Source: continues to talk about how the Moscow Region authorities turned the president’s demand into a grand scam. Vladimir Putin instructed to close the landfill of Kuchino MSW owned by Zagotovitel CJSC in the Moscow Region. Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the Moscow Region, was taken under a visor, the Investigative Committee announced the initiation of cases related to the landfill, its organizer slapped a lawsuit for 6.2 billion rubles. In short, they did everything to report to Vladimir Putin on the implementation of his instructions. Sources said that the head of state was flushed to the eye, and the elimination of the landfill turned into the next development of gigantic budget funds. No one was punished, all things were let down on the brakes. Billions have been invested in reclamation of the landfill, but the landfill continues to interfere with the stench. Money just mastered. Moreover, the landfill owners in reality did not compensate for any damage. But they were paid more than 24 million rubles from the budget. Who received this money. This was told by a source

According to our interlocutor, the Moscow Region "authority" Alexander Solomatina was among the founders of Zagotovitel CJSC, then officially left, but it was only a formality. In fact, he remained to lead this organization. Brothers Alexander and Grigory Solomatina are very prominent characters of the "Gangster Moscow Region". In Balashikha, at one time there was an influential mafiosi, leader of the Balashikha organized crime group Sergei Frolov (Frol). On the night of December 30–31, 1993, friend Frolov, director of the network of gambling establishments Imperial, Alexander Timashkov, had a birthday. The holiday was celebrated in the casino "At Alexander" on the Nosovikhinsky highway, in the city of Zheleznodorozhny. Among the guests were Frolov himself, as well as criminal authority Grigory Solomatin. There was a conflict between Solomatin and Frolov. The true reasons for it remained unknown. Solomatin and Frol retired in a separate room, where they talked for a long time, and then a shot was fired, which turned out to be fatal for Frolov. Hearing a shot, the guests rushed into the room. Seeing Frolov lying, they attacked Solomatin and his friend Baskakov and beat them to death. Subsequently, their bodies surfaced in one of the reservoirs of the city of Railway. Alexander Bocharov brought Frolov to the regional hospital, but he was not accepted there. Then he was taken to a military hospital, but the leader of the Balashikha gang died. Accordingly, all the "levers" of Gregory went to Alexander Solomatin. Scatter and vacillation began in the gangster world of Balashikha.

For example, the grouping of Anatoly Petrov (Petrukha) and Eduard Khusainov (Khusain) merged. Petrova became the central figure in the “gangster Balashikha”, crushing the authority of Smirnov (Yasny), previously working with Frol, Komarova (Komar), he also fell under the influence of the Istrinsk organized crime group Karpuhi (after Karpuha was killed by the Istrian, he headed Lesch “Zakhar” ), Solnogorsk organized crime group Martyna (not to be confused with Martyn Ramensky), organized crime group Viti Sigavuha Sigailov (killed), Khimki organized crime group Pif Kruglova, organized crime group Shchelkovsky Dima Badulya and Dmitry Barchenkov and other smaller groups. Petruha built relationships with the Chernogolovskys and the Noginsky in the person of Sima Pepchik, Pekarev and, accordingly, Igor Bryntsalov, the current chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma. Then they began to arrange their people into places through Bryntsalov. “Bryntsalov was responsible for collecting money on the ground, since then nothing has changed, he is the boss in the Eastern bush,” the source of believes. The former mayor of Balashikha, Yevgeny Zhirkov (now in custody), was put on Petrukh with Yasny and Komar through Bryntsalov. Komar was more a businessman than a gangster, he had NK "Northern Lights".

With the other former head of Balashikha, Vladimir Samodelov, Petruha did not at first have a relationship. But, having created thanks to Alexander Solomatin a couple of garbage collapses in the city, after a fire at Samodelov’s dovecot (and he is obsessed with pigeons), the mafiosi built a relationship with him especially with regard to the export of solid waste. The proceeds were brought into one-day firms, cashed out and the assistant Petruha brought him his share. It was through Petrukh that part of the proceeds went in cash to high-ranking officials. Therefore, there is no reason to be surprised at the fact that the president’s wish was not fulfilled. Moreover, all this gangster party from the budget also paid 24 million rubles.

   To be continued

Denis Zhirnov