The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin instructed the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow to organize a pre-investigation check and, if there are grounds, to initiate a criminal case on the basis of materials about possible illegal actions of Elman Pashaev. property of one of the Moscow families, as a result of which the latter lost square meters. " "According to them, he fraudulently registered in their apartment, and later privatized the living space," the UK said. Earlier, information appeared in the VChK-OGPU telegram channel that Pashayev had fraudulently registered in the apartment of a woman suffering from mental illness. Pashayev later privatized the apartment, leaving the woman homeless.

At the disposal of was a statement from the victims of Pashayev's apartment tricks, from which you can find out all the details of what happened.


We ask

1. To ensure the protection of the life of my minor children:

1) Tarabrina Anastasia Sergeevna,

2) Tarabrina Elizaveta Sergeevna,

3) my mother is Elena Aleksandrovna Kirsanova,

4) me, Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna, acting for herself and her minor children.

From physical violence, psychological and physical impact, received and received from gr. Pashayeva Elman Maharram Oglu ..., demonstrating his connections with law enforcement agencies, possessing administrative resources, connections in the government of Moscow and the Russian Federation, as well as trusting relationships in criminal structures

2. The crime of E.M. Pashaev in that he, with the help of a group of people from law enforcement agencies, guardianship authorities, FMS officers, took possession of a 3-room apartment at the address: Moscow, st. Kostromskaya, 10, apt. ... - an apartment in 1978 (a copy of order No. 133837 dated January 5, 1978, issued to Alexander Nikolayevich Shimov - my grandfather, the father of Elena Aleksandrovna Kirsanova - my mother) - departmental, on the balance sheet of Russian Railways was given to my grandfather's family for impeccable service in Russian Railways. Today, the owners of our apartment are minor children of Pashaev E.M .: Pashaev Elmin Elmanovich, born in 1999, and Pashayeva Arina Elmanovna, born in 2002, also unknown citizens who are participants in the criminal activities of Pashaev E.M. are registered in the apartment. M. and Elena Vladimirovna Pashayeva, who lives without registration, and his accomplices - none of the above members of our family have ever given consent to the alienation of our apartment, they have not ceded their rights.

01/04/1978 - my grandfather for many years and perfect work received a warrant for a 3-room apartment from the Executive Committee of the Railway District Council at the address: Moscow, st. Kostromskaya, 10, apt ... .. A 3-room apartment was provided to my grandfather, A.N. Shimov, grandmother, E.S. Shimova, my mother, E.A. Tarabrina (Kirsanova). and me, granddaughter, E.S. Tarabrina. (I attach a copy of the order).

After the death of her grandparents, Elena Anatolyevna Tarabrina (Kirsanova) became a tenant, later she married and changed her last name to Kirsanova.

1997 - Tarabrina (Kirsanova) E.A., was admitted to the hospital with a stroke, she had previously complained of constant headaches. Having returned from the hospital, for a long time my mother did not recognize us, her children: 1. Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna -; 2. Kirsanov Evgeny Sergeevich - (I attach copies of birth certificates).

In September 1997, after living for five days, the granddaughter of Kirsanova E.A. died. - the first child of Tarabrina E.S.

November 24, 1997 - the mother's husband, Sergey Vladimirovich Kirsanov, died (I attach a copy of the death certificate). Daughter, Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna, lived in two houses - either with her husband, or at the place of registration in the above apartment, at the address: Moscow, st. Kostromskaya, 10, apt. …. The son, Eugene, continued to live with his mother as a difficult, difficult, painful teenager.

After the death of Kirsanov's husband, Elena Alexandrovna, due to a difficult financial situation, rented a room to a certain citizen of Azerbaijan - Pashayev Elman Maharram Oglu - ... who introduced himself as a law enforcement officer of Azerbaijan. First, Pashaev E.M. came, in his words, on business trips, and then began to appear more and more often. At first, he was sympathetic, even made remarks to the son of Kirsanova E.A. Somehow, incidentally, he mentioned that he has a meat outlet on the Savelovsky market, and he is also engaged in driving cars from abroad. He boasted that he had established close contacts with law enforcement officers in Moscow, that "they eat from his hand and owe him a lot."

Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna visited her mother and brother, and began to find both drunk more and more often. Often their drunkenness ended in calling an ambulance. The mother said that she did not want to live on without her husband. To the question: "where does alcohol come from?"- brother said that Pashaev E.M. brings alcohol in boxes. Pashaev E.M. received a reprimand that he promised to look after mom and brother, and he gets them drunk, to which Pashaev E.M. replied that he was against, but Kirsanov demanded, and he only rented a room. No one could have imagined that all the actions of E.M. Pashaev carefully thought out and prepared, and his criminal plan has already begun to be implemented.

Tarabrina E.S.'s relationship with her husband. became difficult after the death of her daughter, for a long time she remained at home with her mother and brother. For work, a certificate from the place of residence was needed - then it turned out that Kirsanova E.A. married Pashayev E.M., and he was registered in their apartment - no one gave consent. Voluntarily Pashaev E.M. refused to check out - from that moment on, threats began from him against his mother - Kirsanova Elena Aleksandrovna, brother - Kirsanov Yevgeny Sergeevich and daughter - Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna. Mom, too, nothing intelligible, how she became the wife of Pashaev E.M. I could not answer. When asked why she did not report the marriage, and how he registered in the apartment without the consent of the rest of the family, my mother replied that she did not know that she was married and did not remember anything! - today mom - Elena Aleksandrovna Kirsanova is registered with the PND. Attached to the application is a copy of the experts' opinion No. 47 - according to which, in the period from 2002 to the present time, signs of ... (medical diagnosis) were revealed. Kirsanova Elena Aleksandrovna ... was not able to understand the meaning of her actions or to direct them (I attach a copy of the expert opinion).

 We turned for legal assistance to the lawyer Kim Alexandra Mikhailovna. Mom issued a power of attorney addressed to Kim A.M. and Ilya Nikolayevich ROMASHIN (I attach a copy). Kim A.M. said that everything we have stated is the basis for recognizing the marriage as invalid and discharging Pashaev E.M. from the apartment. We completely trusted her. Periodically Kim A.M. called and said that everything was in progress, that Pashaev E.M. puts pressure on her, but she will not betray us and will fulfill, according to the “advocate ethics”, her obligations. However, later it turned out that she was acting against the interests of the principal - Elena Aleksandrovna Kirsanova.

During the appeal, the mother, Kirsanova E.A., also applied to the court to seize the apartment - the court issued a ruling prohibiting registration actions (I attach a copy), which Kirsanova never canceled. The lawyer, Kim A.M., called and said that the decision was almost ready and we had nothing to worry about.

So time went on.

12/29/2004 - Anastasia Sergeevna Tarabrina was born - daughter of E.S. Tarabrina. and the granddaughter of Kirsanova E.A.

13.01.2005 - registering the granddaughter, daughter in the apartment, it turned out that Pashaev E.M. has already registered his young children from their first marriage to our apartment - E.E. Pashaeva, born in 1999, and A.E. Pashaeva, born in 2002. (I attach a copy of the financial and personal account dated 05/17/2005).

I, Tarabrina Ekaterina Sergeevna, demanded that the children of E.M. Pashaev be discharged from the apartment. and himself, to which Pashaev E.M. replied that “it’s easier for him to kill everyone, the cops will cover, and the brother will do everything. That one child was buried, we can bury the second !!! And my brother will sell everyone for organs! "

Since the lawyer took advantage of our trust, entered into an agreement with Pashaev E.M. and deliberately did not take any measures to protect our interests, we were forced to act independently.

12/28/2005 - the marriage between Kirsanova E.A. was dissolved. and Pashaev E.M. But we could no longer have the opportunity to register the apartment as property. Pashaev E.M. registered his young children and privatization will take place with the participation of all registered citizens in the apartment. So Pashaev E.M. deprived us of the right to privatize the only real housing we have. We did not have another and do not have!

I am attaching all copies of appeals to law enforcement agencies - these appeals remained unanswered, moreover, after each statement Pashaev E.M. beat my mother or me, insulted and all this in the presence of a small child !!!

All our belongings were dropped into one room. Other rooms were occupied by strangers who were relatives of E.M. Pashaev. - they were not ashamed of us, they walked in only shorts, showing their bodies in tattoos. Once, I ran to the district police officer, V.V. Mkrynchuk, but when I saw that he was talking with E.M. Pashaev. I returned home. Precinct - V.V. Mkrynchuk then I drove one of the cars of E.M. Pashaev. For protection from beatings, humiliation, threats of physical harm, which we considered and consider real, we had nowhere to turn!

Under threats of physical harm to my mother, Kirsanova E.A., a disabled person of group II, me, E.S. Tarabrina. with a small child in her arms - Tarabrina A.S. - threatening with real physical violence, Pashaev E.M., accompanied by his "friends" - forced us to move from our apartment to an apartment at the address: Moscow, st. Bibirevskaya, 17b, apt. ...

Under the pressure of physical violence Pashaev E.M. made me sign a series of blank forms.

I hoped for the vigilance of the employees of the passport office, the Federal Migration Service, the guardianship authorities - that, observing the legislation of the Russian Federation, designed to protect the rights of young children, they would not allow the interests of a young child to deteriorate from deteriorating living conditions - they would impose a ban on the discharge of the child. However, thanks to the connections Pashaev E.M. (from his words) - everything was resolved in his favor.

Pashaev E.M. promised, if we behave quietly well, the apartment to which he moved us will become ours, and he will buy a one-room apartment for his brother!

Pashaev E.M. he appropriated all the valuable things that grandparents brought from Germany when they worked: dishes, china sets, vases. He said that all this will no longer be needed - silver cutlery, gold jewelry, a Zinger sewing machine.

Pashaev E.M. reveled in his impunity and permissiveness, like the Nazis in concentration camps.

For seven years we lived in a 2-room apartment, the second granddaughter was born - Tarabrina Elizaveta Sergeevna, born May 9, 2009. We were happy that we could eat, sleep, wash, take care of ourselves and the children, cook food, do laundry, sit at the same table, talk ...

June 16, 2014 - E.M. Pashaev and his wife demanded that during the day we vacate the apartment we occupied, saying that now we could return to our home at the address: Moscow, st. Kostromskaya, 10, apt ...., explaining this by the fact that there was no need for an exchange.

Only in 2015, we learned that our apartment was privatized for young, minor children E.M. Pashaeva. Realizing that permissiveness and impunity Pashaeva E.M. knows no boundaries and punishment, seeing that there are also “regular relatives” of EM Pashaev in our apartment, we were forced to rent an apartment, fearing persecution and reprisals for EM Pashaev. and his accomplices, we hide our whereabouts. Pashaev E.M. reported that his brother, Pashayev Rashid Magirram Ogly, had been released from prison. According to Pashaev E.M. - him a man to slaughter a chicken! He reminded that my mother, Kirsanova E.A., is disabled and can get lost, and "two girls - look - I will send them to ISIS (a terrorist structure banned in Russia - ED.) Into sexual slavery, and I can plant drugs on you!"

Using that Pashaev E.M. does not know our whereabouts, we decided to contact law enforcement agencies at our own risk. "



To be continued

Arseny Dronov