Source: continues the story of the ruling elite of North Ossetia. Today we will talk about the head of the republic, Vyacheslav Bitarov, whom everyone in the republic calls Pivnik. So scornfully his name is, not only for the beer business, but also because of his life's journey. There is nothing worthy of respect in this biography. Rather, a textbook on how a man should not be, and even more so a native of the Caucasus. The textbook has a couple of chapters that are now being studied in the TFR and the FSB. For example, on the relationship of Bitarov with the leader of the largest organized crime group, Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). We, together with our sources, will "disassemble" the head of the republic.

The case of Aslan Gagiev’s gang has so far been investigated by 20 percent, there are still a lot of materials with which to work. It would be a desire. Moreover, of the dozens of contract killings committed by the gang, customers have not been established at all. And if Dzhako himself begins to testify, then all this current ruling elite of North Ossetia in full force will go to jail. While Gagiev is silent, the operatives have to study wiretaps. During private conversations, Dzhako repeatedly remembered Vyacheslav Bitarov. For example, he said the following: "I gave money to this p..u Pivnik at his factory." And this phrase explains how Bitarov, having one restaurant with craft beer, suddenly became the owner of a huge Bavaria brewery. According to sources, Bitaev was also helped in purchasing Bavaria: the owner of the Salyut plant Elbrus Komaev (financially) and the current mayor of Vladikavkaz Tamerlan Farniev (organizationally). Both were members of the Aslan Gagiev Family. It was thanks to the murders committed by the killers of Dzhako that Komaev became the owner of the Salute. And Farniev, having been in the mid-2000s in the basement of the Gagiev cottage near Moscow, swore allegiance to him forever.

As follows from the wiretaps, Gagiev considered Bitarov, Komaev, Farniev his "wards." At the same time he spoke very impartially about them. Dzhako had respect for only one of the wards - Arthur Gagloev (Storms). “Only a storm is a man,” said Gagiev.

However, you can understand Dzhako. About what kind of man Bitarov says his political biography. He literally got into big politics through the bed. Bitarov started an affair with the respected and influential Chairman of the Parliament of North Ossetia Larisa Khabitseva.

At the dawn of their relationship, Khabitseva was 60 years old, and Bitarov was 49. This love alliance brought Bitarov deputy and ties. Then Khabitseva shoved him into the government of the North Ossetia. And then it all depended on one person - the influential and powerful mayor of Vladikavkaz Sergei Dzantiev.

At that time, it was "person number 1" in North Ossetia. The then President of the North Ossetia Tamerlan Aguzarov was politically weak, was already sick with leukemia, needed constant treatment. Then, as Dzantieva had a huge influence not only in the republic, but also at the federal level. He was a member of the presidential administration, he knew Vladislav Surkov quite well. As soon as Bitarov did not seek out Dzantiev in order to get into his close circle. What he just did not do. Decisive was the recommendation of Khabitseva, and now the cherished dream of Bitarov came true. He fell into the inner circle of Dzantiev.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov