In the city of Tchaikovsky, Perm Territory, it has long been clear that someone in Perm is covering up the criminal sins of the deputy head of the Tchaikovsky urban district, Alexei Valentinovich Agafonov, the former head of the Tchaikovsky department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Whatever he did at Tchaikovsky, he got away with it. After the arrest of his older brother, the puzzle came together. This is Governor Dmitry Makhonin. Details are available from

The elder Agafonov was arrested on October 6, 2023:

Andrei Agafonov, until September 20, 2023, headed the internal security department (OSB) of the operational search bureau (OPB) of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Perm Territory. On September 20, Andrei Agafonov was taken into custody. The next day, September 21, a criminal case was opened against him. On October 5, the lieutenant colonel was detained; on October 6, he was sent into custody by the decision of the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Perm and dismissed from the police “for negative reasons.”

According to the charge brought on October 9, the head of the OSB OPB, Andrei Valentinovich Agafonov, committed abuse of office out of selfish or other personal interest (clause “e”, part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). From August 23, 2022 to August 1, 2023, he collected personal data of some citizens through official information databases and sold them to interested parties, the investigation believes.

The younger brother of the arrested person, Alexei Valentinovich Agafonov, was present at the trial and offered to post bail in the amount of one million rubles. I tried to cover the older man, but it didn’t work.

Judge Natalya Pogadayeva supported the prosecutor's arguments and left Andrei Agafonov in pre-trial detention until November 21. The accused faces 3 to 10 years in prison.

As found out, Valentin Agafonov’s father had two sons, Andryusha and Alyosha. Back in Soviet times, my father worked as the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Bolshesosnovsky district of the Perm region. Both sons went to serve in the police, so to speak, in their father’s footsteps. It is a pity that the influential father did not instill in his sons the main quality for serving in law enforcement - respect for the laws.


The eldest son of Agafonov, Andrei Valentinovich, is already in prison, while the second son, Alexei Valentinovich Agafonov, mired in criminal habits and disregard for the laws, is planning to be imprisoned by the governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin... to the chair of the head of the Tchaikovsky urban district? Unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale, this is a true story about the Agafonov brothers

The younger brother, Alexey Valentinovich Agafonov, currently continues to work as the first deputy head of the administration of the Tchaikovsky urban district, chief of staff. And what is striking is that the governor of the Perm Territory is considering his candidacy as a candidate for the competition for the post of head of the Tchaikovsky urban district instead of the outgoing Vostrikov Yu.G. At the same time, of course, Makhonin is aware of all the criminal tails of this “competitor”.

Criminal incidents involving Alexey Valentinovich Agafonov were hidden and their tracks were covered. We hope that after the loss of influence in the authorities and the arrest of the elder Agafonov, they will remember the younger one.

A.V. Agafonov was appointed head of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Chaikovsky district in 2016. Let us list examples of outright criminal situations that were probably covered up by his older brother.

Illegally privatized municipal apartment.

Head of the Tchaikovsky Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs A.V. Agafonov was bought wholeheartedly in the first months of service - the head of the district, Vostrikov Yu.G. illegally transferred to the Agafonov family a municipal three-room apartment on Azina Street and subsequently allowed this apartment to be privatized, although before moving to Tchaikovsky, the Agafonov family already owned housing. The completely illegal privatization of a municipal apartment by the Agafonovs went unnoticed by anyone!

Illegal employment of wife.

Agafonov's wife Natalya was married to the head of the Chaikovsky district, Yu.G. Vostrikov, in 2017. again illegally assigned to the position of director of a children's art school in the village of Foki. Lidiya Klyachina, who worked for about 20 years as the director of this school, was dismissed in February 2017 without explanation (clause 2 of Article 278 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). She appealed to the Tchaikovsky City Prosecutor's Office with a demand to check the legality of the appointment of a new director to the vacant position. The Tchaikovsky city prosecutor's office confirmed the arguments of Lydia Klyachina. During the inspection, it was established that the wife of the head of the Tchaikovsky department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, N.P. Agafonova, was appointed director of the Tchaikovsky District School of Arts. does not have a higher education, the necessary certificate of the presence or absence of a criminal record, and has not passed the certification required for this position.


The prosecutor's office submitted representations to the head of the Chaikovsky district, Yuri Vostrikov, as well as to the head of the Department of Culture and Youth Policy of the Chaikovsky district administration, Elena Smirnova, about the illegality of the appointment of Natalya Agafonova. But the scandal was covered up and N.P. Agafonova was left as director.

