Source: continues to acquaint readers with the dark past of the owner of the Granel company Andrey Nazarov. This businessman can wave old (from 2011) the decision of the judge of the Kirov regional court of Ufa (Bashkiria) Munir Valeev that the past at it white as the first snow for any long. Valeev was expelled with disgrace from judicial corps for such decisions. And at the disposal of edition there was a copy of a sentence to Andrey Nazarov on charge of hooliganism and rape of the minor. In this publication, we will give the testimony of a girl who survived a terrible crime committed against her by the owner of "Graneli".

            "The victim showed that on November 19, 1986 at 22 o'clock was with Tagirov at a bus stop "Collective farm market" where Kaplin and Nazarov approached. The latter called Tagirov aside, and Kaplin told her that she would go with him. She refused, for which Caplin punched in the shoulder. Trying to run away from him, she fell. Then Caplin and approached Nazarov began to beat her, to strike with hands and feet on various parts of the body," - said in the verdict, a copy of which has "Then lifting it and not allowing them to scream, dragged and brought to the basement of the house. Having undressed her, pushed in a pantry where Nazarov held her, and Kaplin made with her sexual intercourse, then in the same way sexual intercourse made Nazarov, and after sexual intercourse with her, who was in a helpless state, made Pauline. After the rape, they threatened to kill if they told anyone." Experts have recorded at the minor damage in the form of bruises and bruises of the soft tissues relating to the category of the lungs which have entailed short-term disorder of health.

            "A. G. explained that the injury to the Shin received while trying to escape from Kaplin.... The court finds that other injuries to the left shoulder and lumbar region may have been caused by sexual intercourse."

            The verdict, published says that in the case of rape trying to defend against Nazarov, the victim "was clutching his knees kicked, but her legs were spread by the force of arms and had sexual intercourse".

            The court came to an unambiguous decision that"all the situation in which sexual acts were committed by Kaplin and Nazarov with the victim , indicate that sexual acts were committed against her will, without her consent."

            We will remind that shortly before rape the owner " Graneli»

 committed another crime.

            The consequence was established that n Andrey Nazarov on July 6, 1986, approximately at 21 o'clock, being in an alcohol intoxication in cafe "fairy Tale" of the city of Sibay BASSR in the presence of visitors unreasonably was expressed by obscene abuse, in response to remarks of employees of cafe damaged a wooden panel worth 356 rubles, i.e. intentionally grossly broke a public order and expressed obvious disrespect for society, committed the crime provided by article 206 of the criminal code of RSFSR.

            The verdict was handed down on October 15, 1988 Baymak district court of the RSFSR against Nazarov Andrei Gennadevich and Kaplin Vladimir Vasilyevich, who were accused under articles of the criminal code of the RSFSR 206 (hooliganism) and 117 (rape).

            In the near future tell how he Nazarov was justified and what he testified.


To be continued


Mikhail Ermakov