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The scandal around the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, continues to unfold. And all because of his close friend Alexei Savatyugin. When Kudrin was minister of finance, Savatyugin was his deputy. And now he is an auditor of the Accounts Chamber.

Алексей Саватюгин

But Kudrin, according to him, is actively lobbying Savatyugin for another responsible post. And then in the summer, the auditor's 25-year-old son, Andrei, gets into a very unpleasant story. He became close to a 46-year-old colleague at Maksidom, Natalya Voronova. Former common-law husband of the woman Atom Harutyunyan was jealous. In the course of a domestic conflict, Andrei took out a powerful traumatic pistol and opened fire directly in the face of his opponent. Harutyunyan was injured. Initially, this incident was considered as an attempted murder, so the materials were kept in the Petrograd department of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in St. However, unexpectedly, the resolution on the qualification of Savatyugin's actions under Articles 30 and 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attempted murder) was canceled. Then the materials were thrown into the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Petrogradskiy District, where they decided not to bring Andrei Savatyugin to justice due to the absence of corpus delicti in his actions. The prosecutor's office overturned this decision. Then, on the sly, the investigator closed the case for .... Reconciliation of the parties. Moreover, he even tried to hide this fact from the victim. The source assures that both significant changes in the case occurred after Kudrin's personal calls. has at its disposal a complaint to the prosecutor's office about such, to put it mildly, a strange decision of the investigator.



In the proceedings of the SU UMVD of Russia for the Petrogradskiy district there was a criminal case No. 11901400010000855 on the charges of A.A. Savatyugin. in the commission of a crime under clause "h" part 2 of article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ...

On the termination of the criminal case to A.E. Harutyunyanu it became known from the decisions of the investigator I.N. from 08.11.2020 on the refusal to satisfy the requests for familiarization with the case materials and for the interrogation of an expert and the appointment of an additional ballistic examination in the case.

A copy of the decision to terminate the criminal case dated 15.10.2020 A.E. Harutyunyan did not receive.


I believe that the decision to terminate the criminal case was made illegally and unreasonably and is subject to cancellation on the following grounds:


Reconciliation between A.A. Savatyugin and Harutyunyan A.E. did not take place, the moral and material damage caused by the crime was not compensated, any other actions aimed at making amends for the harm, A.A. Savatyugin has not been attempted.

In accordance with the requirements of Art. 25 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, making amends for the harm caused by a crime is a prerequisite for terminating a criminal case on this basis.

Given that the specified requirement of Article 25 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation has not been fulfilled, the decision to terminate the criminal case of 15.10.2020 is subject to cancellation.

There are grounds for qualifying the actions of A.A. Savatyugin. as a more serious crime.

According to the conclusion of the SME, the inflicted on A.A. Harutyunyan bodily injury is regarded as moderate health harm. However, the same expert conclusion established that the scar at the site of wound healing of the left buccal region is indelible, which indicates the need for qualification of the actions of A.A. Savatyugin. as causing SEVERE harm to health on the basis of permanent disfigurement of the face.

The investigation of the criminal case was incomplete.

During the investigation of this criminal case, A.A. Savatyugin the pistol from which he fired at AE Harutyuyan and 6 cartridges were seized, and 4 cartridges were seized from the scene.

According to the expert opinion Bryzgalova A.The. No. 29 / e / 509-19 dated 10.24.2020, seized from A.A. Savatyugin. the pistol is a traumatic pistol “Grand Power T11-F”, caliber 10x28, serial number 16002653, Russian production. The pistol is factory made and has not been altered. This pistol belongs to the category of traumatic weapons with the ability to fire 10x28 cartridges with rubber bullets. As presented, it does not belong to the category of firearms, pneumatic weapons. The pistol is not suitable for firing shots. during the experimental shooting, the barrel of the pistol was destroyed. Six cartridges confiscated from AA Savatyugin are pistol cartridges of 10x28 caliber with rubber bullets (traumatic) for the 10x28 traumatic pistol “Grand Power T11-F” and other traumatic weapons of 10x28 caliber, with the possibility of firing cartridges with rubber bullets. Suitable for firing shots. Four shell casings, seized during the inspection of the scene, were fired from the presented traumatic pistol “Grand Power T11-F” caliber 10x28, serial number 16002653.

This expert conclusion is not clear enough and incomplete, and therefore there is a need to interrogate the expert L.V. Bryzgalova. and the appointment of additional expert examination in the case.

Unclear conclusion The problem that can be eliminated during the interrogation of the expert is that it is impossible to understand from this conclusion, as a result of which, during the experimental shooting, the barrel of the pistol was destroyed, and whether this could be due to any modification of the cartridges used in the shooting from this gun, as well as whether this malfunction is subject to elimination; is it possible to use other cartridges when firing from the presented weapon, in addition to 10x28 cartridges with rubber bullets.

Incompleteness of the conclusion, requiring the production of additional expertise, is expressed in the fact that the expert was not asked questions about what method of manufacturing the investigated cartridges; whether there are traces of homemade reloading of cartridges and whether any changes have been made to the cartridges submitted for research (including their reinforcement, change in the amount of gunpowder in the cartridge, etc.) and whether the casings removed from the scene contain traces of such changes.

In addition, in the hospital from the body of A.E. Harutyunyan. On March 12, 2019, bullets were seized, which, as far as I know, were not seized by the preliminary investigation authorities. In this connection, there is a need to remove them and pose questions to an expert on these bullets, namely: part of which cartridge model are the bullets submitted for research; what caliber of the bullet and whether it corresponds to the caliber of the weapon from which the shot was fired; whether the bullets presented were fired from the weapon under investigation; whether the bullets and casings taken from the scene of the incident presented for investigation are parts of one cartridge.

Establishment of these circumstances is important for a criminal case, since it affects the correct qualification of the actions of A.A. Savatyugin, since in the event that an examination finds that the patrons with which A.A. Savatyugin fired shots at A.A. Harutyunyan. were reinforced, and, taking into account the number of shots, their localization, close distance, there are grounds for qualifying the actions of A.A. Savatyugin. according to part 3 of article 30 of part 1 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation as attempted murder.

Considering the above, guided by Art. 42, 45, 123, 124 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, -

Алексей Саватюгин


1. To cancel the decision to terminate the criminal case No. 11901400010000855 of 15.10.2020.

2. Return the criminal case to the investigator for additional investigation.

3. Tell the investigator about the need:

- interrogation of the expert L.V. Bryzgalova with the participation of the victim A.E. Harutyunyan and his representative to clarify the conclusion No. 29 / e / 509-19 dated 24.10.2020;

- seizure and admission to the case file as material evidence of the bullets extracted from the body of A.E. Harutyunyan on 12.03.2019;

- appointment of an additional ballistic examination in a criminal case, asking the expert the questions indicated by the representative of the victim in the petition dated 06.11.


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

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