Agafonova N.P. rendered being unable to run a children's art school, which is not surprising. The school under her directorship is constantly shaken by scandals and conflicts. Most experienced teachers were driven out of work by this “new broom”. For example, in 2022, illegally dismissed teacher Kudashina V.V. managed to win the trial and receive compensation for illegal dismissal of more than 300 thousand rubles. They paid from the budget, Natalya Agafonova was covered. This is not an isolated example.

Criminal case by order.

In 2017, a criminal case was whipped up against the mayor of Tchaikovsky, A.V. Tretyakov. and his deputy Smyshlyaeva N.V. regarding the illegal transfer of a municipal apartment to Smyshlyaeva’s minor daughter. No, we will not claim that Tretyakov and Smyshlyaeva did not try to take away the municipal apartment. They did, it has been established. But there are nuances - Smyshlyaeva’s apartment was returned to the municipality, and, despite this, Tretyakov, the father of 3 minor children, and N.V. Smyshlyaeva, the mother of a minor daughter, both received real sentences and have already served time. We would like to remind you that the Agafonov family illegally privatized a three-room apartment at the same time and does not intend to return it. And there are dozens, if not hundreds of such cases - the distribution of municipal apartments illegally during the period of Vostrikov’s work as head of the Tchaikovsky district. Suffice it to remember that in the former military town of Markovsky, Tchaikovsky district, a whole house - No. 11, more than 40 excellent apartments - was given away to its people and those they needed. No one has sat down yet.

The Tretyakov case began to develop in 2017 during a friendly drinking party at the Razdolye recreation center, owned by Yu.G. Vostrikov and his friend A.A. Grazhdankin, with the participation of the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Tchaikovsky district A.V. Agafonov. There the idea was born to eliminate the mayor of the city, Tretyakov. Through the initiation of a criminal case, the only goal of this hastily put together case was to eliminate Vostrikov’s competitor in the upcoming elections. Ultimately, they carried out the plan for revenge against Alexei Tretyakov. No matter how much Tretyakov and Smyshlyaeva tried to reduce the case to at least a suspended sentence, it did not work. We admit that the case of Mayor Tretyakov was “protected” by Agafonov’s older brother.

Information about the conflict with traffic police inspectors involving the drunken Agafonov A.A. is hidden.

On February 27, 2019, in Chaikovsky, a traffic police squad stopped a Toyota Land Cruiser car number 777, where drunken deputy heads of the ChGO A.V. Agafonov were passengers. and Gerasimov I.F. Standing at a combat post, traffic police officers noticed that this car was moving around the city in strange zigzags and was violating traffic rules, creating a real threat to all road users. The driver of the car, shady Tchaikovsky entrepreneur and friend of the head of Vostrikov, Inkin Alexander was very drunk. Former policeman Agafonov tried to get rid of the drunk driver, but it didn’t work. They drew up a protocol in which the deputies, Agafonov and Gerasimov, were also included as persons interfering with the work of traffic police inspectors. The story became public, there was a big scandal, the driver lost his license, but both deputy heads of the ChGO escaped punishment.

Witnesses said: “In general, the brave employees of the state traffic inspectorate began to draw up a report on the traffic boor, and the drunken deputy head of the Tchaikovsky urban settlement Alexey Valentinovich Agafonov fell out of the back seat and began to “bend his fingers,” that is, to “resolve the issue on the merits.” But the morally stable employees of the Russian Law Enforcement Service politely asked their former boss (of course, they immediately recognized the drunken passenger as the former head of the Tchaikovsky police, A.V. Agafonov) not to interfere with the work of the inspectors to draw up a report on the violator Inkin. Drunk Agafonov did not accept the development of events and began to “turn on the formidable boss.” The traffic police officers had no choice but to include Agafonov in the protocol, reflecting his real condition on paper.”

By and large, there should have been an internal investigation. The case should not have gone unnoticed. But nothing like that happened, Agafonov was not fired, the incident was hushed up!

Arrow with crime boss


In August 2020, information spread on social networks about the atrocities of a strange campaign - the deputy heads of the Tchaikovsky urban district Alexei Agafonov and Ivan Gerasimov, and with them the local crime boss Vyacheslav Kostromitin in the cafe “U Saifutdin” in the Votkinsk district. From the published reports it followed that the officials and the recently imprisoned authority figure Kostromitin, nicknamed “Kostroma,” after having lunch, refused to pay the bill. In addition, in order to “put” the owner in his place, they threatened to burn down the cafe. Video footage of these “distinguished guests” visiting the cafe has also been circulated on social networks. The charges were so serious that the officials named could have gotten into trouble in court.


With the question of whether all this really happened, journalists turned to the owner of the cafe, Saifutdin Abdurakhmanov. The entrepreneur confirmed that On August 5, he contacted the Votkinsk police and wrote a statement. And the whole story described on social networks is the pure truth.


Information about the entrepreneur’s statement was also confirmed by the Intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Votkinsky”. The official response to the request states (quote):

“08/05/2020, Saifutdin Zainitdinovich Abdurakhmanov addressed the Votkinsky Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with a written statement that on 07/29/2020 in his cafe located at the village. New st. Postroechnaya 29, employees of the Tchaikovsky city administration and an authority named Slava arrived, who threatened him and demanded money.”


Saifutdin Abdurakhmanov’s statement was registered in the Intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Votkinsky” No. 19434 dated 08/05/2020. An inspection was ordered. But this matter was hushed up and Agafonov continued to work in the ChGO Administration!


Fanavi Zekrin's drunken rides were covered up.

This case also remained uninvestigated, no one was punished, Agafonov covered it up. On December 6, 2022, Zekrin Fanavi Khaybrakhmanovich, rector of the Tchaikovsky Institute of Physical Education, was detained at night drunk while driving a black Ford Kuga government car belonging to the Institute of Physical Education. The car was sent to the impound lot, Fanavi Zekrin was placed in a pre-trial detention center. A crowd of “the best people in the city,” led by A.V. Agafonov, circled around the Tchaikovskaya traffic police department for half a day, and rescued their little man! Zekrin got away with everything, he wasn’t even deprived of his license!


They wrote on social networks: Another drinking member of Vostrikov’s team was covered up and not punished in any way.


MUP "Oscar" was plundered, bankrupted and sold, no one was punished

Starting in 2016, in less than three years, under the control of officials of the Tchaikovsky administration, the previously thriving enterprise of the municipal unitary enterprise Oscar was destroyed. Before Yu.G. Vostrikov’s “team” took on this enterprise. and Agafonov A.V., it successfully carried out work under contracts for the provision of food in schools, institutions, and hospitals in the Tchaikovsky district. The company was financially stable, had its own premises, production equipment, and a team of experienced employees. The head of Tchaikovsky had an “extreme need” to transfer contracts for food for schools and hospitals, partly to Elion LLC, partly to the private business of Vostrikov himself, that is, to rake in a profitable business for himself.

At the Oscar municipal unitary enterprise, Yu.G.’s nephew was appointed director. Vostrikov - Alexander Vostrikov, who had neither experience as a manager nor relevant education. With the help of his nephew, Oscar was deprived of contracts and began to steal, selling equipment and material assets at low prices. To cover up the facts of theft, the MUP was transformed into Oscar LLC and a deputy director was appointed, under whose leadership the enterprise was finally destroyed and bankrupt.

In April 2023, the Tchaikovsky City Court nevertheless found the former director of the Oscar municipal unitary enterprise, Stanislav Aleksandrovich Korolev, guilty of embezzling 1.3 million rubles from the company’s accounts.

According to the investigation of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Chaikovsky city district, the convicted person, being the director of a limited liability company, using his official position, from May to December 2020, using a bank business card linked to the organization’s current account, paid for goods purchased in stores for own needs.

The court sentenced the culprit to imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of 1 million rubles. The court decided to consider the imposed sentence of imprisonment as suspended.

It can be assumed here that the machinations with the destruction of the Oscar municipal unitary enterprise were covered up by Agafonov’s “big brother” from Perm. It is known that the convicted Korolev S.A. For several years he was a confidant and personal attorney in the illegal affairs of Alexey Valentinovich Agafonov himself. It was at his instigation that this rogue and informant of Alexei Valentinovich received not only the position of director of the municipal unitary enterprise, having neither experience nor education, but also the opportunity to shamelessly plunder the formerly rich enterprise. If not for Agafonov, Korolev would have been imprisoned for a long time and deservedly.

Similar criminal stories involving the drunken Agafonov A.V. in Tchaikovsky dozens will tell you. In the administration of the ChGO there is a general problem with drunkenness - Vostrikov himself constantly goes on binges, hiding behind fake sick notes. Both of his deputies are also heavy drinkers - and Agafonov A.V. and Gerasimov I.F.


Remove Vostrikov, leave the criminal roof?

In Tchaikovsky, it is a well-known fact that the head is Vostrikov Yu.G. and his deputy Agafonov A.V. They don’t care about the prosecutor’s office, the investigative authorities, or the traffic police. In Tchaikovsky they hope that after the arrest of the elder Agafonov, the security forces will delve into the criminal exploits of the younger one and open this abscess on Tchaikovsky’s body. Indeed, it’s time to stop this criminal chaos in Tchaikovsky! This unique personality is trying to become the main contender for the election of the head of the Tchaikovsky urban district. It’s time for Makhonin to stop, otherwise he might even be left without a post!

Denis Zhirnov