As it became known to, a certain LLC Megapolis (TIN 7842520170) with the involvement of unidentified persons in the historical center of St. Petersburg carried out the demolition of the complex of buildings of the Troitsky market, located at the address: St. Petersburg, Admiralteisky district, Fontanka river embankment, house 130a , letter A, B, C, D, E (cadastral number of the land plot 78: 32: 0001614: 3806), in the absence of permits.

This is a recognized masterpiece of Stalinist neoclassicism, erected in 1951 by the renowned architect Lazar Khidekel.

The demolition of the buildings was carried out as part of the construction of the elite club house "Troitsky", and all the work was carried out in the absence of a building permit, i.e. is actually illegal.

Previously, the project was heavily criticized by the City Council. The main claims are that the house will be spoiled by the "postcard views" of the Trinity Cathedral from the Fontanka embankment; will violate the sanitary zone around the Psychiatric Hospital; will increase the load on social facilities (school, kindergarten). The high value of the main building of the Trinity Market was also noted.

Why are the market disrupters acting so boldly? It's simple. The developer of the project is Bronka Development, and an advertisement for a new club house with excellent views, where some apartments offer views of the Trinity Cathedral, has already been posted on the company's official website. The Megapolis company itself is linked through a long chain of legal entities with Bronka Group, the Izmeron plant and other assets of the Murov-Negodov family link.

Евгений Муров

LLC "Bronka Group" is the heir to the assets of the disgraced St. Petersburg billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who was called the "governor of 24 hours" in the city. Mikhalchenko's influence was based on the power of his partners: General of the Army Yevgeny Murov, who until May 2016 was in charge of the FSO of Russia, and Lieutenant General of the FSB Nikolai Negodov, formerly deputy head of the FSB for St. Petersburg and Lenobolasti. After Mikhalchenko was arrested by officers of the "K" Department of the FSB, the partners did not fit in for him, but simply took over his entire business, which includes the port of Bronco itself, the Unified Document Center on Krasnye Tekstilshchikov Street, the Izmeron plant, a restaurant chain and elite boutiques clothes. Now the 25-year-old grandson of Murov Nikita is listed as the general director of Bronka Group, and his daughter Natalya Negodova is his deputy. Among the owners of the Bronka Group Management Company, which de facto owns Bronka Group LLC, you can see Nikita and Natalia, as well as Nikolai Negodov himself and Yevgeny Murov's wife Lyudmila.

According to available information from sources of close to the market for dismantling services in St. Petersburg, Gosstroynadzor actually had information about the performance of work in this area in the absence of a construction permit at the end of 2020, but did not stop them, and the dismantling itself " did not notice. "

Explanation of the specialist: “Any new construction, including at the site of demolished buildings, can be carried out solely on the basis of a building permit, in accordance with the project documentation and in the presence of a positive expert opinion. At the same time, dismantling works are subject to serious design with the subsequent presentation of requirements for documentary closure of these works.

In St. Petersburg, the design process of such a residential building, taking into account the work

for demolition, examination of project documentation and obtaining permission

construction, even with the available administrative resources, will take at least one year. But developers who have land at their disposal

with buildings subject to demolition, they often use a loophole in the Urban Planning Code, excluding the dismantling process from the design process, directing

in Gosstroynadzor a banal notification of the planned demolition. The notification nature of the demolition used by such developers does not imply any inspections, visits, inspections by the supervisory authority. Such a scheme is legal only if there are no intentions of new construction, in all other cases it is required to obtain a building permit and serious architectural and construction design. "

The city authorities knew about the construction of the Troitsky clubhouse long before the start of dismantling, because the architectural and construction appearance of the new elite building with beautiful views of the Trinity Cathedral caused enough controversy, which was put to an end on 12/18/2019 by the Town Planning Council under the Government

Petersburg from 18.12.2019, which approved the existing type of the building. The first

the same meeting of the City Council on the appearance of the building was held on July 10, 2019.

Consequently, the intention of the developer Megapolis LLC to build an elite residential building with a view of the Trinity Cathedral was clear to the city authorities back in July 2019, and advertising for a new project offering this beautiful view has flooded specialized sites since the beginning of 2020.

And here is the complex of buildings of the Trinity Market with carried in full, the official website of the company "Bronka Development" offers views of the apartments and a pedestrian public area, and construction permits, according to the official data of the site of the State Construction Supervision, did not appear. Moreover, the question remains open - where did the tons of construction waste generated from the demolition of the building go? With the illegal demolition of the building, one can safely assume - they left for the roadside bushes and on the wastelands of the suburban zone of the Leningrad region!

To be continued

Arseny Dronov