a place of permanent residence, he regularly contacted persons associated with local special services and law enforcement agencies.

Moreover, his wife, Evgenia Vladimirovna Yadykina, already in 2013 had a residence permit in Latvia, where the entire friendly Yadykin family now lives.

Yadykin's partner, a former United Russia deputy, businessman Grigory Nuzhdikhin, now also has a business and real estate in Germany, in addition to a residence permit in the European Union. Moreover, before the resignation of Biryukov in April 2019, his confidant came to visit him in Bavaria and also resolved all urgent issues.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin