The other day, TV presenter Dmitri Zakharov, forgotten by all, known for his long time leading the "Vzglyad" program, erupted in an interview with a revelation. Like, one of the most popular television stars of the 90s, Vladislav Listyev was killed on the "order" of Boris Berezovsky. Such false "throw-in" continues all the time for 23 years since the death of Listiev. Who is behind them? For almost a quarter of a century, I would like to shift the blame for the death of a pet to Russia, at least to whom? As believes, this one, to whom absolutely all the "threads" of the investigation were leading - the current senator Sergey Lisovsky. And we are ready to prove it documentarily.

First, based on the materials of the case, we will tell you what the Prosecutor General's Office managed to establish (it is she who is investigating). From the testimony of witnesses and operational materials, a picture of what happened happened.

By 1995, the "First Button" led a rather poor existence, despite the abundance of advertising. The thing is that advertising to the main channel of the country went through intermediary firms fully controlled by two businessmen - Sergei Lisovsky and Boris Zosimov. It was they who collected the lion's share of the proceeds. The first was also a member of the Kremlin, in 1996 he became a member of the campaign headquarters of Boris Yeltsin and the organizer of the nationwide election campaign "Vote or lose."

"The eye" on ORT was put by Boris Berezovsky. He was not going to "exchange" for access only to advertising money. The oligarch wanted to get the whole TV channel and began to implement his next cunning scheme. At first, Berezovsky persuaded Yeltsin to join the main television channel. And then he made a non-standard move, suggested appointing Vladislav Listiev as head of the ORT. Boris Abramovich was absolutely sure that with the controlled darling of the whole of Russia the television channel would soon be in his pocket.

According to, as usual in such "games", Berezovsky went into the shadows, taking himself the role of puppeteer. He wanted extremely unpleasant for the Lisovsky decision to proceed solely from Listiev. In order that in case of what it was possible to make a helpless gesture: "Well, what can I do, it's all Vlad". After all, Berezovsky and Lisovsky were associated for many years of close communication and joint very piquant hobbies (they will be reported by in the near future).

As a result, Listyev initiated the procedure for the total rejection of ORT from advertising. And after this pause, the advertising money should have come completely different players, not Lisovsky and Zosimov. For the latter, this was tantamount to disaster. All their other business projects were imprisoned for advertising money, they were put into budgets. The collapse of their business empires would begin. The Prosecutor General's Office found that Lisovsky and Zosimov had met with Listiev many times, urging him not to take rash steps. At the same time Lisovsky was a dangerous man, his "enemies" often went to the next world. But Listyev was sure of it, the favorite of the whole country, no one would dare touch.

Leastev discussed his moves with his inner circle, Konstantin Ernst, Leonid Yakubovich, Alexander Lyubimov. According to sources, the latter not only convinced Vladislav that he was great and "immortal". But they also pushed the idea, "throw" Berezovsky. After the "pause" to take the entire advertising market for themselves, the more they had their own advertising agency InterVID. And there you look and the entire channel "podmyat" will succeed.

As a result, Listyev frankly "sent" Lisovsky and Zosimov. And, most importantly, Berezovsky cooled to him, he realized that the puppet did not work out from Listev. But Berezovsky was actually the "guardian angel" of Listyev. Bypassing Boris Abramovich Lisovsky would not have risked anything to do about the TV presenter.

The situation was getting worse every day. As a result, Lisovsky met with Listiev and they had an extremely unpleasant conversation, in fact, there were already direct threats. This is fixed in the case. According, about an unpleasant meeting with Lisovsky Listy told a close friend.

Soon after this conversation, Lisovsky went to Berezovsky (and this is fixed in the case). Berezovsky refused to give testimony about the essence of this conversation. According to operational data, Lisovsky explained his position in the conflict with Listiev and that he puts him in a desperate situation. And Boris Abramovich, as they say, "washed his hands." He said to Lisovsky: "Do as you know." And what will Lisovsky do? "Berezovsky guessed. But in his new plan, the replacement of the ORT general director was only beneficial. And the plan worked. Berezovsky eventually managed to seize the television channel.

Vladislav Listyev finally saw it. He began to understand that in addition to "people's love," he no longer has any significant cover and his life is in jeopardy. On February 28, 1995 he met with Berezovsky. (The oligarch during the interrogations at first denied the fact of this meeting, then, under the yoke of evidence, admitted, but refused to tell her essence). According to operational data, Listyev expressed his fears to Berezovsky because of the conflict with Lisovsky. The oligarch, apparently, already understood that he saw Vlad for the last time. On March 1, early in the morning, Berezovsky flew on a charter plane to London. On the same day, Listyeva was shot at the entrance of her house on Novokuznetskaya Street. Vladislav was "led" from the place of work, when he entered the entrance, two guys were coming down to meet him. They took out a pistol and a submachine gun. The first bullet hit Listyev in the shoulder. he rushed to run up the stairs. But he was immediately caught up. The second bullet was in the head, it was deadly.

During the investigation, the perpetrators of the crime were quickly identified. According to, they were brothers Alexander and Andrei Agyekiny. And from them loomed such a "chain". The brothers were part of the brigade (Solntsevo group), which was led by gangsters Michael Kudin (Kvakin) and Andrei Skrylev (Hidden). Both obeyed the "authority" of the Solntsevo group Igor Dashdamirov (Dusman). And Dashdamirov, as recorded in the case, is an old and good friend of Sergei Lisovsky. Bingo. It would seem that the case is solved. It remains only to detain the suspects and consolidate the evidence. What did the investigators and employees of the Prosecutor General's Office do.

Immediately after the murder of Listyev, absolutely all the defendants of the case left Russia. In particular, the Ageikins flew to Israel. An operation to arrest them began, but at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation a leak occurred. As a result, the weaker and talkative Alexander Ageykin was found dead in Tel Aviv. He allegedly died from a drug overdose. Andrei Ageikin from Israel fled. Alexander's fate befell and Hide. He was found dead in Europe, supposedly also died of an overdose.


But in the summer of 1996, Igor Dashdamirov was arrested in Georgia. Officially, he was wanted for rape, but after being extradited to Moscow, they began to question the circumstances of the murder of Listyev. At the same time there were interrogations and Lisovsky. They both denied acquaintance with each other. Then they clamped them together with evidence. During the search Lisovsky found a notebook, in which was the phone Dashdamirov. There were witnesses who confirmed the meetings between Lisovsky and Dashdamirov on the eve of the murder of Listyev. According to, a lot of evidence was collected, showing that the Prosecutor General's Office managed to establish all the participants of the crime - from the performers to the customer. The question arose of the arrest of Lisovsky and the bringing of charges against him.

And then the following happened. Remember, mentioned that Lisovsky was a member of Yeltsin's campaign headquarters? So, the daughter of the president, Tatyana Dyachenko (Yumasheva), considered that the planned arrest of Lisovsky is a "digging" under her father. After all, Lisovsky was in an electoral stamp and financed the election campaign of Yeltsin. This is how she "put" everything into Yeltsin's ears. And he imposed a categorical ban on the arrest of Lisovsky and further investigation of him. As a result, there was a paradoxical situation: there is a fully disclosed case of the most high-profile murder of the 1990s, and there are no defendants in it.

As for Boris Berezovsky, mentioned by Zakharov, his role was also determined in the case. He knew that Listyev was going to kill, but did nothing. However, he himself was not the customer or organizer of the crime. The same role in the case was assigned to Boris Zosimov. However, with him there is a certain understatement. Probably, all the same, he not only knew about the prepared violence, since it was also about his money.

The version of the Prosecutor General's Office was fully confirmed in the report of Interpol, which conducted an investigation into the Solntsevo group.

As for Sergei Lisovsky, he did not go to prison. He even became a senator. However, in the opinion of, this person has an indelible "brand". From which he tries to get rid for almost a quarter of a century.

In the beginning, with the filing of Lisowski, the investigation was attempted on a false track, reducing the murder to the domestic version. Listiev had an affair with a girl who simultaneously met with a very vicious "authority", on account of which there were many human lives. They say, "authority" and gave their fighters a command to eliminate Vladislav.

Later, officers of the 10th division of the RUBOP of Moscow and SOBR detained a group of professional killers headed by Andrei Chelyshev in Central Asia during a special operation. They carried out a lot of resonant crimes, including the liquidation of the vice-mayor of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Manevich. About this in detail told. For their transportation to Moscow, a specially rented plane was used. And then, during the interrogations, Andrei Chelyshev unexpectedly confessed to eliminating Listyev and gave detailed testimony. The Prosecutor General's Office began to check them, it took quite some time. Then it became clear that Chelyshev was lying and leading the investigation along a false track. But why did he do it? Soon it turned out. It turned out that the head of the 10th division of the RUBOP Vitaly Serdyukov studied with Sergei Lisovsky and she was a longtime friend. It was Lisovsky who paid for the plane to transport the Chelyshev group. And at the same time, the latter was persuaded to "take over" Listyeva and thereby to lead the Prosecutor General's Office from the real executors of the murder and "customers."

Now Dmitry Dmitry Zakharov was shown with his false version that the "customer" is not Lisovsky, but Berezovsky.


Ivan Kupinov