In light of recent events, a new investigation is devoted to the topic of fires and fire safety, so you have to plunge a little into the past and recall some tragic events in order to understand the present further in the article.

As everyone knows, on November 24, 2003 in Moscow at night in the hostel No. 6 of the RUDN University, where first-year students lived, a fire broke out. The start of the fire was room number 203, in which three female students from Nigeria lived. It was empty at the time of the fire. When firefighters arrived at the hostel, the entire facade of the building was already engulfed in flames, which broke out. The fires were located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It was on these floors that most of the dead lived. Subsequently, the fire spread to the 4th and 5th floors. Students and employees of the university jumped out of the windows on these floors and for this reason were seriously injured - some broke their limbs, others injured their spine and head, and some were killed. Those who did not dare to jump out of the window died during the fire.


This is only a mean official report - 43 dead, 182 injured.

According to investigations, one of the causes of the tragedy in 2003 was the missing (or inoperative) fire alarm and automatic warning system, while the doors in the corridors did not have seals that could contain the spread of fire.

The longest sentence in the form of two years in prison with serving a sentence in a colony-settlement was assigned to a fire inspector, an engineer of the first regional department of state fire supervision of the SWAD of Moscow. It was the inspector who did not use his right to close the RUDN hostel until the shortcomings he identified were eliminated.

And what do we see now? How is RUDN University struggling with the so-called "soviet" past?

According to the information posted in the FSIS "Unified Register of Inspections", from April 01, 2022 to July 31, 2022. в отношении РУДН были осуществлены контрольно-надзорные мероприятия: КНМ №77220061000102434908, 77220061000102434959, 77220061000102519396, 77220061000102519415, 77220061000102354330, 77220061000102354259, 77220061000102301893, 77220061000101822431, в соответствии с которыми установлено, что в университете неоднократно автоматической̆ пожарной̆ сигнализацией̆ были сформированы сообщения о пожаре (ложные вызовы) , in the absence of fire factors, this may indicate that it is in disrepair. The procedure for interaction during the maintenance and repair of fire protection elements, as well as facility warning systems in buildings, is carried out by PFUR.

Thus, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for Moscow repeatedly, from April 01, 2022 to July 31, 2022, recorded the facts of a malfunction of the automatic fire alarm in RUDN University, which indicates that the university ignored the results of control and supervision measures and did not restore working capacity and serviceability of the automatic fire system.


Thus, the automatic fire system poses a threat of harm to the health and life of citizens, associated with ensuring the possibility of timely detection of a fire, notification of all people about it and organization of evacuation located in buildings and structures of RUDN University.

Reminds me of nothing????

Just a few days ago, namely on the night of July 29, 2022, 8 people burned alive in a hostel on Almaty Street. The fire alarm also did not work and there were instructions from the fire authorities, to which the owners of the hostel did not respond.

In 2003, there were the same instructions regarding RUDN University, but no one reacted to them properly, and a tragedy occurred that claimed the lives of 43 people!!!

And as we can see, non-compliance with the instructions of the fire authorities is the norm for RUDN University!!! They seem to hope for a chance!!! Maybe it won't happen, maybe they will!

 But this is not the only thing that in RUDN University resembles the situation with the hostel on Almaty Street that burned down on the night of July 29, 2022 ...

Currently, RUDN University settles students in hostels like a herring in a barrel, namely: 4 people per bunk beds in one living room, despite the prohibition of Rospotrebnadzor and the university's obligations to eliminate the identified violations and resettle everyone in accordance with existing standards. Never in the history of the university have foreign students been accommodated in this way. It is hard to imagine how a person can live 5-7 years in such conditions, and even more so study, given the difficult epidemiological situation associated with the spread of a new coronavirus infection.



And those who can afford better living conditions are settled in more comfortable rooms, but for other money, where students pay for the so-called "additional services". And what is included in the package of so-called "additional services"?

According to the information posted on the official website of RUDN University, the range of additional services includes: an additional amount of furniture; TV, refrigerator; elevated comfort level; the possibility of connecting additional electrical appliances in agreement with the University (that is, the actual resident pays both for electricity and for being allowed to use an outlet in agreement with the University), while the state allocates funds to pay for the communal apartment in full, and RUDN University for the outlet demands money from students. The amount of payment for a place to live in a hostel varies up to 14,000 rubles per month, depending on the type and level of comfort of the room, as well as a set of "additional services". The relevant orders are posted on the RUDN website:

At the same time, the new progressive leadership of the university allows blatant violations of fire safety standards during the repair of premises in buildings and structures, and all thanks to the new vice-rector for capital construction Gorovater Boris Gennadievich from the new Filippov-Yastrebov team.

Under the strict guidance of Mr. Yastrebov Oleg Alexandrovich and at the direction of Boris Gorovater, fire-prevention dividing partitions are demolished, evacuation exits are removed, combustible paints such as PF-115 enamel are used for interior work, which must be kept away from fire and direct sunlight, and all for the whim of the rector Oleg Yastrebov and vice-rector Elena Apasova, who imagines herself a designer and global trendsetter at the university. And the control and supervisory authorities close their eyes to all these violations.

Maybe we should stop and think: “Is there a need for such a “new development strategy” and “effective university management” promoted by Oleg Yastrebov, based on a money-making scheme?” After all, as they say: “No matter how the rope twists, the end will come anyway; the truth will break its own way. Sooner or later, all this will lead to another terrible tragedy on a global scale, which will cost the lives and health of students and university staff.

Isn't it time for Mr. Yastrebov, Gorovater and Mrs. Apasova to understand that a fire in a hostel is not worth all the money in the world, that human lives are priceless and should not be sacrificed for the sake of their own satisfaction of the need for greed.

Definitely needs to be repaired. No one argues that renovated buildings must comply with new trends in construction, architecture, design, be comfortable and convenient. The question is that this must be organized legally in accordance with the current legislation of Russia, since the renovated buildings and premises must be safe for the people living in them. The life and health of people, their safety should be a priority for the leadership of RUDN University.

For example, under the personal guidance of Vladimir Filippov, RUDN Rector Oleg Yastrebov, Vice-Rector Elena Apasova and Vice-Rector Boris Gorovater developed a design concept for the renovation of dormitory No. 7, which is located just 100 meters from the burned-out block 6, which was written about earlier (registration purchase number No. 32110088304) .

In hostels, windows with fixed glazing shutters are used. “We have developed a new concept of the rooms,” rector Oleg Yastrebov says in a direct line with students. So for a moment, what about the possibility of evacuating people in case of fire? Fire safety rules provide for the mandatory equipping of dormitories with rope fire escapes from 2 floors and above, in which people live. But if the sashes are deaf and there is a small window opening, then how can people evacuate through the rescue structures of rope ladders? These rope ladders do not fit into the interior design designed by Mrs. Elena Apasova? Maybe you should bet on the safety of people, and not on beauty and design? The dead people and their relatives, in principle, in this case, beauty and design are indifferent, since beauty and design will not be returned to life.


That is, RUDN University carries out a major overhaul without a project, only according to the conceptual and design solutions of Ms. Elena Apasova, without taking into account building rules and regulations and legal requirements in the field of fire safety? Why are the inspection bodies turning a blind eye to all this chaos?

In this article, we will not talk in detail about the fact that work in Unit 7 began long before the competition to select the “right” contractor, which is affiliated and controlled by Oleg’s father, Yastrebov Sr., we will not discuss whether the repair estimate was overestimated work, which amounted to 74 million rubles, and taking into account all the additional work, it became all 95 million, since all this data can be found in the accounting department, the RUDN contract service and open sources of information, we will not go into details today how the university signed additional agreements on this contract according to a well-established scheme for extending the term and increasing the scope of work - now something else is important! Human life, people's health and their safety are important, because life and health cannot be bought for any amount of money and goods of the world. And no matter how trite it may sound, but each of us understands that this is the truth and the truth. Each of us will think and agree that if there are shutters with blind glazing, then the only remaining small window that can open is at such a height that no one can get out of the room on fire or in conditions of terrible smoke. And according to the law, a rope ladder must somehow be installed to this small window. And how will the fire brigade evacuate people from such beautiful rooms with such windows? Under emergency circumstances, this task will not be feasible ... And people will be burned alive in a beautiful and comfortable environment. And the probability of fire and smoke cannot be ruled out, given the materials used in the repair work ...

Photo 7 block:




Or let's take the repair of a sports complex, where PF-115 paint is used in the painting rooms, including for coating metal structures, which would flare up faster.

What about installing a non-certified elevator from the basement to the first floor in the lobby of the main building? (Contract No. 30-7804/513 EK dated December 22, 2020) Installation of false partitions and demolition of fireproof partitions? Dismantling

smoke extraction systems?


Hall of the main building, filming date 12/27/2021



Or placing in the basement, where there are no windows with which you can get out, the premises for storing documents?



As a result of the renovation of classrooms and halls, RUDN University will not be ready for the start of the academic year, because all efforts are now focused on creating comfortable working conditions for the new progressive team, and not on repairing classrooms, laboratories, or purchasing equipment necessary for the normal conduct of the educational process. And as our sources of information say, as a result of such repairs, in some places the walls are already beginning to collapse, people are afraid, whispering, but will the building built in the 1960s not turn out like a house of cards with such a quality of repair work? But it is impossible to ask such questions directly to the rector or vice-rector, because people know the experience of their brave and honest colleagues who have long been fired.

And who will be responsible for everything done by the new progressive team? Who will take responsibility? For demolished fire partitions, fire tambours, for the lack of fireproof paint and more?

Doesn't Boris Gennadyevich, specially appointed by the father of the new rector to the position of vice-rector for capital construction, know about such "trifles" as the current legislation in the field of construction, repair and fire safety?

Although why should he worry about some kind of fire safety, the value of human life and people's health - after all, the main goal is to contribute to the income of the "holy" family, reminiscent of a syndicate of the underworld ... And let others think about fire safety ... After all, everything is paid for, and whoever comes to us with a check, with that we will solve the issue. This is Russia, baby! For such money everything is provided, everything is taken into account and everything is included in the best hotels in Turkey and Egypt!

Is it really the fire of 2003 in RUDN University, or the fire in Lame Horse, Winter Cherry, in the port of St. Petersburg, where, apparently, the same paint burned that was used during repair work in RUDN University, or hostel on Almaty street - does not teach anything, people do not draw conclusions and do not extract the experience gained under such tragic, terrible and sad circumstances?

The "new policy" and "new effective management" of RUDN University, in fact, doom people to death, because the university leadership has forgotten that the most important thing is the safety of people's health and life. You can’t put “loot” on the iconostasis in a corner and worship him as God, sacrificing people’s lives.

To all this horror and lawlessness, the position of law enforcement and control and supervisory authorities is surprising, which reason and think according to the principle “let them first make repairs, withdraw money, and then we will give a legal assessment of their actions.” It seems that our valiant defenders of law and order have stocked up on popcorn and are quietly watching the continuation of the thriller series “Backdraft or another fire in ...”, which has long outstripped the no less famous series “Santa Barbara” in terms of the number of episodes.

Gentlemen from law enforcement and regulatory authorities, what are we waiting for? The second coming of Christ with the three horsemen of the apocalypse and the beginning of the “judgment day”? What is the need for victims of fire and death of people, if it is possible to take preventive measures? Why were the phrases “in order to ensure the rule of law, unity and strengthening the rule of law, protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, as well as the legally protected interests of society and the state” written in legal acts and laws? For the beauty of words and sentences, as well as with the beauty and fashionable design of the premises of Mrs. Elena Apasova along with the “great” Mr. Boris Gorovater, the main “solver of all issues” for the no less “precious” Oleg Yastrebov? Maybe you shouldn't force your parents to look for me hundred in the cemetery for their "bloods", whom they have been raising and educating for so many years?

We sincerely hope that by the release of the next article the situation with fire safety at RUDN University will change for the better and safer for people, we hope that the leadership of RUDN University still has at least some system of moral and moral values ​​and they will think about the value of human life, because these people are, after all, someone's children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers.

And in the future, we will show how, with such repairs, not millions, but hundreds of billions of rubles are withdrawn from the university budget !!!!

We sincerely condole with all the families whose children and relatives died as a result of fires, and we hope that our article was able to save at least one innocent soul and human life and prevent a fire.

Please consider this article as an official appeal to law enforcement agencies and Minister of Higher Education and Science Valery Falkov

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov