Source: this Saturday will interrupt the publication of wiretaps from the "Spanish archive" and will return to "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. This is due to the fact that readers from Belarus sent us a lot of requests to find some conversations of the oligarch with Alexander Lukashenko. The recording volumes are very, very large, and we have not yet found such a “film”. But they found in the archive a recording of a conversation between Berezovsky and Badri Patarkatsishvili with a representative of Lukashenko. We will publish it somehow. BAB was associated with the representative of the head of Belarus, journalist Alexander Nevzorov. Then the oligarch talks with Nevzorov and we really liked the topic of this conversation, or rather the scandal. Therefore, today it is with her that will acquaint readers.

Nevzorov begins precisely by giving Berezovsky’s phone to Lukashenko’s representative. The oligarch replies that everything is normal, he and Badri have already talked. And then the funniest begins. In an apologetic tone, Nevzorov reports that the morning conversation with BAB was taken into account, but even earlier he “leaked” something. It's about compromising on Anatoly Sobchak. Berezovsky begins to “boil” and asks where the “discharge” occurred. Nevzorov is trying not to transmit this information, which makes Berezovsky even more angry. The journalist says that the compromising evidence was given to one of the candidates (everything happens on the eve of the mayoral election), which has broadcast. “Have you also leaked your light image?”, Berezovsky sarcastically inquires. Ponury Nevzorov makes excuses that he probably is not in the frame, there are nothing, but murderous. Then Berezovsky begins to chastise Nevzorov like a boy. He says that they agreed to play one game, and Nevzorov’s actions are dishonest. “We agreed, we’ll elect Sobchak, and then we will show how the redneck people choose such m..ov,” the BAB swears. Nevzorov sighs guiltily. He asks the chef what to do, curses himself, promises that “I will not do this anymore”, “I have a pathology”. Berezovsky replies that he does not know what to do for an adult; in this situation he feels like an idiot, because believed that he and Nevzorov are a single whole in this matter. “Why can’t you put your grievances deeper into the ass? , - Berezovsky actually shouts at Nevzorov. Further, the oligarch "begins" a hard interrogation and knocks out information from the sighing Nevzorov that the "drain" will be on Channel Five. Berezovsky continues to report him. Then he hands on the phone to Badri Patarkatsishvili. Nevzorov is trying to find an ally and support in his face. But Badri is defiantly cold towards Nevzorov, he says that he is busy right now with Boris.

 To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov