A digital platform for analyzing big data is starting to work at Russian Post. With its help, the company will manage its own fleet. In total, the company's digital transformation program is designed for four years. The total investment may reach 400 million rubles. Mercator Holding was chosen as the supplier, from which the Moscow government purchases billions of road equipment on the go-ahead of Sergei Sobyanin and Pyotr Biryukov. did not accidentally talk about this contract. On weekends, we publish excerpts from the Interpol report on the activities of the Solntsevo group. Today we will give a fragment where one of the main characters will be the leader and designated owner of Mercator Holding Stanislav Nikolaev. And this is not surprising. Since the 1990s, Nikolaev has been a friend and partner of the leader of the Solntsevo organized crime group Sergei Mikhailov (at one time he was a co-owner of Mercator) and his senior comrade Semyon Mogilevich. Moreover, according to our sources, it is Mikhailov and Mogilevich who are the unofficial main owners of Mercator. But the Moscow government, the “Post of Russia” does not bother, he continues to ship giant amounts to the “daughter” of the mafia. So, the Interpol report says:! In 1993, Mikhailov and Mogilevich founded several companies in Hungary ...

He (Mogilevich) belongs to the large council of the leaders of the criminal group and to the financial group, and is also responsible for relations with Ukrainian criminal organizations. He was either the founder or co-founder of casinos, companies involved in the production and sale of weapons, magnets, oil products. The companies Arbat International, Arigon, Magneks, YBM Magneks and others are located in Hungary, the English Channel, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, the USA, etc. Despite this, the status of Mogilevich in the community is gradually falling ...

The Solntsevo group includes several groups that operate in Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and the USA.

Since the end of 1993, Mikhailov and the brothers Averiny were outside of Russia. In the fall of 1993, MIKHAILOV was advised to leave Russia because of “disagreements” with Caucasian criminal groups. He went to Hungary, where he founded several companies with the local criminal leader Semen MOGILEVICH ...

• Currently, the US police suspect that MOGILEVICH was involved in money laundering through YBM Magnex ...


• Arigon Oil Kft. Was founded in Budapest. Its president was Stanislav NIKOLAEV (1). The owner was registered Galina GRIGORIEVA, the ex-wife of Mogilevich. Partners were Alexey ALEKSANDROV and Anatoly KULAChenko. This company was closed in 1996 and replaced by United Trade in Budapest.

(1) NIKOLAEV Stanislav, born February 19, 1951 in Ukraine. In Zurich, he presented a Greek passport in the name of Stanislav NIKOLAIDIS. (Interpol General Secretariat / Meeting of the Swiss Working Group 18-19 / 06/02)


During the privatization ongoing in Hungary, Mogilevich acquired the weapons factories “Magneks” and “Armi-Koop”.


• Armi-Coop, a commercial limited liability company, is 95% owned by Arigon. Commercial directors are MOGILEVICH and Igor FISHERMAN. 402 Armi-Coop is headed by Sergey Vladimirovich MAKSIMOV, who is also a member of the board of directors of Magnex and Baltschug. 403 In 1993, Armie-Coop acquired Digipe ( 90% of the shares).


• According to the Moscow National Central Bank, the company “Magnex” is located at: Hungary, Budapest 1068, ul. 44 Benchur, and according to the Budapest CS, at the address: Budapest, ul. Ferenza Rakotsi 289295. The Russian citizen Alexander Grigoryevich SAVCHENKO, born in 1959, is her manager, and the vice president is Valery SUTORMIN. 404 The chairman of the board of directors was Igor FISHERMAN. 405


Previously, Magnex RT was called Kish and Kaiser Clan. This Hungarian trading limited liability company, whose commercial director is MOGILEVICH, changed its name in 1991.


In 1991, this company was acquired by Arigon. Budapest Tax and Financial Control Service is investigating Magnex .407


• At the same address as Magnex RT - Hungary, Budapest, ul. Ferenc Rakoczi 289295 - the company “Imbol Duna” is registered. According to some reports, the head of the company “Imbol Duna” was MOGILEVICH. 408


• In 1993, Mogilevich acquired the nightclub “...” 409, in Budapest, he also owned the Budapest nightclub “Black and White”, which, obviously, was also the center of prostitution.410 Casino 21 was also built in Budapest .411


MOGILEVICH probably controlled:

• Ilf Consulting is a trading company with limited liability, commercial director Igor FISHERMAN, who from June 1995 to August 1998 was also the commercial director of 3S and F Capital Investment 412

• According to some reports, MOGILEVICH was also the director of Solid Ltd.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov