The legal community is closely monitoring the publications of about the gigantic scandal in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. This story showed an extremely unusual approach on the part of the Higher Qualification Commission of the Russian Federation to candidates for senior judicial positions and direct abuse on the part of the head of the Higher Qualification Commission of the Russian Federation Nikolai Timoshin. But today we will not talk about him, but about his son Alexei Timoshin, the prosecutor of the Oryol region.

Николай Тимошин

Nikolai Timoshin, a native of the Oryol region, where he worked as a judge for 17 years, and since 2004 has been a judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, has headed the Higher Qualification Court of the Russian Federation since December 2012. Oddly enough, Mr. Nikolai Timoshin’s own son also followed in his father’s footsteps. Young talent Aleksey Nikolaevich Timoshin was born in 1983 and since 2004 he worked in the judicial system of the Oryol region for 10 years, starting as an assistant judge of the Sovetsky District Court of Orel, later as an assistant to the chairman of the Oryol Regional Court and from September 2010 becoming a judge of the Uritsky District Court Oryol region. And since 2013, the very apparently smart and competent judge Alexey Timoshin has become a judge of the Oryol Regional Court. Career, as they say, is going uphill. With such and such a dad you won’t be able to climb the mountain? After all, a general’s son will become a general, says a well-known joke.

However, by the fall of 2014, something went wrong in Timoshin Jr.’s career. According to the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Oryol Region dated September 26, 2014, which was at the disposal of, Alexey Timoshin resigns as a judge of the Oryol Regional Court and resigns according to his own statement.

Further, judging by the biography of Timoshin Jr., published on the website of the prosecutor's office of the Oryol region in the original edition after his appointment in November 2020 as the first deputy prosecutor of the Oryol region, our hero has been serving in the prosecutor's office since October 2014 as deputy prosecutor of the Zheleznodorozhny district of Oryol and senior assistant regional prosecutor.

That is, there was a somersault from the chair of a regional court judge to deputy prosecutor of the Oryol district! Apparently our hero decided to build a career in the prosecutor’s office, without connecting his name with his dad. But what do we see in the decision of the Oryol Region CCJ dated January 23, 2015? Before our newly-minted prosecutor had time to get used to his new role, according to his statement, the Court of Justice of the Oryol Region decided to stop the resignation of Judge Timoshin Jr. But, apparently, something happened in August-September 2014 that Timoshin was unable to return to the position of judge of the Oryol Regional Court. It was probably lucky to land at the prosecutor's office, and not somewhere else not comfortable. About this desire to return from the prosecutor's office to court, the current prosecutor of the Oryol region, Timoshin A.N. and part-time son of the chairman of the All-Russian Congress of the Russian Federation Timoshin N.V. for some reason he didn’t mention it in his official biography. But in the prosecutor’s office, thanks to such a relative, everything is going quite well. Already a whole regional prosecutor.

In connection with the above facts, the legal community is tormented by vague doubts: what made a successful young judge of a regional court suddenly jump into the chair of a deputy district prosecutor; what prevented him from returning six months later to the judge’s chair with a positive decision of the QCC; what did all this cost our hero’s dad and to whom he and his son are in unpaid debt; and finally, what kind of objectivity of court decisions can we talk about based on the indictments signed by prosecutor A.N. Timoshin?

Yaroslav Mukhtarov