Last week, a competition was held in St. Petersburg for the position of General Director of the Overhaul Fund. The place is strategically important for someone who is used to regular receipts of budget money in his pocket. Since August 2020, the position has been held by Petr Pogrebnyak, a man who, as found out, as a general contractor, carried out state contracts of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation in the 2000s. He is also trying to remain the CEO so as not to lose his place at the trough. He needs it not only for himself.

The whole process of holding a competition for the position of Director of the Fund is one continuous fiction and dramatization. After the failure of the short-term plan last year, certain people tasked the chairman of the Housing Committee of St. Petersburg, Viktor Borshchev, to terminate the contract with Pogrebnyak. Prosecutorial inspections poured into the Overhaul Fund, the prosecutor's office had claims personally against Pogrebnyak because of the debts of his construction company Logos, in general, pressure was exerted so that the Housing Committee announced a competition and looked for a new director.

Петр Погребняк

On May 12, the competition was announced with stupid reservations in the press that initially Pogrebnyak came only for a year, and all other directors would now come only for a year. But this is not true. According to the results of last year's competition, a three-year contract was concluded and on June 14, despite the fact that the procedure was violated in this way, the term of the employment contract with the candidate was changed in the notice on the website - from one year to three.

Realizing that with the departure of Pogrebnyak there would be no access to the Fund's money, Borshchev brought in heavy artillery. We know that Pogrebnyak was asked for by a man who had held the post of deputy in the Presidential Property Management Department for many years.

The decision on who will be the new general director of the Overhaul Fund was not made a week after the competition. Although the contract should have been concluded according to the conditions stated in the notice, on August 2. However, this notice has been spat on for the second time - in June, the contract with the new director was corrected from a year to three, and now they do not consider it necessary to conclude this contract in time.

The current director of the Foundation, Petr Pogrebnyak, scored the highest number of points based on the results of three rounds of the competition, but taking into account his back ground, it is scary to conclude a contract with such a friend. lists his "achievements": outstanding work in 2020 for a record amount of 2.4 billion rubles; the presence of a bankrupt construction company, with claims from third parties for half a billion rubles; and as a cherry on the cake - the requirement of the prosecutor's office to conduct a check on its compliance with the position of the director of the Fund (this requirement, by the way, has not been fulfilled by the housing block since May).

"Achievements" continue to this day. This season, 378 roofs are being repaired, of which 72 roofs in the Admiralteisky, Vasileostrovsky, Kolpinsky, Kalininsky, Krasnoselsky and Moskovsky districts have been completed by less than 10%. The roof is not even half done. Recall that by September 1, the housing block must report that residential buildings are ready for winter. I wonder what they will say.

Last year, the Fund for Overhaul "mothballed" 43 roofs for the winter - in fact, there is a simple fact behind this term - and stopped growing moldy. This year we expect this to be the case with 72 houses. Residents are already signaling to journalists about leaks.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin