Earlier, the Cheka-OGPU and reported on a criminal case regarding the murder of lawyer Eduard Musin and attempts by investigators to link Alexander Shestun to the criminal case. After the publication of the material, attempts to link Shestun stopped and the investigation chose a different conceptual approach. Now, according to investigators, the customer was the former head of Obolensk, retired FSB lieutenant colonel Sergei Poyarkov. According to the materials of criminal case No. 12202460043000158 Poyarkov ordered a murder from an unfamiliar subordinate, organized the murder from an air gun, with a single shot. And now will tell you in more detail.

The essence of events. 2016, Serpukhov district near Moscow, Obolensk village, population about 4,000 people. The Albatros municipal budgetary institution, director Georgy Sazonchik, works in the village; there is an official in the village administration who supervises this municipal budgetary institution, Oksana Malyshenkova. There is a human rights lawyer, founder of one of the largest computer forums in Russia, Eduard Musin, who rightly criticizes the work of the MBU.

  A romance begins between the director of the MBU and an official; later, in 2022, the romance is realized in an official marriage. Musin openly criticizes Malyshenkova, including on his own Internet resources, publicly accuses the official of crimes, bombards both the official and the director of the MBU with statements about facts of poor work, on Internet forums every day residents of a small village read skirmishes, sometimes with insults, between Musin and Malyshenkova. Musin finds a common language with the leadership of the village administration and enlists support for the administration to conduct a financial audit of the MBU and dismiss both, the director and the official, if the audit reveals violations. The check was planned for the 4th quarter of 2016; on August 30, Musin was killed. The administration fulfilled its obligations, an audit of the MBU was carried out and director Sazonchik was removed from office. It is difficult to find a resident of small Obolensk who would not be aware of the conflict between Malyshenkova and Sazonchik with Musin. Many residents and the Internet cache remember endless battles in the local Internet forum.

But the investigation took a different path. It would seem that everything is obvious, there is a public conflict between Malyshenkova and Musin, there is an affair between Malyshenkova and Sazonchik, there is Sazonchik’s confession to Musin’s murder, there is a crime weapon, there is an understanding that the loving Sazonchik will give any testimony, as long as Malyshenkova’s beloved remains free. By the way, she is still free and serves as a witness in the case. According to the source of, in the case there is testimony from Sazonchik that it was Malyshenkova, as a former investigator of the Serpukhov police department, who advised him on how to cover up the traces of the crime, knew both about the preparation and commission of the crime, there is testimony that the lovers they planned together, although they weren’t planning a murder, but an act of intimidation, how to inflict bodily harm on Musin, to teach him a lesson. And it’s hardly possible in a sober mind to count on killing with one shot from a pneumatic pistol, from 50 meters, in the back. According to experts, the matter is obvious. Malyshenkova dreamed of her lover’s career growth, and then a human rights activist was found who was interfering with her personally and destroying Sazonchik’s career. The nature of the attempt and the result of the murder is obvious, they wanted to scare him, but he hit him in the heart, there was no second shot. And Sazonchik has no experience in using weapons. So, I trained in the forest a couple of times. To believe that someone hired an inexperienced shooter who was not familiar with weapons for a contract killing, and even choose a pneumatic weapon as a weapon, at a distance, without control over execution?

So how did the investigation try to sew an order against Shestun from such a rather primitive texture? Officials who have information about the progress of the criminal case answer very simply. The testimony of the killer Sazonchik changes depending on the wishes of the investigation as desired. At the moment, Sazonchik has testified more than five times, each time changing the method of murder (he initially testified against his deputy), the methods of ordering, the presence or absence of payment for the order, the role of the organizer and his motives. “It’s just that the investigation has an excellent lever against Sazonchik in the form of Malyshenkova, for whose freedom I am ready to confess even to the collapse of the chapel in the 14th century,” believes the source of, “Malyshenkova being free is an ideal hostage. In fact, having in hand all the evidence incriminating Malyshenkova, the investigation is engaged in concealing the crime in order to bring to justice a more status accused. Let us note that in the same 2016, Sazonchik was fired by the same Poyarkov, which also does not fit into the investigation’s version. It is unlikely that you will fire an employee whom you recently ordered the murder of. “With such a secret between two as participation in a murder, mutual protection is ensured. How strange it is that Sazonchik, after his dismissal, did not go to testify against Poyarkov, but gave it only in 2023 after a threat to deprive his wife of freedom,” notes the interlocutor

Roman Trushkin

To be continued