President of the Kurchatov Institute Research Center Mikhail Kovalchuk went on the attack on real academics, real world-renowned scientists. There are several objectives for this attack. The first is to avenge personal insults. The second is to saddle financial flows worth billions of rubles. The loyal assistant to Kovalchuk in this endeavor was the newly made deputy minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Petro Kucherenko. He is better known as the husband of singer Diana Gurtskaya and a participant in the scandalous showdowns in show business. As it became known to, the other day a bunch of Kovalchuk-Kucherenko decided to dismiss the luminary of Russian science, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics named after G.I. Budker Pavel Logachev.

Mikhail Kovalchuk has long been in a rage at the academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, especially at the scientists of the old formation. They do not recognize him as their own, refuse to choose an academician, as a result of which he did not become vice president of the RAS. And the activities of Kovalchuk at the Kurchatov Institute are also not very well evaluated: with him at the institute, "scientists are relegated to the role of quitrent men." The main “fighters” with Kovalchuk are academics from Siberia, including the Novosibirsk academic town. All these scientists are "fundamentally old scoops" for which money is not the main idea of ​​life. Logachev is one of the most prominent representatives of the Novosibirsk academic campus.

This story has a second aspect. Mikhail Kovalchuk positions himself as a specialist in synchrotron radiation. In recent years, there has been a scientific struggle for the development and construction of the best synchrotron source. The Kurchatov Institute of Kovalchuk and the Institute of Nuclear Physics headed by Pavel Logachev competed. The winner was the Logachev Institute. His project was named SKKP “SKIF” - the Center for Collective Use “Siberian Ring Source of Photons”.

SKIF is a pilot project. At the same time, but with a great delay, ISSI-4 was developed - the brainchild of the Kurchatov Institute. The latter turned out to be an extremely outdated model. For comparison, the level is approximately the following: SKIF is iPhone-11, and ISSI-4 is iPhone-5. The SKIF project (3 GeV with low emittance (less than 100 pm)) is a unique and most “advanced” source of Synchrotron Radiation in the world.

It was a huge blow to the vanity of Mikhail Kovalchuk. No less devastating than when it was rolled with admission to the academicians of the RAS. To this can be added the financial aspect. The SKIF project provides for budget investments of 37.1 billion rubles. In particular, a plant should appear to produce electrical "iron" for the project. According to the source of, and here Diana Gurtskaya’s husband Pyotr Kucherenko came to the fore, who in March became deputy head of the Ministry of Education and Science. It is believed that Kucherenko took this post with the support of Kovalchuk. The other day, Kucherenko informed Logachev that he no longer needed his services and that from May 31 an employment contract would be terminated with him. Prepared for readers a chronicle of events.

Construction of a synchrotron source in Novosibirsk

On February 8, 2018, while on a working visit to the Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, the President of Russia, following the results of the meeting, decides to build a synchrotron radiation center. Academicians of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported to the president about the possibility of creating a completely new installation developed by scientists of the Institute of Nuclear Physics named after G.I. Budker and the timing of the commissioning of the object 2024g. The project was named SKKF SKIF, the Center for Collective Use “Siberian Ring Source of Photons”.

07/25/2019 Presidential Decree No. 356 on measures to develop synchrotron and neutron research was signed.

12/23/2019 Signed Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1777 On the implementation of budget investments in the design and construction of the object of the SKIF SKIF worth 37.1 billion rubles ..

01/30/2020 The Federal Scientific and Technical Program for Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 356 was agreed.

03/04/2020 The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 551-r was signed on the approval of a single executor for design and survey work. They opened financing, according to the schedule, the first tranche of 1 billion rubles was transferred to the bank account of the state customer.

On 04/09/2020 a state contract was signed for the performance of survey and design work on the object of the CCIF SKIF between the Customer of the PKU DEZ and the sole design contractor of the TISC JSC GK ROSATOM.

03/01/2020. Prime Minister M.V. Mishustin appointed P.A. Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Kucherenko, who twenty days later decides to conduct a personnel revolution at the Russian Academy of Sciences, notifying the director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics named after G.I. Budkera P.V. Logacheva on disinterest on behalf of the ministry to renew the contract with him.

To understand the question of who Kucherenko is, here are a few excerpts from old publications.

For the first time, Pyotr Kucherenko made the majority of the "yellow" and not only the media in December 2004 talk about himself. Then, an article was published in Express-newspaper under the heading “The Factory” seized the lawyer Gurtskaya in the groin. ” It said that the lawyer of Diana Gurtskaya Petro Kucherenko helped the singer to terminate the contract with the company "ARS", which belongs to the producer Igor Krutoy. At the same time, he shocked the public with statements about how the General Director of ARS, Vyacheslav Kormiltsev, beat him right during the negotiations, and Vyacheslav’s girlfriend, singer Maria Rzhevskaya, almost bit off his genitals with his fangs.

Once again, the media started talking about Petra Kucherenko a few months later - in March 2005. Then his official wedding took place with Diana Gurtskaya.

At one time, Kucherenko worked as an assistant to the politician and deputy Galina Starovoitova. After the death of Starovoitova, Kucherenko quickly made a career in the Democratic Russia party, and in 2001 he joined the Union of Right Forces and even became a member of its political council. And after the defeat in the elections and the split in the Union of Right Forces, he hastened to trumpet the creation of a committee to support the former co-chair of the SPS, Irina Khakamada, in the 2004 presidential election.

“In the Izmailovo Concert Hall, with the support of the Union of Right Forces Party, the Right Youth Forum was held,” Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported in 2003. “The party leadership - Boris Nemtsov and Irina Khakamada, as well as the“ youth wing ”of the SPS represented by Andrei Wulf, Alexander Barannikov and Peter Kucherenko in their speeches tried to match the audience as much as possible.” It is noteworthy that Andrei Wulf and Alexander Barannikov became famous for being the first open representatives of the gay community in the State Duma, who actively defended the interests of their “community”. Kucherenko, who joined them, never spoke about his sexual orientation, but he was always with Andrei and Sasha. The last two of political life have fallen. But Kucherenko stayed afloat. It is difficult to say with accuracy which community is promoting it. But Peter managed to work in the apparatus of the governor of the Samara region, the State Duma, until he found himself in a responsible position in the Federation Council. And from there he went to the Ministry of Education and Science.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov