Source: continues to publish criminal case materials on bribing employees of the Investigative Committee for the release of “authority” Andrei Kochuykov (Italian), a close associate of “thief in law” Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young). In this article we will give testimonies of three main persons involved: Zakhar Kalashov, Andrei Kochuykov and Oleg Sheykhametov (Oleg Sheikh). Kochuykov together with Sheikhametov in the 90s were the authorities of the Solntsevo organized crime group. Then they became close friends with the current State Duma deputy Andrei Skoc, and became friends. All our heroes, with the exception of Sheikhametov, became friends with Kalashov. The Italian remained in the bandits with Shakro. Skoch and Sheikh went into business with general money. The first as a result, along with partner Alisher Usmanov, became a billionaire. Sheikhametov’s success in business is more modest. Together with Skoch, he is a co-owner of the Yakitoriya restaurant chain. When, after the dismantling at the Element restaurant, Kochuykov got into a pre-trial detention center both Shakro and Skoch hastened to the rescue. The latter addressed the Sheikhametov’s issue, which handed over a bribe of $ 500 thousand to employees of the ICR. On behalf of Shakro, another $ 1 million was transferred to the employees of the ICR. After receiving the money, the ICR employees developed a plan, thanks to which the Italians should mitigate the charges, after which he could be released from the pre-trial detention center. For this it was necessary that he admit to arbitrariness. But the stubborn Kochuykov refused to do this - to admit and cooperate not according to concepts. Then they decided to arrange a meeting between the Italians and Shchakro right in the office of the Siberian Branch of the Central Administrative Office of the Central Administrative Institution of the Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow, so that the latter would convince the "authority" to confess.

“Suspect Kalashov Z.K. that he knew Sheikhametov OI, as a close friend of A. Kochuykov According to the latter, the witness knows that Sheikhametov O.I. He is a well-known businessman. Sheikhametova O.I. he saw once in the spring of 2016, when he arrived, came to visit him, accompanying his wife A.N. Kochuykov

During the conversation, the witness offered to provide any financial assistance to the family of A. Kochuykov or to himself, to which Sheikhametov O.I. He refused, stating that he was dealing with this issue himself.

In May 2016, the witness became aware that in the premises of the SU for the Central Administrative District of the Central Administrative Institution of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow with the participation of A. Kochuykov investigative actions will be carried out. He (Kalashov Z.K.) arrived at the indicated place and when passing A. Kochuykov He turned to him and invited him to tell the truth during interrogation, to which the latter refused and stated that he would not admit guilt.

volume 5, l.d. 183-186, 188-192, "- says the case file, which publishes

“Suspect Kochuykov A.N. that with Sheikhmetov O.I. He met in the early 1990s in a colony near Zelenograd. Since then, they have maintained friendly relations. About the fact of transfer to Sheikhametov OI no one informed him of bribes to employees of the IC of Russia. The proposal to plead guilty to arbitrariness came in May 2016 from investigator A. Bychkov. upon indictment.

About a week after that, he was brought to the SU in the Central Administrative District of the Central Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow, where investigator A. Bychkov in an insistent form began to demand guilty pleas for committing arbitrariness. As a result of the conflict, he (A. Kochuykov) ran out of the office into the corridor, where he saw his friend Kalashov Z.K. The latter invited him to calm down and tell the truth, to which he refused, since he was too excited.

volume 6, l.d. 57-60, 62-66

Sheikhametova O.I. that in 1990 he met with A. Kochuykov upon serving his sentence in a correctional institution in the city of Zelenograd and between them, good relations developed. After his release, he and A. Kochuykov continued to maintain friendships.

In December 2015, he became aware of the detention of A. Kochuykov. in connection with the incident involving a shootout on the street. Rochdelskaya in Moscow, so he began to help the family of the latter and repeatedly met with the lawyers of A. Kochuykov, in particular, E. Ustin.

During one of the meetings in mid-late January 2016, Ustin E.V. told him about Surzhikov E.I. and said that the latter was an eyewitness to the events on the street. Rochdelsky city of Moscow.

Trying to find out about the details of the incident on the street. Rochdelsky city of Moscow, he asked Ustin E.V. arrange for him to meet with E. Surzhikov

After some time, such a meeting took place in the cafe "Academy", located on the 2nd floor of the trading hall "Novinsky Passage". During the meeting, which was attended by E. Ustin and Surzhikov E.I., he (Sheikhametov O.I.) introduced himself as a friend of A. Kochuykov

After Ustin E.V. left the meeting, Surzhikov E.I. reported that shortly before the incident on the street. Rochdelskaya, he got a job in a private security company, and also reported on the circumstances of the incident. He also said that he was familiar with one of the persons who were opponents of A. Kochuykov

After this meeting, he and Surzhikov E.I. began to meet regularly.

Around the end of February - the beginning of March 2016 Surzhikov E.I. He said that he had the opportunity through some individuals to provide assistance to A. Kochuykov and asked if he was interested in having it provided.

Due to the fact that Kochuykov A.N. was his friend, he agreed to the proposal of Surzhikov E.I.

After some time, Surzhikov E.I. He said that in the case of Kochuykov A.N. retraining of his acts to arbitrariness is planned, as it is necessary for release from custody. From communication with Surzhikov E.I. it was clear that he was solving problems according to A. Kochuykov through senior officers of the IC of Russia, capable of instructing the investigator investigating the case.

At the end of April 2016 Surzhikov E.I. He said that for resolving the issue of A. Kochuykov he needs to transfer 500 thousand US dollars.

A few days later, having collected the necessary amount, he met with E. Surzhikov. in the cafe "Yakitoria" on the street 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya in Moscow and handed him the indicated funds, packed in a shoe box.

In June 2016, Sheikhametov O.I., being abroad, found out that Kochuykov A.N. On June 15, 2016 he was released from custody, but was immediately detained again.

Returning to Moscow, Sheikhametov O.I. met with Surzhikov E.I. During the meeting, the latter said that with the release of A. Kochuykov from custody a slip was obtained, which Kochuykov himself was partially to blame, since he did not admit his guilt and did not listen to anyone's advice.

volume 8, l.d. 53-61, 63-73. "

Timofey Grishin

To be continued